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Gangurockin' - New Eyeshadow

Hey guys, I wanted to make some crazy Ganguro makeup… so I did.

This is an eyeshadow for females and males. Teen-Elder.

I tried to make it so that you could still use basic eyeliners with it if you mess with the opacity slider. You won’t be able to use plumed eyeliners because of the layering issue with multi-channel eyeshadows, but at least the basic ones work.



This is without eyeliner. I’ve just used a random Lemonleaf lipstick and made it white.
Those eyes are escand’s oh my eyes and the eyebrows are simmiller’s. The hair and accessory are by Anubis.

You can see some with eyeliner in the gallery.


mediafire / 4shared



Oh, my mum is visiting so I might not be updating this as regularly for the next couple of weeks. :)

7 comments to Gangurockin’ – New Eyeshadow

  • Grillcheesesammich

    I had to look up ganguro and I’m not sure I’m a fan but your version is nicely subdued.
    Enjoy the visit with your mum!
    I have some questions about a potential skin conversion when your back in the saddle mmkay?

  • DianFelisa

    I don’t know if I’ll use this much, but I’ll download it anyways :D

    I hope you have a good time with your mum, though we’ll miss your creations.

  • Motoki

    Are those girls still around? When I studied in Tokyo 10 years ago that fad had just taken off and I thought they looked terrible! Like they were trying to be some sort of Japanized version of Paris Hilton but instead the often looked more like a cross between a hooker and a clown.

    Your version isn’t so bad though. Better than a lot of the real things I saw on the street years ago. Not sure I’d ever use it but variety is always nice.

  • Jenipunch

    I watch an anime where three annoying ganguro chicks hang around and annoy the hell out of everyone, I am so making them now XD Which sucks since they don’t have names, they’re just Ganguro Gals 1 2 and 3. lmao

  • Just call em something trashy, Jeni. Lol.

    Apparently they are Motoki. It’s a bit scary. I gotta say I prefer the Harajuku look.

    Thanks DianFelisa & Grillcheesesammich! Hopefully I can get out and do some shopping with her, I need to buy me some new bras! Lol.

    Ask away grillcheese. You can always email me, it’s just ladyfrontbum at gmail.

  • KupoCyGirl

    omg I would like to see some Harajuku makeup. I personally don’t like the Ganguro fashion bleh! But this is nice since you don’t see this everywhere. Lolita Fashion all the waaay! Hey LadyF you really should visit this website ^_^ A very accurate site of Loli fashion, who know maybe seeing the pictures from there will inspire to make a loli collection or something. *sigh* I want some of those outfits.

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