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Full Non-Default Silk/Velvet Packages

Here are those full non-default packages you requested.
I edited the male faces slightly to suit the female ones.

Let me know if I borked anything.

SILK / 4shared
includes females faces, male silk faces, busty st claire and muscular bodies, Jack & Jill faces and bodies, Ladybug faces and bodies.

VELVET / 4shared
includes females faces, male velvet faces, busty st claire and muscular bodies, Jack & Jill faces and bodies, Ladybug faces and bodies.


91 comments to Full Non-Default Silk/Velvet Packages

  • And thanks for the effort!

  • Flajko

    Thank you very VERY much! :D I’m REALLY grateful!
    Btw I had that enrollment exam today and I hope for the best!
    I’ll probably put some new sims soon and I couldn’t do it without these skin packs!
    And yeah, your new Swoop blush really improves Angelina’s look,
    makes her cheekbones come to the fore!

    Big kisses <3 Flajko

  • Debbie

    Oh wow, just saw these skins now, non deflaut silk and velvet male faces, makes me very happy. Thank you! Thank you!

  • I’m not sure how I did it. but now I have sets of skins with your faces and bodies, sets of skins with AllIeverwanted’s faces and your bodies. Woo! best of box worlds I can really start to get down to business as far as making sims now. So tickled that I came across your work.

  • grillcheesesammich

    *Sings* “Your MilkShape brings all the boys to the yard,
    And their like
    It’s better than yours,
    Damn right it’s better than yours,
    I can teach you,
    But I have to charge”
    Thanks for these, I have no doubt you put in many hours to get these up.
    You make me wanna learn to be a milkshape momma, like you.

    Question: Is is better to take out the bits I have and just use these assembled versions, or can I keep the whole kit and caboodle for mix n match without any conflicts?

    [Chorus x2]
    La la-la la la,
    Warm it up.
    The boys are waiting…

  • gubstrina

    Can’t seem to get the download to go through – mediafire problem? Just an FYI. Love the skins!!!

  • Sheree

    Somethings wrong with the download link in mediafire. I click on download now and I just keep getting popups of annoying websites. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Jenipunch

    I’m having the same Mediafire problem, I’ll try again later :)

  • chobits

    Yet again LadyFrontbum proves that she has the skills and dedication to make the sims game so much better!!!

  • Sheree

    For those of u having trouble, you can dl it at modthesims3.

  • Eliza

    Thank you so much! ^^

  • McKena

    mediafire isn’t letting me download these skins… can you upload to 4shared?

  • ShortyBoo

    I’ve been waiting for a combined version of your skins, but I can’t download. I guess it’s MediaFire being weird. Can you upload them somewhere else?

  • Fucking mediafire -_- Thanks LFB, these one looks perfect. Combined skin, sounds marvellous ! No born in-game toddler with ugly skin YAY!

  • rith


    Would you be so kind and publish male faces in default version too? :)

  • lazywnch

    Norton thinks Mediafire is trying to attack my computer when I try to download these and is blocking the download. No idea why as your other Mediafire downloads work aces for me. The full non-defaults for these are fantastic, so hopefully, I’ll be able to get at them soon.

  • Mediafire is broken today or something…
    I click the download link there, and all the page does is refresh.

    I must be patient… but I want the official set so bad…

    One question though: Is the male body included in this the naughty version?

    And on the note of male genitalia, I have an mod that is in alpha testing. Its a set of sliders for males and I would like to let you be one of the first to test it as a reward for all your work. For many reasons, I don’t want to put a link here, so if you are interested send me a PM on MTS.

  • RezDelnava

    For some reason, my last few comments on various entries here have not gone through, and that makes me a sad panda ’cause I like making the creators I like feel appreciated.

    I really like all the work all the work you’ve put into all your skins, and finally having an official packed set makes me so excited for multiple reasons: one) the work on all of it is such high quality, and two) it’s the exemplar use of the research and effort Cmar and I did.

    I would like to give you the opportunity to be one of the first few people to test a mod I’ve been working on. Due to the adult nature of it, I can’t simply just put a link here. If you are interested in having slider for male genitalia, send me a PM on MTS or SexySims.

  • Giane Amaral

    Hi .. how do I download the game to identify because it is unconfigured

  • Flajko, good luck with your exam results!! <3

    Glad you got them working Calico!

    Lol grilledcheesesammich. It doesn’t really matter what you use, if you like all my skins then these ones are probably more handy but it’s up to you. I used to have the bodies/heads all separate but now I’ve got these ones installed instead and my N&N as default.

    Ill upload these all to 4shared today seeing as mediafire is being a dick. Sorry about that.

    Rith, male faces are already available in default on their page.

    Damn, Rez, I’ll have to check my spam area. Umm hello peen slider! Hells yeah. I’ll pop you an sms on mts. Thanks for the kind words, I really admire you, cmar, jonha et al… you guys make the game so much more enjoyable for everyone.

    Giane, what do you mean?

    Thanks again everyone <3

  • Rez, I found your old messages and have told wordpress they aren’t spam, hopefully it will remember you, lol.

    To answer your question about the skins, the female and male bodies in this one are the naughty versions. :)

  • rith

    Oh, found it. :) Sorry for bothering, guess I was being un-smart the day I searched for them. :)

  • That’s ok Rith. Most days, for me, are un-smart ones.

  • shorty05gg

    hi very good your skin, I always love.
    But the ignorance excuse is that I’m from Spain, do not really understand English and to write this I had to put google translator lol
    What is the difference between the two packages?
    thank you very much

  • Tommerton

    Hi Lady. I never had any troubles downloading on Mediafire, very fast and without delays. Lemon’s page drives me crazy.

  • Shorty, silk has the silk female faces and velvet has the velvet ones.
    You can find the differences if you look up the silk and velvet face entry on here (you can find them in the genetics section). The difference is mainly the nostrils of the face. :)

  • The music on Lemon’s page cracks me up. I love it.

  • I’m going to have to delete all the old skins and re download these new ones as the entire package. None of my faces will match my bodies and I think it’s because of me switching and using the areola. I’ve tried everything *shrugs shoulders up* anywho….no problemo…I will still have some fab skin…just minus the different areolas and pubes.

    Great great work as usual ladyfrontbum!! And tell Rez I will gladly test anything she would like me too….Oh such a dirty dirty mind I carry!! ;-)


  • Really cece? That’s weird. i’m pretty sure I used busty as the base for the bigger areola skins. It should match up with all my faces. :(

  • Maybe I should remove the regular Lady skin and then just insert busty since that is all I use anyway. Maybe that will work…then again…that may not make a bit of sense. I don’t know…if I get it figured out I will let you know.

    *skips away to take care of new download* :)

  • Worked it out!!! Yay!!! It was me..for strange and odd reason I had a skin in that I have NO idea where it came from. I found it and removed it and all is good!! *doing happy dance*

  • sunni

    can I have both velvet and silk non defaults and it still looks good? oO I have pretty much all of your non deafult skins!

  • You can use both silk and velvet, I made the files properly so they both have different instances (i’ve been know to eff that up in the past). You should be able to have all my skins installed at once. (well one default and the rest non defaults I mean)

  • chris

    hi i was just wondering.. i’ve actually installed the full package for velvet and i placed them in c:/program files:/Electronic Arts:/The Sims 3:/Mods:/Packages:/Skin.. I bought Ambitions but i didn’t put them in the Ambitions folders.. Is it correct? Sorry I tried your tutorial but I just couldn’t get what I want.

  • If you have ambitions or the latest patches then you need to put them into the new packages folder (the one that can be found in mydocuments > ea > mods). I will update my installation guide when I have a free moment. :)

  • lady gaga

    What’s the difference with silk and velvet?

  • lady gaga

    It’s just the nostrils? I only want to download one so it won’t clutter my non default skin tone box. But its so hard to choose between the two.

  • Pretty much. There might be tiny differences elsewhere but they were mainly made for the different noses as my originals had a button nose.

  • claire

    are the bodies for silk naughty or nice?

  • They are naughty, claire.

  • lizbeth

    I love these skins, I just have one question. Do you ever think you will make a complete nd version where there is not blue, and green, and other fantasy colours in the middle of the sliders? The reason I ask is this. If a super pale velvety sim and a dark velvety sim have a baby there is a chance it will be some kind of blue or green, which is just kinda weird. And on a side note, I pretty much downloaded all your make-up and super hot sims, and am now in the process of using them to make a neighborhood without any ugly EA neighbors and only gorgeous sims like the ones you made :)

  • Ah lol I forgot about babies ( i never really bothered with them when I played). I might make another set, I kinda get distracted by other things though. I should make them into default packages at some stage too.

  • FzzyDg8

    I love your Silk and Velvet skins..just love them. Big problem for me though, I don’t use non default skins because the UI mod seems to cause a considerable game lag for me. Not to worry though, I collect default skins and trade off when the mood hits. Is it possible to upload the Silk and Velvet skins in default (adult version??)?? I would so love to use them!

  • I do plan on making the faces default when I get a moment, that way they can just be combined with the bodies files :)

  • Chelcifer

    As lizbeth pointed out, the fantasy tones in the middle of sliders are a little troublesome when it comes to children. Imagine my surprise to find I had a green baby! I do occasionally create a blue sim, but I think the rainbow slider approach you took with the asian skins works much better.

    Regardless of that small issue, I love these faces. They look absolutely wonderful, and make a world of difference to my obsessive CAS adventures. Thank you for creating them!

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