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Full Non-Default Silk/Velvet Packages

Here are those full non-default packages you requested.
I edited the male faces slightly to suit the female ones.

Let me know if I borked anything.

SILK / 4shared
includes females faces, male silk faces, busty st claire and muscular bodies, Jack & Jill faces and bodies, Ladybug faces and bodies.

VELVET / 4shared
includes females faces, male velvet faces, busty st claire and muscular bodies, Jack & Jill faces and bodies, Ladybug faces and bodies.


91 comments to Full Non-Default Silk/Velvet Packages

  • Thank you. I will try to package up the skins with different sliders sometime soon. I just haven’t had any spare time lately :)

  • Lowrisim

    Love the skins
    But am I the only one with GREEN Foreheads? on the males, teen through elder.
    It is only on the males and it does tend to have the tinting of the middle of the slider so the green is the worst… but is there with others… a greenish casts shaded by the other color in the middle
    I have the full package silks in game and then tested with NO OTHER CC SKINS
    and it was still there. And tested with different hair. Also put in game and is there as well as CAS. Other than that love them… Can’t wait for MORE :)
    Have been reading the post to see if anyone else notice… maybe everyone else just makes female sims as those are fine.

    I am a fan of the button nose :) so love the silk (as it still has a slight one) link with the the male and Jack and jill…ect… as it seems to me that it would be genetic!

    I play generations… so love the linked skins.

    off to test the new Asian skins they look amazing!

    thanks again for all the great CC

  • [...] jonha — Adjustable Female Breast sliders -> by Delphy — Non-Default VELVET Full Skintone by LadyFrontbum You must download Rez Delnava's UI Mod in order to get LadyFrontbum's non-defaultskintone to [...]

  • I haven’t noticed the green with mine… :/ I need to package these up with regular slider tones.
    No worries, glad you like it all :D

  • ILuvSimz

    I luv luv luv luv this!!! I THINK I MIGHT LUV YOU LADY! LOL! JK. Its soo convenient! Your CC is always awesome! i have most of your stuff. Thank you lots for not making this a pay site Lady! Keep up the awesomeness! =D

  • Shayla

    I downloaded these, then clicked on the monkey helper icon. It says they are installed, but I do not see any custom skin options in my game. Are they listed as tattoos or something? How do I make them work?

  • Shayla, check the guide section at the left, there is an installation guide for skins.

  • Shayla

    I deleted the recommended files, installed UI CASBasics Mod 5×5 by RezDelnava, and tried again. Still nothing in my game. When I click on the Mod, the monkey says the files already exists. Same thing with your file. What am I missing?

  • Is installer monkey putting the package file in the correct directory, shayla? If you are using ambitions or the base game with the ambitions patch then you need to put your package files in your My Documents Mods Packages directory instead of in the program files one.

  • kerrie

    Just wanted to say thanks for these wonderful skins!

  • Jessi

    Ermm, do youu need a winrar for these skins?

  • Jessi: If they are in rar format then yes. If they are in package format then no.

  • Jessie

    Thanks ladyfrontbum! do the velvet and silk skin packages have winrars ?

  • I’m not sure Jessie, probably. Just download them and see :)

  • Carrie

    Hi there. Maybe you can help me. Is it possible to get these as default replacements? I already have the default faces for the females, but I don’t have the ones for the men or children/toddlers. Or did I miss something and are they already available? I apologize for the confusion. I really love your skintones and would really love silk as my default for all faces. Thank you.

  • Carrie

    Apologies for the double post. I see now the childrens and toddlers faces are not silk, and that is fine. I already have your default skintones and faces for the kiddies, and I love them. I’m most interested in having the defalt silk for my men. I’m having an issue where the scalp color just does not match up, and I’ve noticed this issue is fixed with the female silk faces. I was hoping for the same with the men. Hope you can help. Thank you.

  • I’ll have a look at them when I get a chance, Carrie :)

  • Niellah

    Hello Lady!

    I got these today and removed the previous .packages from skins i had to not cause conflicts, but somehow, when i went to check my Sims out, there is something weird that ever happen to me before, my main Sim, she is ok, but her husband and her daughter skin is completely black.
    So.. i went to check other Sims, and found out that not all of them are black, as i found it had alternated in town, some of the Sims have gone black, no gender or age in specific, it just seems random, under the pure black skin texture details such as abdominal lines can be seen.. now im not sure what is the cause, im kinda confused, hope to hear from you soon.

    Has anyone had this issue or know what the heck is going on with my Sims?


  • The black thing happens when you remove a skin that was on your sims. You can fix it by opening the sim in cas, then putting another skin on them (one that’s installed) and resaving them to the premade sim box.

  • Oddly enough I have found out also that if all else fails and you can’t get the color to look natural, for some reason if you change their hair it will attach to the new skin and look perfect. I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but I’ve had to do it several times and each time it works! :)
    Something I just stumbled across. :)
    Worth a try…

  • Sarah

    Can you package these a .simspackage files or whatever the ones are that are SUPER easy to download? .zip and .rar are really hard for me 2 download!!! Thanks :)

  • andrue

    will this work for sims 3 late night?

  • Illyria

    Hi! Thank you so much, these are wonderfull! Is it possible to get these also as default replacements? These are so great that I would love to use them as default too. I know that you have already bublished these on your pages seperately but it would be so great to download them at once like these non-defauls. :)

  • James

    The Skintone sadly doesn’t work with the Muscle Shape Slide from Late Night, it just doens’t appear.

  • Meg

    I don’t know if you are aware but since LN came out, there’s an alignment problem on the breasts of busty StClaire and, in consequence, on the ND full packages including it. Because I like to use only full packages I solved the problem using Skininator to replace busty StClaire in the packages but was wondering if you were working on another option.

  • Meg – Thanks for letting me know. I might be able to update these one day but for now I can’t. I actually installed a new harddrive and haven’t even reinstalled sims yet or any of the programs I need to create stuff.

  • andrue – I have no idea, sorry.

  • Inamulhaq

    Nice Work.Please make a default skin.

  • Jay

    I love these skins for my sims, thank you! You did a great job. I do have a question, though.. Would you be able to make face only non-defaults for download (I see there are female ones, but no male)? One of my guys looks great with Velvet, but he’s not muscular, so there’s a bit of conflict. Thank you!

  • Dread

    What exactly are the differences between “silk” and “velvet”? Just curious. Also was wondering if these have been updated recently?

  • Kellie

    mmm…I’ve a problem with non default skin.I have a mts account but when I want to download The think that we need to make it work (yes I have forget this fast hahaha) it say that I don’t have the privilege or the creator as remove his post :( I’D like to have nn default skin I HATE default skin lol :) thx if you can find a issue


    please somebody help !!!!!!! how to set faces from this pack ?????”

  • Marina Villanueva


    Estamos intentando instalar el paquete de pieles pero no lo conseguimos. Podrías darnos unas pautas?


  • [...] Full Non-Default Silk/Velvet Packages « LadyFrontbum [...]

  • Ardra Allen

    I downloaded these.. but the girls have no nipples… none.. shes all barbie like. is this because of the incompatibility with latenight?

  • Daniel

    how do i get the pack format or wut do i do with the rar format

  • Andy

    Hello, I’ve downloaded this before and I don’t know what the issue is now but for some reason I cannot download them from the site provided. It wants me to create an account and I don’t want to do that for a simple download, care to give an alternative to this download?

  • Andy

    Anyway you can mirror these?

  • Jw9811

    por favor traducir eso en ingles

    thats for the spanish person

    and what is that hair?

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