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Wtf. srsly. I’ve spent all day trying to get these fkn things to match with body/scalp/face. FKN

Edit: HP just told me to put some dots at the edge of the textures so I can tell. WTF BRAIN WHY DIDN’T YOU THINK OF THAT YOU STUPID FKN USELESS PIECE OF OFFAL.

13 comments to FKN

  • Y’know, I sooooo wouldn’t have noticed all of those if you hadn’t pointed them out. Imo, it doesn’t really matter. And when the sim has long hair that’s down you won’t even be able to see them. Without naming names, there are other defaults I have used that have worse seams than that, much, much worse. So don’t worry! I don’t care, and I’m sure other’s would agree. Everyone should just be grateful that you’re spending an incredible amount of time making all the skins and then giving it away for free!

  • Maya

    I generally use long hair but when I use short, it really FUCKS ME OFF TOO! Like the sims got a really bad tan or summin like dat… Hope someone can fix it x

  • Maya

    It happens with the EA skins too

  • Candy

    I gotta agree with Sleep All Day. I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t said anything. Anyway, I’m very excited for you to release these faces! I love your skins, LFB!

  • It happens with the EA ones too? Weird. Maybe the speculars are different and it’s making part of them shine more.

  • Hi LFB! Is it the same in game? CAS has different lighting. And don’t worry; all the dumb whore girls in my year have makeup lines substantially worse than this lmao. :)

  • Epi

    These have got me so excited… =D

  • Lol Alan.
    Yay epi!

    I have all the files finally sorted out so tomorrow morning (it’s 8:30pm here) I will take photos and publish them for you! Oh and I’ll test them first.

  • Maya

    I noticed it when I used short hair on my sims and used the ea skins, that the back of their neck and the bottom of their scalps were a slightly different colour.

  • Yeah it’s annoying alright. I managed to get them matching, I just have to test tomorrow then when these are published I will update my original skins with the new scalps. Oy. What a pain in the arse. Lol

  • I thought it was just me…. WHEW!! I haven’t seen anyone post any problems with it so I just assumed. LadyB stop beating yourself up!! I love the changes you made with the faces and the request for larger areola’s is beautiful!!! Still can’t see much hair *cough* down there *cough* on the male but I’m still satisfied nevertheless! :) Yippe…more choices!!!

    *takes ballon and bops LadyB on the head* that is for talking down on yourself. The weapon gets bigger next time. Next time…it might even hold water!! 0.0

  • Lol cece. Sorry about the male hairs, I have a lot of trouble getting the darker tones to show up detail really well. The detail is definitely better on the lighter tones. Plus my graphics card is very dodgy when it comes to dark tones so it’s hard for me to test the buggers.

    Water balloons!! *flings one at you*

  • awwboo

    I have noticed this, but it’s such a small issue. Only time it stood out to me was on a baldish townie guy. Seriously your skins are so downright fantastic, I could care less. And yes I’ve seen it on the EA ones too. :)

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