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My face, my beautiful faaaace...

What do you think? Do you like this nose better or the one I posted previously?


some noses

24 comments to My face, my beautiful faaaace…

  • Hey Irene!! I love the new face, its looking really good! Cant wait to use it on Katy <3

    Also, where did you get those brows, or are they EA? Because I would really like them on her also ;)

  • emmzx

    I’m so glad you’re re-making this. I love your skins and I like how this one has a less defined nose tip. Great for making softer looking facial features with the same detail.

  • Thanks hon, umm those brows I think are ea ones. :)

  • I liked the previous one.. Hmmmz. *Ponders and rubs beard that I don’t have*

  • I guess I could always make two. Lol.
    You just have to be difficult, don’t you Alan!? ;)

  • Flajko

    I love them! :D They look great!
    Have you ever considered making nose shapers as the Man -V- made?
    Their nose shaper is a bit shadowy and not that well made!
    You could try to make them cause it would be easier just to swap noses as blush or costume makeup to sims that need different noses!
    Also changing different skins isn’t that hard either, so it’s your choice! :)

  • I thought about that flajko but I think I would actually have more trouble making a nose shaper than I would just editing my skins. I’m weird like that!

    Plus if you use a nose shaper then you lose one of your makeup slots, which kinda sucks!


  • Flajko

    I understand you,when I tried making it in photoshop it was pretty hard for me :S
    Yeah you’re right! :)

    One unrelated question about makeup: Does anyone know how the layers in makeup are ordered?
    I mean which is on top and which is on bottom or which covers what between eyeliner,eyeshadow,lipstick,blush and mask?

    I hope you’ll understand my question! :D

  • I don’t know what the order is in 3. Eyeliners usually overlay eyeshadows, however:
    I do know that 3 channel eyeshadows overlay the eyeliner. It’s a pain in the arse.
    Thankfully now we have the opacity slider with the latest update so you can lower the opacity on the eyeshadow to make the eyeliner come through a little.

  • Flajko

    Whoa!!!??That’s new for me!
    I only have basegame and haven’t updated it for a while!If I update it will I get that slider?

  • Yep you will.

    Just remember if you update to the newest patch, you need to move your mods/packages folder cos it now goes in mydocs.
    There’s information on it in the simswiki. :)

  • Carima

    Hi Irene. I just love the new face. The noses look so realistis. I love all your downloads….they are fabulous, you are an artist like no other.

  • zarmor

    Yup good job The new face looks really nice !! As far as the nose is concerned, I have to say I like the previous one better though. I think it has more personnality than the new one ( the new one looks too perfect for my taste ). Just my opinion :)

  • Maya

    I preferred the original but that’s just me. You are so fkkin amazing! I would never know how to do all the cool stuff you make… who taught you? OOH! Have you ever tried making hair? x

  • B

    The nose is very defined, and the septum looks smoother, maybe a little slimmer. I like the definition in the bridge too. Damn, this skin will make me spoiled, I will be critical on any other skins, since seeing this one. You are so fabulous, Lady. Thanks a whole lot!

  • Thanks everyone. I might just publish both.
    Mayah I will make sure these scalps match properly then, once they are published, I will redo the original faces with the scalp that actually matches. :)

    Maya I just taught myself. There are a lot of tutorials online that help with the technical side of things :)

  • grillcheesesammich

    Yes yes, publish both!

  • Aurélie

    Hi Lady!

    You should publish both you’re right.
    I prefer the first, it give a specificity ( not sure it’s correct sorry…!)at the face.
    The new nose is smoother.

    As always, it’s amazing!

  • Flajko

    You really should publish both,we all agree ’bout that! :)
    Can’t wait to try them! :D
    Btw I updated game and got all new cool stuff including opacity slider and tattoos section,yay!

  • Ok I shall publish both. I pretty much have them done, I just have to figure out the scalps n make them match up. I was out all day today so I haven’t had a chance to look at them.

    Yay flajko. Shame we can’t actually use custom tatts until we buy ambitions though.

  • Amelia

    Ooh, very nice. I’m glad my sims won’t all have perfect little button noses. I do like playing around with more ‘witchy’ noses and the more unwanted kinds…

  • Mayah

    Thank you! Off to play with my new faces :)

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