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Work in Progress - New Face Skin

Ok guys, here is a couple of screenies of the face so far. Let me know what you think!

Changes from my original;

Removed shading around the ball of the nose tip to get rid of the button-nose look
Made the lid section of the under eyelid slimmer so when the eyes are large it’s less pronounced
Removed a bit of the under-eye shading
Highlighted the entire length of the nose and shaded it a little differently
Removed the shading where the nasolabial crease would be
Lessened the amount of cheek shading
Muted the eye socket shading and highlighting
Made the inner-eye corner less pronounced
Softened the lip texture

Example 1.

Example 2.

So, there you have it, let me know your thoughts!


P.S. I’ve already added a little more lower lip highlighting to the texture and will fix the shadowing at the outer edge of the nostril sides tomorrow :)

17 comments to Work in Progress – New Face Skin

  • Jenipunch

    Yay I get to be the first comment <3

    I think that was the only thing bugging me about your faces; I went from 234jiao's Asian faces which have very little nose definition to your skins which have very set facial definition and I was having trouble adjusting it to look different. I think anyone who wasn't a Sim-making master like Epi or so on would have had trouble making unique-looking Sims might have trouble with that, so I'm very happy to see the different face options! :)

    I think your skintone set is the most varied in all of TS3-dom; thanks a million for all your hard work and I'm always happy to be a test subject! :D

  • Thanks Jen. :)
    If you want to have a play with the faces as they are now (i will be doing a couple of minor edits tomorrow to the lip highlighting, edge of the nose shadows and edge of eye socket shadows) you can grab them here:
    Anyone can feel free to test them, it’s just a non-default face file in the default skintone. Let me know what you think if you do have a play :)
    It’s almost bedtime here but I will be working on them tomorrow.

  • marco

    maybe if you took off that kind of orange parts that the skin has.
    That will make it look better.

  • Which orange parts, marco?

  • Epi

    These look amazing… I’ m so excited.

    I snagged the early version for fun and I’ll try it out later. =D

    Thanks so much!

  • Darcy


  • DianFelisa

    I actually never noticed the buttony-ness until now.
    It may not be as versatile, but it is very cute.

    I’ll see if I switch my defaults when this edits finished.
    I’m going to download them, anyways, they look awesome :D

  • I’m very happy about the new shading, especially the nasolabial crease. I could never get my boys to look right because of that area, and I figured I’d just have to deal with it. But not anymore~!
    I liked your old nose, but I’m up for change, as long as it looks good. :3

    Will this update be for both genders, or only females? Either way, I can’t wait. Good luck!

  • Thanks guys!
    Lye, I’m not sure if it’s going to be for both genders. I mainly wanted to make this to fix up the nose of the females. I will check out the male skin in cas and see if there is anything that bothers me though.

    Epi, let me know what you think. :)

  • Gary Lyn

    I am just in awe that you have the ability to see the small shades, shadows and differences and then possess the skills to turn them into something that you share with us.

    On a hot day I can draw flies.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks Gary :)
    It’s a lot easier now that I have my base skin that I can edit. Making that was a bit more full on.

  • Jenipunch

    This current one is my favorite. :)

  • Mayah

    Looking really good :)

  • Mayah

    Oh – just thinking about my african sims – could you widen the highlight on the noseridge between the eyes, so that the highlight becomes more straight in order for us to make wide noses?

  • Hey Mayah. The highlight on that one is actually pretty wide. I think if I widen it much more it might be overlapping the natural shading of the game. I’m not sure. I can try and see what it does. You should be able to get this one pretty wide tho.
    Did you download the package file I threw up on here earlier? I think it was somewhere in these comments…

  • Mayah

    No I didn’t see the .package file – I am so eager :)

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