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Working on...

After reading a few comments over at MS3B I’ve decided to do some work on my face skins. The comments weren’t douchebaggy or anything like that but they did reiterate something I already thought about my faces. The noses don’t have a lot of versatility the way I shaded and highlighted them. I think my current skins work pretty well for making button noses and a few other styles but not much else.

In the current version I have removed the shading around the ball of the nose and am adding highlighting down the entire length. I’ll add some more texture over the top but the main thing is I’ve removed the shadows above the ball of the nosetip which will, hopefully, get rid of the button look.

Ima have to mess around to match them up with the body skins because I can’t remember the exact formula I used to make the dark tone files. I’ll write it down this time methinks. This way I can just upload some default / non-default faces and if you guys want these ones as your defaults then you just have to grab faces + bodies. It just means if I decide to edit the faces even more in the future, you can just replace your face files if you so desire.

Anyway I will keep you posted!


10 comments to Working on…

  • Epi

    Oh no! Or should I say yay?

    I commented on your post at MS3B just a little while ago-

    “Ladyfrontbum- I absolutely adore your skins, I wouldn’t change a thing!


    Seriously, though, don't misunderstand my previous statement. Every skin has a special way of accentuating sim features. I think my only problem is that your skins are TOO good… They're addicting! Hehe.

    But I should try using other skins to accentuate other features. I think that would help their noses at least. Plus it'll be a fun challenge."

    I hope I didn't make things seem like there was anything wrong with your skins. Although, I'm excited to see what you have in store.

    I wish there were more nose sliders, like being able to rotate nostrils, or even modify their actual shape without having to make them huge/small, defined/smooth. For instance, I could use a mod that modified nostril width (how close they are to the nose). Also, for the bridge of the nose as well; not the point where your brow and nose meet, but the actual bone. I want to make some real nice European-ish noses with bumps and curves… I have a thing for funky noses. =D

    But as far as skins go, your noses are amazing. It wasn't your skin that was giving me problems at all. So, please don't take anything I said personally!


  • Oh no that’s fine epi!!
    I’ve wanted to change a few things in regards to the skins for a while, the comments just motivated me to do it :)

    I won’t be removing my other faces by any means. They will still be there but this way people can pick and choose depending on the sim they want to make.
    I would LOVE more nose sliders. I wish we could edit the bottom bit of the nose tip. Some people have big nose tip ball parts but then the bottom bit is skinny as. Nostril rotation/flare would be great. Nose bumps would be totally rad.

    But yeah, don’t worry, I didn’t take anything personally!! <3 <3
    Basically I love it when I see my skins on peoples sims so if I can accommodate with different styles it's all good! :D

  • B

    I love the original skins cause they work well with my african americans in my game. I wasn’t giving them up! I have a few pics of sims I have been practicing features in CAS using your default:

    I appreciate the reduced shading around the eye orbits and the work on the lips. Can the underlip area get reduced shading, especially when you adjust the under-lip area of the chin? If you are working on that already, then disregard. :D I would also love an ability for more nostril sliders, that will make the nostrils more flared.

    Fantastic job on what I have seen already, thanks so much for working on this and sharing it. Makes it more fun to play in CAS.

  • No worries B. I will check out the under lip section of the chin tomorrow :)
    Feel free to download the face file I posted in my last comment if you wanna try them out with your african american sims (which are lovely btw).

  • Audrey

    Hi Irene

    I loooovvve your skins. I am very happy about the changes you are making. Just a suggestion. The inner corner of the eye (tear duct) – can you make it so that it doesn’t curve downwards but is more straight, that is, in line with point of the eye. Otherwise, the nose changes are great. Will you be able to make them non-default?

    I second the desire for more nostril sliders. EA have really short-changed us.

    I love your blog.

  • Hey Audrey! I’ll check out the tear duct tomorrow. I’ve already made it smaller so you don’t get so much of that weird long line when the inner eye corner is raised up.
    I might make the faces default and non-default, but only the faces, that way ppl can just use whatever body they want. I just have to make sure they match up with both my body skins ok.

  • Mayah

    I appreciate your skins very much. I use the busty skintone with your first female face. However there are several hairstyles from EA that I cannot use with your skins, like hats and baldness, because your face and body don’t match along the hairline/neck. Could you fix this, now you are redoing the faces anyhow? It would make me one happy simmer :)

  • Jerry

    I just wanted to pop on and say – Thank you!! You make fantastic skins and clothes.

    I’m not sure where to post or send suggestionsbut I read you saying it was okay to do so. . . . . where can I send a suggestion? (lol!!)

    Thanks again, please keep up all your hard work. It’s very appreciated!

  • Thanks Jerry :) You can just tell me on here. Or my email is in the about page I think.

  • Jerry

    Oh, cool, I’ll send an email. I didn’t see the email address before.


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