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No sirree.

So I watched True Blood the other night before bed.  I went to sleep prepared to have a raunchy dream about Eric Northman. Oh yes Mr Northman, please do come in. Something along those lines, I know you know what I mean. ;)

Anyway I did have a raunchy dream. Only problem is it wasn’t about Eric Northman, nor was it about Bill Compton. It wasn’t even about Jason Stackhouse or Sam Merlott. Shit, it wasn’t even about Hoyt Fortenberry.

My dream was about Peter Jones from Dragon’s Den UK.


I’m working on a few things at the moment, all of which are taking a long time because I’ve been so damn tired. I’m still coughing but it’s been more productive and I’m blowing a whole lot of interesting stuff out my nose. Which begs the question, just how much old snot can one store in ones head? I mean really. I didn’t realise my head was that big. Maybe  don’t have a lot of brain behind there.

I wanna say thanks to the people who have recently gifted me items from the store, you guys rock <3
And a very special thank you to sereniticat for her monetary donation, which means I might actually be able to purchase ambitions in the not-too-distant future. <3

I hate when you are working on a few things and your brain keeps saying things like, “zomg, you should totally make zombie skins now!” or “zomg sexy clothes! make some more sexy clothes!” Shut up brain. I’m already doing stuuuuuufff. *whine*

Ok ima go make my daughter some toast for breakfast then I might tidy up a bit then jump on the pc.


20 comments to That’s Just Not Right

  • Jenipunch

    What I would do for a raunchy Jason Stackhouse dream. Yum.

    LFB you should totally make True Blood sims <3

  • I should, I know. Mebbe one day :D I’m worried I won’t be able to do Eric justice.

  • justin

    gotta love that dragons den judge lol

  • SerenBlondie

    yum the true blood men yes please Hehe. I’ve only just started watching and reading the books OMG they damn well near verge on porn lol

  • BlackRosesRaven

    Lol! You are so hilarious; you should be writing comedies. Lmao. :D I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to do Sookie Stackhouse justice. ;)

  • Jenipunch

    Guys in porn don’t look as good as the True Blood guys… *drool*

    I mean, uh, I don’t know HOW I would possibly know that ;)

  • lolgasmic. I love True Blood! I love Pam! Oh, oh, and Ginger! Pam is so smirky and weird. Sookie : “I have no time for lesbian wierdness tonight” har har har. And Gingers screaming. HA!

    Oh, and I would totally donate, but I dont have a credit card of my own, and my dad/mom would be all “Why are you paying for porn?” if “LadyFrontbum” showed up on their paypal. Lmao.


  • Oh, and I keep dreaming abut dogs. (not sexually o.0 ) What does that mean?

  • Maya

    Haha you make me laugh so much! I am just curious… not a weirdo, but how old are you? x

  • SerenBlondie

    @Jenipunch very true lol. I’ve only seen 3 episodes so far and I’m hooked. Must set a time where I can just sit and watch the box set so I can catch up. Pfft kids why do they have to take up so much time lol

  • DianFelisa

    I’ve read Dead Until Dark, but I think the other books aren’t released here yet
    And I’m sure they don’t air the series.

    Thank you for thanking us, haha.
    I would’ve donated, but my parents are not going to let me.
    Oh, well, I hope you can get Ambitions soon anyways (:
    I want it so bad, but my game can’t even take a lot of CC so I think it’s going to explode if I install any expansion pack.

  • Anonymous

    Hey LadyFrontbum, I was just wondering if you would ever consider making some Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters. If you are that would be awesome. But obviously you don’t have to, lol.

  • Candy

    I attempted a version of Eric Northman. I think I failed. The only thing that came out right were Aikea’s (spelling?) vampire fangs. Oh well. I’m sure you will do much better. Start slow, work your way up to Eric. ;)

  • Gary Lyn

    My hearing is worsening, so I got hearing aids. My legs give out from time to time, so the V.A. gave me a couple wheelchairs, a cane and even a walker. My teeth got bad so the guvmint fitted me with dentures. My vision dimmed so they fixed me up with some bifocals. I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a little blue pill in there amongst the five gallon bucket my monthly meds come in.

    Thank Gawd I still have retained my pornographic memory.

  • Holy shit lotsa comments.

    Lol Justin, he’s an interesting choice for a raunchy dream eh. *shudder*

    Hehe thanks BRR.

    Guys in porn are fugly. Goddamn they are so unattractive. I have only watched one porn clip that had a hot guy in it and I have NO idea what movie it was from. The woman in it, if you could call her that, looked suspiciously young though :/ I wish I knew who the guy was, he was really quite hawt.

    Maya I am 3…1 Yeah 31. Lol had to think about it for a while. Brain fail.

    Lol Alan, if you donated I would so have to find a way to put something even more pornish on the receipt. I am glad your dog dreams aren’t sexual, that would be a bit of a worry.

    Omg SB you’ve only seen 3 eps? You mean of season 1? I’ll have to be careful what I write on here hehe. Catch up! Season 3 is AWESOME. It’s so full of win.

    Anon, I might, one day. :)
    I’m playing with working on my faces file, gonna screw with the nose a little to see if I can make it more versatile.

    Candy you didn’t fail! Your Eric is good. I like how you made the indent mask for his cleft chin.

    Lol gary, that’s the most important thing, right? ;D

    Don’t worry about donating you guys, I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to. <3

  • B

    I had the Eric obsession for the first two seasons, but now I am in love with Lafayette. Strange, I know he is gay and wouldn’t be interested, but I find him to be so smexy. He could bitch walk in my room anyday! It has been a long time since I have been so excited to see a new season of a show, especially now that different networks have ended some of my favorite programs, but True Blood have me on my tippy-toes!

  • Haha I will always love Eric but Lafayette is just awesome, isn’t he. I love that he is back to his witty, biarchy self again. It’s great. This season has been stellar so far.

  • B

    Woohoo! Just found out that Kevin Alejandro (sp.) character will be Lafayette’s new love interest. Boy, that show just got hotter. That is a sexy latino!

    Can’t wait for Sunday!

  • Lol I figured that would be the case what with the way Lafayette was looking at him and vice versa :D

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