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Burnt Flesh - Non Default Skin

Edit: Added all ages/genders full file.

Hey guys, I finished my burnt skins. They are non-default for male and female from teen to elder only (elder bodies will work but not the faces, it will just use whatever default face you have installed). I made custom sliders for them with all the flesh tones and a few bonus fantasy tones thrown in.

I mainly made these for stories and movies because I figured sims are getting burned in the game so often there should probably be a skin to represent it.

I think it works best on lighter tones, dark doesn’t look too bad I’m just not sure how realistic the dark tones look.

Because they are non-default you will need Rez Delnava’s UI Mod in order for them to work.


I’ve separated them into two files – the full skin, which includes bodies and faces. The other file is the bodies only so you can use whatever default heads you have installed. This is really for if you don’t want their face to have burns. I’m not sure how well my tones will match up with other faces but they should match up with my naughty and nice faces ok… hopefully.


Burnt Flesh Non-Default FULLmediafire / 4shared

Burnt Flesh Non-Default BODY ONLYmediafire /4shared

Burnt Flesh Non-Default FULL ALL SIMSmediafire / 4shared

I’m pretty sure you can only install one of these. When I tested them both together my ‘body only’ file overrided the full one for some reason.

These were compiled using Skininator by CmarNYC

Because they are teen to adult when your sim ages to elder the skin will just switch back to your default elder skin… at least I assume that’s what happens. Be pretty stupid if it wasn’t. Lol.


38 comments to Burnt Flesh – Non Default Skin

  • Wow, thank you these are so brill. Can I be really cheeky and ask if there’s any chance you’d be able to make them for the other ages too? I realise how much work that would be though, so only if you’ve got some free time.

  • I might be able to actually. Because I did them in photoshop and the burns are all on their own layers I might be able to drag em over to the other skins and resize to fit. I’ll check it out tomorrow if I get a chance :)

  • Magda

    FANTASTIC! And thank you very much for separating them without the face. Off to play now. :-)

  • Em

    Ffffttt<3 These are absolutely perfect, LFB. On darker skintones the burns DO look a little less severe, maybe, but it's fine. Thank you for these!

  • I’ve got these in game and they are amazing. I agree with Em that the burns just look less severe on darker skins, but that doesn’t really bother me. If you could make them for the other ages I would be so grateful LFB! :D

  • Amelia

    These look amazing, really great for certain stories and open a lot up, too! :D

    Also, I don’t know if you take requests but I think you could make a pretty mean acne face in facial makeup…

  • I can’t to download the first link :( are broken.

  • Cool! What a bright idea! :D

  • WhiteWaterWood

    These look amazing! Perfect for a mello sim! I can’t begin to say how amazing these are. Thank you so much!

  • Cre

    I love these. Fantastic. Would love to see more, maybe skins with large birth marks/strawberry marks that are inheritable? (i.e., toddler-elder)

  • Thanks everyone! I’ll keep your suggestions in mind.
    Anyuh, the sim is just the last sim I published but with all the makeup removed. I’ve also added the 4shared links, sorry I forgot them earlier.

  • Thank you so much for the all ages file! That was soooo quick.

  • Rhiannon

    Hey Lady :-)

    These skins are fantastic! This certainly will add realism to the game now that we have those freaking meteors to contend with. These skins also fit in perfectly with the post-apocolyptic world I’m working on where several survivors have been maimed and scarred so thanks for that. As for your comment “Dark doesn’t look too bad I’m just not sure how realistic the dark tones look.” I like the dark tones you have now but if you mentioned it because you’re really pushing for total realism you should know that burn scars on dark skin heal from rosy-beige, to beige, to white in colour depending on the severity of the burn due to the fact that burns remove pigment from the skin. I could post a jpg link if it would help but I caution you it is a graphic image (though healed skin) and perhaps not for the faint of heart. FWIW just my 2 cents on your comment. :-)

  • Kathy

    You’re really somethin, ‘Frontbum! :) I love coming to the site everyday to see what you are going to think up next, hehe. Wonderful work! Keep it up! !!!

  • Darcy

    Hey first off i LOOOOOOVE UR SKINS! I was searching in yahoo for LadyFrontBum and this came up. I think someone is stealing your stuff!!!!! this is on the “” i guess its a ModTheSims2 but for like more “Sex” stuff? I was astonished when i saw this person stealing your work! I hope you check this out and fix it. I LOOOOVE UR STUFF Keep of the WONDERFUL work i hope you best hun, love

  • Hey Darcy, it’s ok, that’s me on sexysims. I signed up under one of my other usernames accidentally. :)
    I just post the naughty versions on sexysims and the barbie ones on mts. My nickname used to be BasTyra on mts as well but I had it changed :)

  • Darcy

    Oooooh ok XD I just wanted to be sure! I feel so stupid now lol XD Well I’m glad that it wasn’t someone else and that people are not stealing your work. Keep those AWESOME skins coming ^=^

  • Lol that’s ok. Glad you like my skins :D

  • Darcy

    Also: Just downloaded this LOOKS AMAZING IN GAME!!!!! I am thinking about getting into machinima and that stuff and you never know when this might come in handy! :P
    Also I saw that you don’t take requests BUT I saw that you took suggestions :D So I thought Id just put some suggestions that might be cool of you to make :D
    Lady GaGa (First off because you would practicly be the best and first person to make one that looks like her)
    Angelina Jolie (Cause I just think she is a pretty person and would look cool in the sims)
    Brad Pitt (Cmoooooooon if you have Angelina you gotta have Brad!)
    And maybe an alien sim because your fantasy skins are soooo pretty and you make sims soooo well! Well hon I glad that you take the time to read feedback from everybody and I am truely a fan of your work! I Swear I have EVERY single thing that you have uploaded on this site in my computer and I often make alot of sims using your skins, eye shadows, and suggested add-ons and hacks XD. Thanks for your time hon :) I look forward to your work in the future!!!!! With love,

  • Magda

    I’ve been playing with your skin sine I’ve downloaded it and it looks simply fantastic in the game. I decided to use full one after all – face burns look much better than only body skin (there was slight difference between the skin and face). Once again thank you very much for amazing creations. =)

  • Thanks Magda, glad you like them! :)

  • stacie

    does this work if i have other skins

  • Daijah


    Is there anyway you could post the default versions of these? I really REALLY need these but they won’t work without that Mod as non default and that mod has not been updated for LN :( please, please!! I don’t know how much work that entails but I’d love you forever!

  • Daijah

    Nevermind I got it YAY! I love it thanks a ton!! Works beautifully as always!

  • lol my first reaction was ouch then ooooo WOW!!!!

  • how can i have more that 6 skintones because everytime i download one its replaced with anotherone anyone know?

  • AyamePasse

    I’m sure I’m probably too late for this, but… The mod required for your skins seems not to exist anymore. :( What can I do to use these??? Thank you SO much in advance for your reply.

  • Ryoutou

    You’re skin looks abosolutely woderful in the pictures here. I would love to try them in my game, but the mod you linked to in order for them to work doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Is there another mod I can get to make it work?

  • Ryoutou

    Never mind. I found one. :) The skin you made looks great and I love having it in my game. Thank you so much for making this!

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  • Lily

    What’s the difference between default skins and non-default skins? I’m new to this whole thing, and I don’t understand.

    Great job! Loveeee these!

  • Akuma

    This is Perfect for my Hanako (Katawa Shoujo) Sim! Thank you!

  • Akuma

    This will work wonders for my Hanako Sim, thanks loads, Frontburn!

  • Akuma

    did i post it again? wow. but anywho i changed pc’s and i needed this again. thanks.

  • Chaz

    Hi, I love this skin and was planning on using it as part of one of upcoming generations in my legacy but when it tried the skin out it just didn’t look right. The normal colours looked awesome but I needed the lightest green on the skinramp that came with the base game and when I tried that out with these skins it looked yellow which isn’t good, so I was wondering if maybe you could do these on just the base game green slider. I hope that didn’t sound cheeky or offensive. I would do it myself but I am absolutely rubbish at modding and stuff for the game.

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  • ugh sorry

    Hi, I really like this skin. Just how crazy impossible is it to convert it for Sims 2?

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