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Work in Progress - Burned Skin

I thought I would pick up this and try finishing it. Should I bother or not?

Let me know what you think.


8 comments to Work in Progress – Burned Skin

  • Magda

    Yes, finish it please! 8-) I’ve been waiting for this skin since I’ve seen your first previews. 8-)

  • Ok cool, Magda. What do you think about it so far? The neck won’t be perfect, well I mean it will be because I can’t line up the burns right so it will look like her neck was untouched by flame. I’m not sure about her face at the moment. I might have to get you a bigger shot. But yeh let me know what you think.

  • Maya

    Oooh yeah! These will be great for machinima abuse stories, etc. These are scary… x

  • Magda

    Looking at the screen shot I really like it, especially how you’ve put burns on one side of the body. And it also looks like she was burnt more in some places. For me that’s realistic and very impressive. And don’t worry about the neck – like you said, it could be untouched by flames.
    When it comes to face would you consider one version without any face burns?
    Overall, I can’t wait to download. :-)

  • Em

    Oh wow<3 These are perfect! I really like the details on the back, near the spine. It already looks really nice, so I'm curious as to how they will look when they're finished, and on darker skintones.

  • Yes please continue them! They’d be absolutely brill for stories and such, especially since there’s bigger fires now with Ambitions. They look so realistic so far. I remember you saying something about them not looking right on the darker skins, have you sorted that problem now?

  • Oh ewww this skin looks horrifically realistic. Love it, haha :D Good job!

  • Thanks everyone.

    I haven’t checked the dark tones yet so I’m not sure if they will look ok or not but I’m sure I can figure out how to make them right.
    Magda, when I make them I can package the skins/faces separately so people can just use my regular face skins if they don’t want face burns. :)

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