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Mia Farris

This is Mia Farris, she was one the model I used for my Naughty & Nice skins a while back. She was requested so here she is.

Note: She is a tweaked version of my Alessia sim – don’t get your fkn panties in a bunch.

She’s athletic, artistic and loves getting dirty outdoors.

You will need some sliders in order for Mia to look the same as she appears in the photos.

AwesomeMod (I have my Cas Sliders set to 3x)
NOTE: AwesomeMod is needed mainly to increase the max amount of sliders allowed in the game. If you don’t plan on touching Mia’s sliders in cas then you can use another Max Slider Increase hack instead of awesomemod. Sz3 has a couple and I believe Jonha has one at MTS as well. You can find a link to the right with info on them.

Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders (Just get them all, srsly)

Jonha’s Sliders (Just get them all, srsly)

Delphy’s Boob Sliders

Now that that is out of the way, here she is:



mediafire /  4shared

Inside the rar file you will find Mia’s .sim file. Put it into your SavedSims directory, which can be found in your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3
When you load up CAS you will find her in the Pre-made Sims menu under Young Adult.

Eyeliner by Subaxi
Lipstick by Lemonleaf (#2 on this page I think)
Candy Crush Eyeshadow by Me
Freckled v2 by Me

Everyday HairSwim HairAthletic HairEveryday TopNecklace by Anubis
Formal Hair and Formal Bracelet by Rose
Sleep Hair by Savio

Everyday Bangles and Swimwear by Liana
Everyday Shoes by Gelydh
Formal Dress by Glamurita84
Formal Nails by NataliS (#2 or #3)
Night Lingerie by RUSTYNAil
Athletic Tennis Dress by Poppy

Sexy Feet by Bloom (requires registration)

As usual I am using Replacement Multifoiled Eyes by aikea guinea
Default Busty St Claire Skins by me


30 comments to Mia Farris

  • Aww, she be lookin fine! I really like the look of her. Thanks a bunch! :D

  • Flajko

    She’s cute! :D

  • Vallisa

    Hey, that looks really nice! :D

  • Hey LFB? Is she a tweaked version of Alessia Bianchi? Because some people at MS3B were saying they looked very alike (I didn’t notice because I’m too dimwitted lol) but I opened them up and their faces seem to be the same, except the noses…?

  • Jenipunch

    ^ I don’t think she is, the only facial feature that looks the same is the eyes.

    She looks great LFB :)

  • Thanks Jen :)

    Alan she actually is a tweaked Alessia but I tweaked more than the nose :) She was my skin model, someone on here wanted her (B i think?) so I figured I would upload her. But yeah, when I made my skin model I just tweaked Alessia cos I think she looked a little freakish. I probably should have mentioned it in her post.
    I take it there was an outcry on ms3b? Lmao. Shame I missed it.

  • BlackRosesRaven

    Your Sims always have pretty eyes and lip shape; I wish I could make eyes like that. Lol! She’s really beautiful. I also hope you get Ambitions soon as you will so <3 (love) it. You'll especially like the trampolines and the motorcycles. Oops, I wasn't supposed to say that, was I? Sorry. :S

  • Lol thanks brr. When I make eyes I just squishify them and lengthen them a lot using Ahmads sliders. I lower the lids a bit too so they have that sleepy look. :)

  • Oh ok, I over-reacted. (Im not sure if you’re supposed to put a hyphen there) Thats aight. Yes, there was an outcry, but it wasnt that much of an outcry. :)

  • Lol you didn’t overreact! :)
    I can’t believe the entire post was removed from ms3b. Hehe.

  • emmzx

    Wow, I totally missed that post. I’m so glad I came to check what’s new, she’s gorgeous. I love her eyes so much. Thanks again!

  • SerenBlondie

    Dunno if it just me but I cant get your sims to work in my game since the way of putting CC in game changed. I can get my CC and mods to work just not the sims. I would just download of the exchanged but thats been down for days now. :’( I want my Sam and Dean back

  • SerenBlondie

    Scrap that just figured it out lol

  • Yay glad you worked it out SB :)

  • SerenBlondie

    yeah stupid me didn’t think to put them in the sim folder durr…. haha

  • Pahtrick

    She looks amazing! however everytime I install her she crashes my game o_O
    Is the cc listed above actually needed for her to show up? I have Awesomemod with the facial sliders set to 3 and I have all the sliders you mentioned above, but still everytime I select her the game chrashes… So I was wondering if she actually really needs some of the cc listed or if it’s just my game being all weird?

  • Pahtrick it’s probably the hair. Make sure you have the right hair.

  • Pahtrick

    Yup you were right, thanks!

  • Flajko

    Can we get an update link of some of the hair that you posted can’t seem to get it to work, thx

  • Sergio

    Dear LDF,

    First of all, your work is deliciously great!! This Mia Farris sim is just another example of it. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity.

    To definatly start using and abusing your work, i reinstalled Sims3 with all EPs and Stuff, got Awesome Mod (with your recommended settings), all your recommended sliders, etc… but my game crashes to desktop when i load Mia in CAS… i used all your custom content and the other creators content too (maybe i missed some of the hair styles because i was lazy to browse them all – is this fundamental?).
    The crash happens with some of your other sims (except the lovely Sheva!!).

    First i thought the problem was related to skin tones but Mia doesn’t have custom skin tones (Rez ND Skintones is outdate after update 1.17 and Late Night EP…), so i’m wondering what the problem will be?

    Any suggestion LadyFrontBum?

    Thank you for your time.


  • Sergio


    Just forget my question! Seems like Pahtrck was having the same problem! I really should quit being so lazy :p

    I will find the right hair for Mia. Sorry!


  • Sergio

    Did found it! It works!
    Now i’ll move to the other ones!


    One more compliment: You a Sim Gene Mastah!

    (sorry for the spam)

  • Sergio, sorry I wasn’t here to answer your question, glad you figured it out though. It’s usually the hair that will crash a sim. Did you find the proper one?

  • Which one isn’t working flajko?

  • Sergio

    The link you are probably looking is the Anubis hair stuff. It changed to the link under

    My fair LadyFrontbum,

    Yes I managed to get all your sims working except for Min Joon Kwon because of the main hair by Cazy that was moved to his/her blog that works by invitation only.

    By the way i cross-breed your Sheva with your Terrell and managed to get some beautiful simgirls :)
    HURRAY! to sim genetics and to you as its Master!
    Thanks for your time.



  • Hey Sergio, I think One Billion Pixels has cazy’s hair hosted on their site now… the old ones anyway. You will be able to find Min Joon’s hair there.

    You should put some photos of the Sheva/Terrell simgirls on the net so I can see them :)

  • Sergio


    Yes thanks! I found the hair :)

    About the simgirls, while i did my last clean install i was stupid enough to lose all my saved sims and saved games… the only one that survived was the simgirl that came out from the first attempt the time i found your wonderful work…

    i don’t have a website to share the photos yet but i’m sending you the screenshots to the email adress you provide on the “About” page.

    In my childhood i never played with barbie dolls so i really don’t know how to dress a doll hehehe anyways the makeup is all EA content except for the blush that is yours. I hope you like it :)

    I would like to leave a challenge to you, the creation for 2 celebrity sims, one male and one female:

    Maggie Cheung, main actress for the movie In The Mood For Love (by Wong Kar-Wai); and
    Jaco Pastorius, former bass player for Weather Report.

    Both faces have something that is so unique and different to capture!

  • Merlin Hook

    WAY too much makeup in the bottom pic, but she is very pretty. She should leave her hair straight, it makes her look younger and not so much like a New Jersey hooker.

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