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All your bandwidth are belong to me.

I’ve organised the new host so we now have 500gb of bandwidth instead of 80. We already reached 50+ so I was a little worried.

Thanks to my sister who has loaned me the money to pay for a years hosting up-front so I could save a little money.

Hopefully I can make some stuff soon, I’m almost done re-downloading all my cc!


10 comments to All your bandwidth are belong to me.

  • jaggedmonkey

    Great news! And hurray for your sister.
    I’m more a lurker than a commenter, but have to say how fantastic your skins are – looking forward to release of the non-muscular and hairy male versions!

  • Yay for your sister! You should have a donations thingy on your page to help out with the costs, plenty of people would be willing to help you out! And I don’t really understand bandwidth, but 500gb is a huge increase so great. :D

  • It’s west side massive Alan. I doubt we will ever hit it. Not like i’d hit Eric Northman anyway.

    I actually do have a donations button in my Gimme Some Sugar page, I just didn’t wanna advertise it cos I felt scabby. Lol.

    Thanks jaggedmonkey, glad you like ‘em :)

  • Flajko

    Wow that’s great,hurray! :D Say thanks to your sis for me!You’re one big,happy savior family :D !

  • Gary Lyn

    Now all is right on the Planet of Sim. The stars twinkle above, the sun shines with the warmth of Love and the rest of digging like the Devil headin’ straight for………… Where does he live anyway?

  • ladywendy80

    yay, I’m so happy for you and look forward to seeing more of your work.

  • Mark

    Can I borrow your sister darling? xD

    And Whoa for 500Gb!
    I have to confess, I am a download-a-holic, that’s why I have 3Tb of Hard Drivers. >.<
    I hope you are not like me! :D

  • Sereniticat

    Hiya there, I’d be glad to donate in the name of your blog and downloads. Your stuff has helped me with story telling and comp pics. So, I’d be glad to give back if you have a donation section. If you already have one and I’ve missed it..please point me to it.

  • Sereniticat

    Oh never mind my comment, I found your donate section. Hehehe love the name of it too “Give me some sugar” cleaver ! I’ve given ya some sugar and I’ll be glad to give more next time I’m back.

  • Zomg thanks so much Sereniticat! That was my first donation :D

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