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CC Find ~ Heiret's Chin to Neck Slider

Holy shit. This is so full of win.

Seriously, I have wanted this since day one. It will remove the waddle from under your sims chins.

You can find it at Heiret’s Blog

31 comments to CC Find ~ Heiret’s Chin to Neck Slider

  • some


  • Flajko

    Ale ale ale aleee!:D Finally some new face sliders :D Viva la Heiret! :)

  • I know, right? I found that at his blog and gawked at it for a few seconds before excitedly pushing the download button. I had wanted something like that for ages!

  • Totally. Someone posted it on ms3b and I creamed my jeans. Heh.

  • zarmor

    Strange but it doesn’t show in my CAS… All the other sliders show in CAS and work perfectly, so what am I doing wrong ? I have Ambitions EP. BTW the “sims height” slider lost his name ( I have a blank space without a name ) with Ambitions but is still working.

  • It’s not in your chin section?
    Is your slider limit hack working properly?
    I’m not sure tbh :/

  • zarmor

    Thanks for your help LadyFrontBum.

    The file was corrupted somehow. I redownloaded it and now it shows in the chin section of CAS just fine and works properly :) )

  • Mark

    I also found out about this slider at MS3B.
    I amazed myself when I saw that!

    I tried once to create my own facial slider but i had no luck..
    Well.. I will try again some time, who knows what I will be able to create? xD

  • Slipslop

    Great community service to post this here, i also saw this by accident in one of the anon comments, glad i did. Genious slider and a must have for sim creators!

  • Yeah I’m glad I saw that anon post on ms3b, I’ve been wanting this for a long time. I love additional sliders :D
    By the way slipslop, you make some of my favourite sims. Just sayin. <3

  • chobits

    I’ve tried to download with no luck! :( Every time I try to download it, a message pops up saying its an unknown format or damaged! Any suggestions or do you know if there is alternative place to download? Thanks

  • You aren’t trying to unrar the file are you? It’s just a package file, there’s no need to unpack it or anything with winzip/winrar. Just put it into your packages directory. The download page is working fine for me right now :)

  • chobits

    Now I just feel silly!:P Thank you, btw your site is awesome!!

  • Vigmed

    Damn. Quite possibly the best slider ever, and Heiret’s site is down! Noo~. This is what I get for not checking your site as frequently as I used to. Funny thing, I didn’t even know it’s been that long. Man, where does the time go?

    I’ll check on the Heiret’s site later and hope I can grab this.

    LadyFrontbum, as usual, you do amazing work and we’re lucky to have you with us.

  • Dawn

    What’s ms3b? I’ve tried to download from the link. It shows up but doesn’t do anything. My hack is set to 50 sliders. I have Bella, Jonha @ Delphy sliders.

  • Dawn

    I found what ms3b is now. I didn’t know about that site. It’s great!

  • Dawn

    Does this just remove the waddle or does the slider have different degrees when you move it?
    When I move the slider, it doesn’t do anything but the chin/neck waddle does look different without doing anything.

  • Dawn

    Sorry, me again!!
    I realised why it wasn’t working for me.
    It was adjusting the sims feet!!!
    I’ve no idea why though.

  • Nnela

    I’m having the same issue as Dawn. The slider affects my Sim’s feet, not their “double chin”. Strange…

  • Izzy

    It is attacking the feet because the nice kids at EA have changed the way it works (basically). In other words, it’s not compatible with the latest patch & Sims 3 Pets.

  • Abra

    I am very puzzled. The blog link isn’t working anymore, is the post set on private or something? Is there any other way to get this slider?

  • Hi, I have a problem downloading from herriets blog. I click the link and get a strange pop up before the page loads with lots of little squares like the computer doesn’t recognize the characters. I click okay and I’m taken to her blog which chrome tries to translate and it says it has but actually doesn’t change a thing it’s still in korean. So I can’t find the download link, I mouse over everything and theres nothing clickable, except a small box button that takes me to a log on page. Someone please help me figure out how to download or upload it to mediafire/4shared I need a waddle removal tool

  • Mingmei

    This download has now been set to private as a lot of people aparently claimed his/her creations for themselves. Can you please upload it somewhere? :)

  • pityu

    Download link? :s

  • Heiret’s blog closed…
    This link is from MTS:
    I’m currently using this one, it seems to be the right slider.

  • PaintSwurly

    Houston, we have a problem…
    Lol, no, seriously I do have a problem. It’s the same as Susie’s I think. This weird korean (Japanese?) pop-up shows up right before the page loads and I haven’t got the slightest idea what it says. But when the page fully loads, it’s all korean (Chinese?) symbols and I click every link but it just leads me straight back to the same page, is there another link I can go to? Possibly, could you put the direct download on your page??
    Thanks :)

    (BTW I LOOOVVVVEEEEEEEE your work, it’s amazing!)

  • Anna

    having the same problem as Abra and Susie. GAHHH I wan’t this sooo much :*(. What am I supposed to do?

  • Wiineri

    Haii everyone! :) I found this! You can download it from there! ^^

  • Yeah I’m also having issues with people reporting my files and having them nuked. i will try and upload them to dropbox or something.

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