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Evangeline Lilly ~ by Flajko

Hey guys, how you doin’ ! This is my first post here but before I start presenting you my beauty, I have to thank another beauty that I recently met – Irene!

Thank you for your supportive gesture of helping a simmer in need! Be sure that you’ll never have to regret letting me be here because I know I’ll give my maximum for every creation so you guys can be fully pleased!

Now lets begin before I start crying


  • You’ll need AwesomeMod to enable slider hack,
  • Bella3lek4′s Facial Feature Sliders (I have them all, they’re the key part for Evangeline’s look),
  • Jonha’s 10 Body Sliders (They define Evangeline’s body figure)
  • Rez’s Non-Default Skintones hack which allows non default skins

All links can be found on the right side of the page in Mods & Sliders category

This is my version of Evangeline Lilly(aka Kate from “LOST”) which I couldn’t upload on MTS ’cause they don’t allow hair she has, but now I can present her here in her full glow!

Download: mediafire / sendspace

Inside the rar file you will find Evangeline’ .sim file. Put it into your SavedSims directory, which can be found in your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3

When you load up CAS you will find her in the Premade Sims menu under Young Adult.


You must have all items listed so Evangeline will work on your PC

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything! If I did I’ll fix it quickly!

I also hope you like her and I wish you happy playing wth her!

18 comments to Evangeline Lilly ~ by Flajko

  • She’s gorgeous flajko! But if you’re uploading to MTS you can’t use that hair by Hello at Garden of shadows (The long loose one)

  • Sorry, never mind about my hair comment, I just noticed what you said in the post. :) Attention to detail fail.

  • emmzx

    Amazing. I don’t watch lost but from looking at the comparison picture I think you got her spot on. She’s so gorgeous thank you!

  • SerenaBlondie

    Excellent job Flajko :D Can I just ask why that hair is banned on MTS?

  • It’s not banned Serena, it’s just not technically ‘free’ hair by mts standards since it’s only really a re-texture of a payhair. In order for something to be classed as free it either needs to be created free or it needs to be a conversion from s2 to s3 or significant meshing changes need to have taken place :)

  • Flajko

    Thanks guys,love your comments! :D
    Thanks Lady F,I’m not sure if I would know how to explain it! :)

  • zarmor

    Very good job flajko. You’ve managed to catch her face very well. Hat’s off !!

    And thank you to Ladyfrontbum for hosting your sim. Otherwise it would have been a great loss for us all!

    BTW do you plan to sim some other characters from Lost ?

  • Flajko

    Thanks zarmor! :)
    Maybe when I have time I’ll try to make some basic “LOST” crew!
    I’m not that fan of the series but it was Evangeline that I met though the series who impressed me! :D It’s the main reason why I wanted to simmify her! ;)

  • Slipslop

    I’ve seen her on the feedback forum, you got the looks spot on. I’m no Lost fan, but i know the actor and she is instantly recognizable, nice work there :)

  • Flajko

    Thanks Slipslop, glad you remember that thread! :D

  • Krista

    hey where did u get the hair

  • monca533

    Hey Flajko, she is really a beauty! I’m happy you could post her here.

    Lady: I love you cause you ever help everybody. You are really a LADY!

  • Flajko

    @Krista: Hehe I think it is written in the post! :D
    @monca: Thanks, I really don’t know what would I do without Lady, she’s a savior! :D

  • zarmor

    Hi Flajko,

    Sorry to ask but which non default skin did you exactly use for her ( from araenna ) ? I obviously downloaded the wrong one since I have Evangeline with a blak skin in CAS…

  • Flajko

    Oh please sorry everyone! :D
    Thank you zarmor,if you didn’t see this who knows when I would correct it!
    It is the Cutthroat Dollie’s non default skin!

  • clonte

    this is wow, thanks. I can’t find the link for Rez’s non default skin tone hack though. Is it because this is not necessary with the latest awesome mod?

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