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Oh noes.

So yesterday I decided to convert a lot of my sims3pack files to package and then pack up a lot of my package files using s3pe.

Apparently I effed something up because my game hates me right now. Rofl. It takes a fifty hours to load and then it just splodes my cpu in my face.

As a result I have decided to delete all my cc and re-download it all. I know I could keep some in there but I don’t know what half the shit I have is because it’s been named stupidly. So ima rename everything I download so I can actually recognise it. Or, at least, organise them all into creator files.

SIGH. Cya in twenty three years, give or take.

17 comments to Oh noes.

  • emmzx

    What a nightmare, same thing happened to me, and I was stuck on the loading screen for like an hour. :|
    Ah well, sometimes cleaning out your cc is a good thing, I know I have a tonne of random crap in my folders I wish I didn’t. Good luck finding all that cc!

  • Hahah thanks emmzx. Thank god for ms3b hey! :D
    So far I’ve downloaded all the Savio hairs I want and packaged them up and the game is loading quickly. Ima do all the hairs first then clothes. Sigh.

  • zarmor

    Sorry to hear that.

    I had the same problem after DL tons of CC. I finally discovered a program at MTS that scans your CC folder and identifies corrupted files or even Sims2 files. I had two sims2 files in my folder and I deleted them. Everything went back to noraml after that. The name of the program is “Sims 3 Dashboard tool” made by Delphy.

    I hope this helps.

  • Yeah I already have the dashboard tool and his process monitor (which is better for finding really bad ones) unfortunately process monitor crashed after about an hour of loading my game because my pc had a right spazz at me.
    I couldn’t be bothered going through that again so it’s just easier at this point to redownload stuff – and only stuff I really wanna use. I had a lot of junk installed that I hardly ever used but couldn’t locate to get rid of. :)

  • JfmeTD

    You could use a system restore point, maybe that could help. :/

  • Sigourney

    Shoot. I never thought of renaming the files to actually recognize them!
    Stuff that I couldn’t tell whether they were hair or an object got deleted… although I have so much CC I didn’t really notice anything gone. :D

    Good luck on getting everything back to normal! >.<

  • Nah, tbh I think this is for the best, JfmeTD. I’m ok about it now. It will take a while but at least I will know what everything is in my game and won’t have any random junk.

    Thanks Sigourney :D

  • Simstatic

    A good clean up is always good lol. How do you rename the files? Can you just rename the package file or do you have to open it up with S3pe (or some other program) and save it again under another name. I seem to recall from Sims 2 that you couldn’t just rename as they would not work in game (or was that just for the mesh)- memory fails me lol.

    Have Ambitions now plus a new up to date computer which is way above what Ambitions needs and it crashes on me after a few hours. Seems like we just cannot win with Sims 3 hey. Loved the old way of just putting the packages in the game and playing and now it is this whole long process of merging.

  • Aww pain in thee arse. Sorry to hear that, they new patch totally fucked my game so I had to uninstall and reinstall everything to geddit working. :(

  • I decided not to rename since I am packaging up bunches of package files using s3pe :)
    I really don’t have enough room on my harddrive though, it’s causing me issues.

  • Punkkat

    OMG !!!
    that’s soo happened to me when I first got ambitions .. I not only had all .packs in .package but I also took it one step further and compressed them into .dbc but with ambitions .dbc was a NONO T_T so 2 days later after Dling everything I was happily playing Ambitions ..

    Good Luks *^_^*

  • Ohh so ambitions won’t like dbc??? Crikey moses.

  • gelfling

    You might just have a few incompatible bits of CC in your collection. All my content is in merged .package form and bar a couple of items that just won’t work with Ambitions everything else works fine. Make sure you keep your merged packages to no more than 200MB in size each or your game will have a hissy fit. Hope you can get it sorted. It’s a bit of a monster of a task but once it’s done your game should run better than before. Good luck! :)

  • Thanks gelfling. I think my package files are all under 200mb so far :)

  • RezDelnava

    From my experience, the 200Mb ‘limit’ isn’t a hard limit (at least for files in the .package format). The game’s Default.ini files (one for each EP/SP) defines the size limit for for dbc caches at 200MB, but that can easily be redefined by opening the .ini in notepad. While in the ini, I think its useful to increase the max size of all the caches too, but others have had mixed results.

    Another, but more extreme method for speeding up load times, is the CFF Explorer trick to change the memory address space limitation for the .exe. For it to work, you need more than 2GB of RAM, and maybe a 64bit version OS. Directions on how to do it are here: Just be aware, that each EP/SP has its own .exe that needs to edited, and that every time the game updates, one must go back into CFF and change the value again.

    OfC, you should consider doing these after you fix that partition issue; having no virtual mem space has caused me to CTD twice in the last week (but those were my fault… several instances of s3pe, FireFox with some Flash apps running, 7 copies of .NET Reflector…)

  • Thanks for that info Rez. You are so smart. :D *fangirls out a bit*

    Virtual memory sucks. Mines on something really dodgy right now like 2gb when it should be on 6. I haven’t had a chance to unpartition the drive yet, but I moved some of my sim stuff to a separate harddrive just in case the unpartition ends up deleting shit. It better not or I’ll be irate.

  • Gary Lyn

    Okay, I’m Old, ignorant and often need help finding the on switch on this electronic hunk of Junque, but prior to downloading much CC, I copy my Package file to a seperate “Oh Shit” file and if “Shit” happens, I can simply swap names and at least be back where I started. I’m sure you young people of the computer age already have thought of that or something faster and better.

    I’m so old I remember when books where made of paper and ink.

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