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Naughty & Nice Male Skins (muscular version)

UPDATE 6th June 2010
Lol it was bound to happen. I effed up one of the files. I accidentally left out the dark file for the male default naughty skintone so if you downloaded the default full skins you will need to re-download them using the links below. The filename is the same so if you install the new one it will overwrite your old one. Sorry, I know, I blow. Anyway if you notice anything messed up with any of the other files, let me know! xox

Ok guys here is the first of my set of male skins, the muscular version.
I will be making hairy and non-muscular versions in the not-too-distant future.

They are for teens, young-adult, adult and elders. Don’t laugh at the elders or I’ll smack you down. They are in both light and dark tones and come in Default and Non-Default.

The Naughty skins come with pubic hair and are compatible with both Blooms (base1980′s) crammyboy penis accessory and DBCAB’s penis (I edited the texture by oykawoo, thank you!).

The Nice skins don’t have pubic hair and aren’t compatible with any anatomical meshes.

Anyway here they are:


  • De-saturated the tone slightly
  • Edited the eyes to give them a nice frame and inner eye corner
  • Lips were given texture and highlighting
  • Nostrils were shaped and defined
  • Highlighted the forehead, upper cheekbones, nose, chin, ears
  • Added nipples
  • Added abdomen muscles (thanks to Kravenous for allowing me to edit a piece of his art to suit)
  • Added snail trail / treasure trail and pubic hair to Naughty (using NagelSeries 19 ps brushes)
  • Entire body was hand highlighted/shaded
  • Veins were hand drawn onto the arms and backs of hands and wrists
  • Edited the shoulder blades and highlighted/shaded the back
  • Rounded the bum
  • Cleaned up fingernails and toenails


If you want the entire skin then download one of these (Choose between default & non-default and naughty & nice)
Male Naughty Skins – Mediafire / 4shared
Default Male Naughty Skins - Mediafire / 4shared
Non-Default Nice Male Skins –   Mediafire /  4shared
Default Nice Male Skins - Mediafire / 4shared
If you only want the body then choose one of these (choose between default & non-default and naughty & nice)
Default Male Naughty Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
Non-Default Male Naughty Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
Default Male Nice Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
Non-Default Male Nice Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
If you only want the face then choose one of these (choose between default & non-default and naughty & nice)
Default Male Faces – Mediafire /  4shared
Non-Default Male Faces –  Mediafire /  4shared
Let me know if there are any issues with the skin files. The files are now all rar files so you will have to unrar them before installing.

Don’t forget to delete any other default male skins you have installed before using these!
If you download only faces then your faces will be mine and your bodies will be whatever default body skin you are using.
If you download only bodies then your bodies will be mine but your faces will be whatever default face skin you are using.
(if you need help installing check out my installation guide)
Uncensored shots are here, here and here.

121 comments to Naughty & Nice Male Skins (muscular version)

  • Alana, nice is a ken doll body. Naughty has pubic hair and will also work with the two penis mesh mods that I mentioned up the top :)

  • [...] “Non-default MALE Naughty Skins” by LadyFrontbum [...]

  • julius

    nice good job

  • Sheena

    Hi Lady! I recently discovered your work and I have to tell you it’s amazing! Your skins have replaced all my old defaults for both genders and all ages, so thank you! Quick question though, do you know where I can download a nude male bottom to use in CAS? I found a female nude top and nude bottom, and obviously the male nude top comes with the game, but the male nude bottom eludes me. I think my male Sims have every right to be naked too, don’t you? :)

  • Lol sheena, I’m all for equality. Try looking at sexysims2 they should have everything you need :)

  • Sheena

    Perfect! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see what you create next!

  • Does Sexysims 2 work on the Sims 3?

  • Benedicte, yes, it is for sims 2 and 3.

  • Christine

    Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you!

  • meeeeeeeeeeeeh

    ok i know this is probably not the place to ask, but the penises dont work in my game, like the dont show up in my accesories section… can you help?

  • Not really meeeeh. The penises aren’t my creations so I wouldn’t have a clue why they aren’t working for you :D

  • awwboo

    I never thought I’d start using another default skin after I found Aikea’s. While her’s are still excellent, I must admit I’ve started using yours and I love love love them. Best ones I’ve seen. Then I switched all my skins – the toddlers, the kids and of course the ladies. Every single one is from you and they are all simply fabulous. I cannot thank you enough.

    PS: Thank you for editing the penish mesh as well. ;-) I have that already in my game, and I’m so glad I don’t have to take it out. What can I say.. I love realism.

  • No worries and thanks, i’m glad you are enjoying them :)

  • Michelle

    Hi, LadyFrontbum! I have in game mostly everything that you created =P I use all your skins as defaults excepting the male one, I have it as non default while I’m waiting for the hairy version… Would it be possible to have a version of the muscular male skin, but MORE muscular and hairy? Non default and with your male skin face if it’s possible, because it’s awesome. Just saying (is for a special sim xD)

    Also, I want to thank you sosososososososososooooo much for the Busty StClair skin… at least I can have curvy beautiful ladies in game without setting the weight slider too much to the right. I also love the toddler and child skins, children and toddlers are so cute now, I specially like how you did their fingers and feet.

    Thank you so much for all your work!

    (forgive my english, it’s not my first language…)

  • Hey michelle :) I might end up making a more muscular version, but I’m not sure. I really want to get the non-muscular and hairy ones done first.
    No worries, glad you like busty and my other skins. <3

  • Jennifer

    Hi Mz Frontbum! Just wanted to say thanks for these wonderful skins. Really awesome work. ;)

  • hey i was just wondering if you are still planning to make the non-muscular version? i love the one above but i like variety in my male sims and like it when not all of them have super abs. fit is good tho lol

  • I am Hugzies, just not right now :)

  • NASH

    Wow! I’ve recently discovered your work and I’ve downloaded so much of your CC! Thank you so much for creating all of these wonderful things for us to use. I absolutely love the freckles you have, I love that you can change the tones and customize them to each sim!!

  • Sheena

    Soooo here’s my sob story. I’m not sure if this is anything you can fix, but I thought maybe someone would have ideas.

    My game was totally effed up (taking forever to load, stalling constantly, etc.) so I decided to back up all my CC I actually care about, delete everything I had installed, and reinstall my game. When I reinstalled it, the EA Download Manager made me update it to the latest version, 1.14. That meant I had to install all my CC to the new Mods folder in My Documents instead of the old Mods folder in Program Files. (I read this in MTS, otherwise I would’ve had no idea. Why does EA have to change things like this?) Most of my CC is showing up like normal in the game now that it’s installed in the new location, but none of your skins are showing up! I have all your defaults installed but they don’t show up in the game. I deleted the cache file and everything. I dunno why this is happening. Any ideas?

    Sorry for the crazy long post :(

  • Hmm i have no idea Sheena… did you set up the folders correctly, putting the resource file in the right spot n stuff?

  • Sheena

    Yea, I put it in the Mods folder. I’ll try downloading them again since I can’t think of anything else to try. Thanks anyway!

  • You using the defaults? If they are non-defaults you’ve got Rez’s ui mod installed, yeah?

  • Sheena

    I’m using the defaults. I re-downloaded all of them and they still don’t show up in the game. I’ve read through the troubleshooting section on MTS like 10 times and I still can’t figure out why the skins aren’t showing up :(

  • Maybe try the non-defaults, Sheena?

  • Red Echidna

    Hi LadyFrontbum,

    Do you know if I can have one male Default skin and one female Default skin both of the same age at the same time?

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • Yes you can Red Echnidna because the male files are separate to the female files. :)

  • lady gaga

    Hi Lady, when I save a male sim using this skintone, their face looks different in the pre-made sims portriat. It looks too light. I used the non-default naughty body only skin.

  • I’m not sure what you mean, sorry lady gaga :/

  • lady gaga

    What I mean is, I have a sims who uses this skin tone. The game allows you to save your created sims for use later in the premade sims. They all have head shots taken by the game randomly. In the headshot, my sim’s face looks too light, or doesn’t matches the rest of the body. I f you don’t know what I mean, I will take a screenshot for you.

  • lady, it looks like you only have my non-default bodies installed and not the heads. If you want the whole set, i recommend removing that file then downloading the FULL male non-default skins. :)

  • gaga

    I downloaded the full male non default skin including the face, but it’s still the same. But I think I know what’s the problem here, its when a sim wears any type of sunglasses. Can you pls try it also and see if thats really the problem?

  • Did you delete the old one? Delete the simcompositorcache file?

    My skins won’t do anything weird with sunglasses or any accessory.
    I won’t be able to check my game this morning, I’m headed out soon. I might be able to check later. Can you post another screenshot of a sim wearing my full skin so I can make sure it’s installed properly?

  • gaga

    dont worry, your skin don’t do anything weird. yes i deleted the old one before using it. it only happens to sims being saved while wearing sunglasses. its not only your non default skin, also the other non default skins.

  • Ah that’s weird gaga… no idea why that would be happening.

  • gaga

    I don’t know either. have you checked it yourself in your game? to use your non default skin on a sim that is wearing glasses and save him? i dont know if it’s only in my game because its conflicting with something or is it always like that?

  • Sarah

    What are the ages?

  • Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder. The skins will change for all of those ages.

  • Sally

    Dear Lady,
    How do you make a non-default skintone that is only the body and uses the base game for the faces?

  • Sally, just use Skininator by Cmarnyc and only input the body files. Then it will just use whatever defaults happen to be installed as the faces.

  • MJW

    Thanks LadyFrontbum for making these skins. I have a quick question: I have your male skin installed as default and the penis, which works just fine together for young adult and adult. However, although my elder males have your skin applied correctly, they have no penis. I know you didn’t make the penis, but have you or anyone else experienced this?

  • Not sure what that’s all about mjw since the elders use the same texture file as the younger males. I can only assume the penis you are using wasn’t made for elders??

  • KJ

    I have a question…..But,First let me start off by saying NICE SKINS!!!
    I’ve downloaded Lady bug toddler, Jack and Jill child, Naughty female & male (all default)Am I still supposed to get the blur when the adult males and females take showers?

  • The blur has nothing to do with the skins KJ. The game is censored by default. If you want to remove the blur you will need to use a hack. Awesomemod is one mod that will remove it if you want.

  • mooforcow

    Hi, I just want to say thanks for your lovely skins, they are so sexy.
    But I got a problem. You said that it works with DBCAB’s penis, but it doesn’t show up on my sims. That part became invisible which is VERY weird for me. I want it real!
    I don’t want to leave it like that though. Can you specified which file that you use? The penis, I mean. There seem to be so many versions, I’m confused. A link will be fine.
    Btw I’m new to this, plus my English is not so good. If my questions confused you I would like to sorry in advance.

  • mooforcow, the link is in the top paragraph of the page. Just click on DCBAB and it should take you to the right penis.

  • Kelie


    It doesn’t work for me :s, I have a Mac computer and when I download it, it makes me a file like a paper you know, so I can’t put it in the game :/ Do you have a solution ?


  • Sorry Kelie I don’t know anything about mac icons etc… you might have to ask around on a mac sims3 help forum to find out how to install rar/zip package files.

  • Red Echidna

    I love your skins a lot, both the Naughty Male skin and the Female one. However, since the inclusion of Late Night and the latest patch, the muscle slider and breast slider have compensated for the lack of breasts and muscles. Unfortunately, they still have a boring posterior. Do you think you could make the Naughty skins so that they only have the realistic posterior that you made, making it compatible with the game’s muscle slider? I tried using the muscle slider to give my male Sim a six pack while using your skin as well, and it doesn’t look very good.

    I hope that wasn’t too confusing. =)

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