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Naughty & Nice Male Skins (muscular version)

UPDATE 6th June 2010
Lol it was bound to happen. I effed up one of the files. I accidentally left out the dark file for the male default naughty skintone so if you downloaded the default full skins you will need to re-download them using the links below. The filename is the same so if you install the new one it will overwrite your old one. Sorry, I know, I blow. Anyway if you notice anything messed up with any of the other files, let me know! xox

Ok guys here is the first of my set of male skins, the muscular version.
I will be making hairy and non-muscular versions in the not-too-distant future.

They are for teens, young-adult, adult and elders. Don’t laugh at the elders or I’ll smack you down. They are in both light and dark tones and come in Default and Non-Default.

The Naughty skins come with pubic hair and are compatible with both Blooms (base1980′s) crammyboy penis accessory and DBCAB’s penis (I edited the texture by oykawoo, thank you!).

The Nice skins don’t have pubic hair and aren’t compatible with any anatomical meshes.

Anyway here they are:


  • De-saturated the tone slightly
  • Edited the eyes to give them a nice frame and inner eye corner
  • Lips were given texture and highlighting
  • Nostrils were shaped and defined
  • Highlighted the forehead, upper cheekbones, nose, chin, ears
  • Added nipples
  • Added abdomen muscles (thanks to Kravenous for allowing me to edit a piece of his art to suit)
  • Added snail trail / treasure trail and pubic hair to Naughty (using NagelSeries 19 ps brushes)
  • Entire body was hand highlighted/shaded
  • Veins were hand drawn onto the arms and backs of hands and wrists
  • Edited the shoulder blades and highlighted/shaded the back
  • Rounded the bum
  • Cleaned up fingernails and toenails


If you want the entire skin then download one of these (Choose between default & non-default and naughty & nice)
Male Naughty Skins – Mediafire / 4shared
Default Male Naughty Skins - Mediafire / 4shared
Non-Default Nice Male Skins –   Mediafire /  4shared
Default Nice Male Skins - Mediafire / 4shared
If you only want the body then choose one of these (choose between default & non-default and naughty & nice)
Default Male Naughty Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
Non-Default Male Naughty Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
Default Male Nice Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
Non-Default Male Nice Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
If you only want the face then choose one of these (choose between default & non-default and naughty & nice)
Default Male Faces – Mediafire /  4shared
Non-Default Male Faces –  Mediafire /  4shared
Let me know if there are any issues with the skin files. The files are now all rar files so you will have to unrar them before installing.

Don’t forget to delete any other default male skins you have installed before using these!
If you download only faces then your faces will be mine and your bodies will be whatever default body skin you are using.
If you download only bodies then your bodies will be mine but your faces will be whatever default face skin you are using.
(if you need help installing check out my installation guide)
Uncensored shots are here, here and here.

121 comments to Naughty & Nice Male Skins (muscular version)

  • DianFelisa

    -laughing at the elders-

    I’ve been waiting for these forever, but it was worth it.
    I love your skins, (well, all of your custom content in general).
    I’m going to use these as defaults until you make non-muscly ones :D

  • Simstatic

    Wow Lady, they are awesome. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to put them in my game.

  • Amelia

    Well, they’re gorgeous. As I suspected. But Winrar won’t see them and won’t download it. When I go to browse and click to download it with Winrar it says it’s a corrupt format or something. :/ Made me freak that Winrar wasn’t working but it works with all the other CC. I just tried it.

  • Amelia

    Okay, nevermind. I somehow found the package file hiding in my downloads, although I never sent it there, and they work beautifully.

    You just made my favorite sim look even hotter. :)

  • Thanks guys, glad u like em. Thanks for your comments too, they helped heaps.
    Amelia, sorry about that, I didn’t rar the files. I’ll rar them up tomorrow to avoid anymore confusion and make them a little smaller too :)

  • Link is broken for me. :(

  • I think mediafire died. You’ll have to try in a little while cos I don’t have the files on my lappie and won’t be able to upload them to 4shared til the morning. I doubt mf will be down for long though.
    Lol it’s working now :D

  • SCRATCH THAT SHIZZZ! Its working now. Sorry.

  • DaveyDaVinci

    *Noms them*

    Ilu. So hot.

    I want to talk with you!!! Btw MTS chat is down for now, IDK if it will be up when you wake up

  • B

    You a fabulous artist! Love your work, feel so spoiled. Thanks so much for creating and sharing these fabulous skins, I will be using the exclusively in my game. Pescado should be shame for poo-pooing your work when I first seen it PMBD. I loved the eyeshadow and everything that follows. Keep on keeping on, Lady!

  • Yeah!!! Yippee!!!! Hooray!!!! Awesome!!!! Sweet!!!! Delicious!!!!

    Thank you!!!

    Mediafire is down right now, at least for me. But I will keep trying!!

  • Mediafire made a liar out of me!! Gotta it on the second try!!! Again….thank you!!

  • What?! Who ‘poo poo’d’ Ladyfrontbums work?! Don’t make me have to start b*tch slapping people!! Lol!!

  • I don’t have any words!!!


    I’m waiting for the hairy version too :B

  • Midnight Bandit

    Will you make both non-defaults and defaults of the separated body and head files? I’d like to use the faces while not having to delete my defaults.

  • Adam

    These look great, i can’t wait for the non-muscular version (i feel they would work better as defaults) These will go on all my sim hunks! Thank you!

  • Lol Pescado just said something about the colouring of the eyeshadow on a model I posted at pmbd ages ago. It’s cool. :)

    I’m glad you guys like the skin. Ima take a little break once the faces/bodies are split up and make a couple of sims or some eyeshadow before I make the other skins. Shouldn’t be too long though. I’ll try to do the faces/bodies today, Midnight Bandit.

    Hey TumTum, nice to see you here. Love your hair work!

    Thanks everyone <3

  • monca533

    Yey!! I’m very happy because your male skin is finished! It is a super wonderful brilliant job!
    Love it and love you!!

  • daluved1

    So….if I download the non default version will the non default face show up with the non default? Or will game go splat?

    Meh, I’ll just wait until you split them up :p

  • The non-default version is faces and bodies, dal. So you will get the bodies and the faces on your sims.
    I think also it will merge the dots with the female skins. Mine does that anyway. It’s kinda rad.

  • Rivyan

    Great skins! I hope you are feeling better!

  • Thanks Rivyan, I’m feeling a bit better but I still have my cough.

    Thanks monca!!

    Davey, I commented on your blog beyotch! ilu

  • mariarita

    Belo trabalho você estar de parabéns mais uma vez prosiga assim…
    obrigado por compartilhar..

  • Obrigado, mariarita <3

  • Arfmoo

    These are fabulous. :) I’ll be super happy if you make a version that is both none muscley and hairy at the same time, but maybe thats just me.

  • Elena

    Thank you so much! Love it! <3 Now all my Default Skins are made by you. :D

  • daluved1

    Waka Waka Waka

    I will use the non-defaults because I don’t want all my sims to be muscular. But, these are BALLIN’


  • bau

    These are a work of art – have been following your progress on this project – love and enjoy so many of your other downloads – happy to include this one too. Thank you for all of your hard work : )

  • ilu dal <3

    Thanks bau!

  • Thank you so much for these! I love your work. While I’m waiting for the non-muscular bodies I continue to use the Moonlight skin from Kanno, and they match well with these faces! I also have a question: Where can I found the anti-blur-thing/non mosaic for the game? (Hey, When I finally get your beautiful bodies I want to see all of it ;-) ) I haven’t relly figured out if it’s core mod or not (and I have never installed a core mod), and there are different versions on MTS. I have the latest patch and moved all my cc to the new place in “My documents” and everything works fine… What do you use and how?

    (As a Swede i just want to add that I think this whole censoring-thing is ridiculous. Hey, what’s so wrong with a naked body??? It’s a body, the way we look under our clothes. And… what makes it even more ridiculous is that EA doesn’t even let the sims look like real people, but barbie-dolls. Censoring barbie-dolls? I doesn’t make any sense to me…)

  • Oddysee

    I love this skin so much, when I saw the female version I couldn’t wait for the male one :D Now I’m even more excited for the non-muscular one.

  • Haha yeah the censoring thing is annoying, polly. I use Awesomemod, and have it set up so the censor mode is off. There are probably several other ways to remove the blur, though.

    Thank you Oddysee :) Hopefully it won’t be too long before I make the non-muscular version.

  • Thanks for your quick reply! I was already thinking of getting Awesomemod… I have to look out for a new version for the latest patch…

  • Maya

    OMFG these are lavely! I just downloaded them as defaults until the hairy ones come out… mmm…muscly lightly haired men… lol jks. Thanks for not making this a pay site xxxxx

  • Thanks Maya. <3

    Polly just keep an eye out on the maty forums for the latest awesomemod. You could always try Twallans Supercomputer as well.

  • SerenaBlondie

    Wow and wow again. Thank you so much :D

  • Thanks for updating. I thought it was just me or my computer. I went back and forth to the ladies, back to the men, back to the ladies and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. So glad it wasn’t me!! And no probs…everyone makes a mistake and the way we gorged you to finish these skins so we could have them, one mistake is surprising! :)

    Thanks bunches !

  • Thanks cece. Hopefully there aren’t missing textures in the other packages, lol. ;D

  • These looks great. Were thinking of using your female defaults before, but they dint match well with my male other defaults. But now I can use this with that! Look forward for non-muscular defaults for the townies. Only MY controlled simmies are blessed with good genes. ;)

  • shorty05gg

    hello I love these skins, well all you do love me a question … where I could send a private message to ask you something?
    excuse my English is not very good

  • You can email me at ladyfrontbum at gmail dot com :)

  • Ladyfrontbum this is your opus magnum, I love my boys… thank you, milady.

  • Nouk

    This is fantastic, thanks for this!!

  • Thanks Nouk, no worries! :)

  • Madame check your EA account.

  • Alana

    Hi lady, i know this sounds stupid but whats the difference between the naughty and the nice?

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