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Naughty & Nice Male Skins (muscular version)

UPDATE 6th June 2010
Lol it was bound to happen. I effed up one of the files. I accidentally left out the dark file for the male default naughty skintone so if you downloaded the default full skins you will need to re-download them using the links below. The filename is the same so if you install the new one it will overwrite your old one. Sorry, I know, I blow. Anyway if you notice anything messed up with any of the other files, let me know! xox

Ok guys here is the first of my set of male skins, the muscular version.
I will be making hairy and non-muscular versions in the not-too-distant future.

They are for teens, young-adult, adult and elders. Don’t laugh at the elders or I’ll smack you down. They are in both light and dark tones and come in Default and Non-Default.

The Naughty skins come with pubic hair and are compatible with both Blooms (base1980′s) crammyboy penis accessory and DBCAB’s penis (I edited the texture by oykawoo, thank you!).

The Nice skins don’t have pubic hair and aren’t compatible with any anatomical meshes.

Anyway here they are:


  • De-saturated the tone slightly
  • Edited the eyes to give them a nice frame and inner eye corner
  • Lips were given texture and highlighting
  • Nostrils were shaped and defined
  • Highlighted the forehead, upper cheekbones, nose, chin, ears
  • Added nipples
  • Added abdomen muscles (thanks to Kravenous for allowing me to edit a piece of his art to suit)
  • Added snail trail / treasure trail and pubic hair to Naughty (using NagelSeries 19 ps brushes)
  • Entire body was hand highlighted/shaded
  • Veins were hand drawn onto the arms and backs of hands and wrists
  • Edited the shoulder blades and highlighted/shaded the back
  • Rounded the bum
  • Cleaned up fingernails and toenails


If you want the entire skin then download one of these (Choose between default & non-default and naughty & nice)
Male Naughty Skins – Mediafire / 4shared
Default Male Naughty Skins - Mediafire / 4shared
Non-Default Nice Male Skins –   Mediafire /  4shared
Default Nice Male Skins - Mediafire / 4shared
If you only want the body then choose one of these (choose between default & non-default and naughty & nice)
Default Male Naughty Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
Non-Default Male Naughty Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
Default Male Nice Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
Non-Default Male Nice Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
If you only want the face then choose one of these (choose between default & non-default and naughty & nice)
Default Male Faces – Mediafire /  4shared
Non-Default Male Faces –  Mediafire /  4shared
Let me know if there are any issues with the skin files. The files are now all rar files so you will have to unrar them before installing.

Don’t forget to delete any other default male skins you have installed before using these!
If you download only faces then your faces will be mine and your bodies will be whatever default body skin you are using.
If you download only bodies then your bodies will be mine but your faces will be whatever default face skin you are using.
(if you need help installing check out my installation guide)
Uncensored shots are here, here and here.

121 comments to Naughty & Nice Male Skins (muscular version)

  • Red Echidna, I can’t make anything right now, I don’t even have my sims game installed because I had to upgrade my computer. Sorry :/

  • Lila Wopila

    Thank you very much for your beautiful skins.
    I would like the complete Asian skin with black pubic hair. Perhaps you can make it.

    Kind regards

    Lila Wopila

  • Zing88


    right click the file and click properties
    it’ll tell you what type of file extetntion it is.

    if it’s a .rar try using rar expander
    or stuff it.

  • Red Echidna

    No worries! I just saw your latest post. Congratulations on your baby! :D

  • Frisco

    Hello there! Love your work and congrats on your baby!

    If I download the naughty skin will it come with the “you know what”? Or do I have to seperately download it? Im not sure which one to download actually if I do have to download it separately, I only want it so that it is seen when they are showering or skinny dipping (not as an accessory) but I notice the link for the decab one you have is linked to an Elder male version? Does this work? I just want to make sure so I dont have to start up my game only to find I made a mistake and have to re-do it all the time.

  • Grace

    Hey, thank you for the skins, they are awesome! One problem though, the solution is probably right in front of me even though I looked there a million times, is the “gadget” for the male naughy skins is not showing up in my game.

    I tried to download crammy’s gadget (but it’s only for TS2 and the second one had a bad link. Help, please??

  • Lauralai

    What happened to sexysims2? Did it get moved and do you know if there is an archive anywhere?

  • Richard

    I have the same question as Frisco. I downloaded the male default and non-default naughty male files and installed them (twice) following the installation guide. The new skins are there but the males are not “equiped” so to speak. Like Frisco, I am not interested in animation of the equipment, but the realisim.

    Are we supposed to go this these other sites?

    Thank you.

  • Simmer9055

    THANK YOU! Your skins look SO real, EA’s skins… ughhh. Oh and can you tell me how you make your skins, please? E-mail:
    Please tell me. By the way, THANKS!

  • Brooke A.

    ***3 things:
    1) LOVE YOUR WORK! Good to know I’m not the only one sitting up at night customizing Sims! 2) I downloaded both male and female skins and am about to restart the game to test them out, I’m hoping that within your installation guide the part about placing the files in folders was meant for us to CREATE such folders on our own…? Because my sims folder contained no folder labeled “mods”, so i took it into my own hands. 3) I already know I will be having issues with the male skin as it is not a package file. Is there a program available to extract rar. files without having to “sign up/ pay for use”? All the programs I’ve seen seem to come with some type of catch.

  • Layla

    hey, I wonder if you can help me, I registered to that sexysims2 site, but I didn’t think it would be that bad(rude), could you tell me how to deactivate my account as I can just get what I need off here :)

  • simmer, with a LOT of hard work in photoshop. They took me quite a long time. :D

  • Richard, you will need to download one of the penis mods in order for them to be equipped. :)

  • Rhodalle


    I want to thank you for all your wonderful creations, and the fact that you share them so generously. You are a talented artist, and so professional! Wishing you the best! :)

  • D. G

    Hi Ladyfrontbum =)

    This might be a stupid question and perhaps I have not searched well in this site, but how can I Install these skins??
    P.S. Congratulations, your work is marvelous =D

  • Qwertis

    I’m not so handy and sorry for my stupid question. But how do I get them nude? I read your tutorial “Installing My Skins’ and installed the Default Skins. But how can I set my sims walk around naked?

  • Santiago

    I downloaded the Female skin default, and I put the .package file on My documents/Electronic Arts/ the sims 3/Mods/Packages and this work PREFECTLY, in the game show the nipple and vagina perfect! …but when I download the default skin for male this not workk! and I make the same steps with the female .package

    please! someone can help me?

  • Eklipsa

    I know this is old stuff, but I downloaded and the skill seems to be working but without its fun parts. So not sure if its cus of the new patch or what not. Do you have idea what would be wrong?

  • Omid

    did not work please help me.

  • Alicious


    I know you have not been logging in regularly for a while, but with good reason, so first of all, congratulations! :) May your bundle of joy be always happy and healthy!

    Second, thank you for your work! I love your stuff, and I have been using it, especially the skin and wearables for almost 3 years now, and I am very happy with it.

    Third, a plea for help. I don’t expect a quick answer or anything, I just hope you will eventually see it and help me and others. I have been reinstalling my game for the trillionth time now, and this time I have been thoroughly checking my CC and I noticed something about the non-default naughty skins ( if this has been answered before, I apologize, but I couldn’t find it). While the male and female skins appear in CAS, with all the parts intended, there seems to be a little problem about ‘gender assignement’ as you could call it. What do I mean? The cleavage skin for instance. It looks good, all my female sims are happy. But it also appears in CAS for male sims, only for them it looks totally barbie. The same for the male skins. They look good on guys, but they also appear in CAS when I select female sims, just without any details. I don’t know if that is the case for default skins too, as I have not used them. The part that bothers me most is that these ‘ghost barbie skins’ take up a lot of slots in CAS. As I am using more and more different ND skins, that makes it a problem of space and it makes skin identification a lot harder.

    If at any point you see this, I hope you can fix this or suggest a way to ‘by-pass’ the issue. Thank you again!

  • EatChees

    Hello! First off, I absolutely adore your skins! The subtlety of the facial features is absolutely beautiful!
    But I was wondering if you ever added a non-muscular version of your Naughty Male skin? I tried to use the You are Real normal maps in conjunction with your skins but the abs don’t line up :( . I tried using Navetsea’s skins but the faces are too elaborate for me (everyone looks like they have eyeliner and make-up on.) If you added a non muscular version could you tell me where to find it? Because your skins are my favorite and I can’t seem to find any others that work for me.

    Thank you very much!

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