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It's raining men...


No, they aren’t done yet. But they are 99% done so it won’t be long. I have some pictures for you so you can make your final comments… let me know what you think.


Ok so those are the faces. The top one has normal cheekbones, at about the centre of the slider. The bottom one is with lower cheekbones. This is just to show you how the undereye shading moves as you move the cheekbones.

Next up is bodies.


I just have to fix a minor issue with the buttcrack that you can’t see because of the box blur, but apart from that I think they are done?

Next up is dark tones.


Then teens. Lol


And oldies. Lmao


Pa’s been looking after himself. Haha. Obviously they look really bizarre on elders. Hopefully the next skin will be better for them. Or perhaps there is an elder body file in the game I am unaware of?

Lastly, the veinage


Ok well not really lastly. I also have a picture I can’t post on here of the skin using both peen meshes that are available at sexysims. The one on the left is dbcab’s mesh, the one on the right is bloom/base1980′s crammyboy accessory peen.

If you want to see the picture you can find it here.

12 comments to It’s raining men…

  • AAGGHH! PEEN! lol. Anyway, could you possibly make the nostrils look more like your female ones? They were my fave part of the skin. Oh, and can you make the shoulder blades less rounded and the spine less red? Only if you want to, but thats what methinks.

    Everything else is great, LOVE the veinage. Oh, and sorry for the offtopicness, but are you gonna get ambitions? It dosn’t come out in Ireland til the 4th, but the metacritic reviews aren’t bad, so I’m pretty tempted but I don’t wanna get it cause I’m working on a world and am scared nobody can download it if I install it. And most of the shizz (eg. rabbithole rugs) I’m using will probs be incompatible. -sigh-

  • amelia

    Woah, everything looks perfect! Course the skins I want the most are hairy without muscles, but I’ll use these until you pop those out. ;) All the hard work payed off!

  • Hey Alan, I want to get ambitions but I can’t afford it at the moment so it will have to wait :)

    Re the nostrils, they shit me too and I’m not sure I can do much about it, the male ones seem to get the black flare happening if I extend the hole any further. I can try messing with the ball tip though.
    I’ll check out the back some more tomorrow. IT’s bedtime now.

    Thanks amelia :)

  • Mmmkay. Yeah, I know what you mean. I just bought True Blood season 2 so I is broked. My birthday is July 17th so I might wait till bitches be givin me g’s. lmao.

  • LadyP

    Can you make it too with the erect penis mesh, and have the penis re textured to match the beautiful skin? Like a redder mushroom for the cut version?

  • gemini

    I saw a comment about True Blood and had to make some totally off topic comments before I comment about the skins. Viking Vampire = very yummy. I am so impatient for the new season to start, less than 2 weeks to go but it seems like it has been years since season 2 ended! In December I decided I had waited long enough for a fix and reread book 3 then I bought all the rest and had finished them by January. I even got my hubby to read all of them! We bought the newest book when it came out last month but read it too quickly. Now we are impatiently waiting until she finishes writing a new one. The last book is my least favorite of all the books so far because Eric just wasn’t Eric. When my husband finished reading it his first comment was, “What the hell did she do with Eric in this book? Was he abducted by aliens and replaced by a pod person?” She really didn’t need to change such a great character so I hope he is back to his usual dry humor, overly sexual manner, and gorgeous self in the next book.

    I saw the promo for season 3 a few days ago and as soon as I saw the very tops of the bottles I yelled, “True Blood! Look it’s True Blood!” I felt like a total idiot when my kids looked at me with a look that read, mom has finally totally lost her mind. I probably have too because when I saw the commercial I got chills up my arms and felt like I had just received a package I had been waiting to be delivered! I am most excited for season 3 because I am so anxious to see what happens with one of my all time favorite characters, Alcide. I am still not sold on the actor that was cast to play him. I am hoping he does such an amazing job I quickly forget about my ideal Alcide much like I did when Alexander Skarsgard took over as the image I think of when I picture Eric.

    Okay enough of that topic because I have noticed it is getting warmer in the house. On to another topic of men and nakedness, oh wait that is still the previous topic. ;p

    The skins are looking so incredible and I can’t wait to get them in my game! I have been stalking your website and reading your update posts on MTS at least 2 times per day. I haven’t even thought about removing the female defaults since you made them available, they are so beautiful! I can honestly say I am no longer using any of my non default skins for toddlers, children, or any teen through elder female because your skins just look so much better on any sim! I know the male version will be just as impressive as it is already evident from the screenshots you have been using to tease. You should really be proud of the work you have created because I never would have believed I’d be sticking to just one skin when the non defaults became possible. If I hadn’t already merged all the non defaults to make my game speed up I would have removed them once I started using your skins.

    Thank you again.

  • Carolyn

    These are really great, i’m so glad you made them. Will you be making a less musucular version in the future? Or hairy? Thanks :)

  • I can probably edit the colour a bit more, I assume you mean on dbcab’s one? I don’t know that I can make this skin work with the erect one as well though unless it’s mapped right above the flaccid one. There isn’t really a lot of room on the texture image file for more than two penises. (it’s hard to explain)
    Do the dbcab flaccid/erect penises work by default together? Or do you have to install the package file for whichever penis you want at the time? I suppose I could put dbcab’s erect one on another non-default file?

  • Oh that’s sad that she changed Eric’s character. I haven’t read the books yet. I want to eventually but not while I’m watching the series :)
    Eric is so hot right now. I can’t wait til the show comes back. Not long now! I’m already missing vampire diaries too and it only just finished, lol. Ok so I’m missing Damon. Whatevs. ;)

    Thanks for the kind words gemini! I’m glad you like my skins. Once they are all done I will package them up together for those who want to use them all. :)

  • Carolyn, yep next up is less muscular then the hairy ones. Or vice versa, depends how the wind takes me lol. I just need a tiny breather once these are finished cos it’s tedious work. I feel like making a sim or something else before I get back into another skin. :)

  • RezDelnava

    The mapping and textures are the same for both versions of DBCAB’s meshes; its just that the erect one is slightly longer, so it stretches the texture a bit.

    My two cents about the textures: I love the body texture. I can’t wait to try it out on my athletic sim. The penis texture for DBCAB needs a bit more detailing IMO. Like LadyP said, the glans could use some red color, and adding veins along the length would go a long way towards realism.

  • Oh that’s handy, cheers for letting me know Rez. I might edit the penis texture later on, it’s hard playing around with it while my 3yo is sitting on my lap. lol. These will have to do for now because I need a break :D

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