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Bringing Sexy Back

UPDATE: Guys, I’m gonna post all further updates on the thread at mts because it’s easier than putting them on here every single time I change something. If you wanna hop over there and have a look that would be great. You can comment on them either there or on here if you don’t have an mts account.

Thank you :)


I had a little play with the image file yesterday, can you guys let me know what you think of this back?

The back muscles will be smoothed more and blended in a bit better.  Those highlights above the arse will also be softened. I’m just trying to work out where the muscles should be.

... yeah?

Which parts look ok and which parts suck?

Also, I was fucking around with my lighting in game and look!!!

You're fucking kidding me.

So I believe the excess grey smudging was caused by my light stands that I was using for added light. Ima play around a bit more to make sure when I get a chance.

Now I just have to fix up the under eye area and make sure it looks good in a room only lit with ceiling lights.

Anyway let me know what you think.

28 comments to Bringing Sexy Back

  • Amy

    The body looks great, and I actually like the highlighting above the butt. And the back looks a lot better, except for that v shaped line. I think the shoulder blades would look great if those were less obvious :)

  • Thanks Amy, I’ll have a play with that V line.

  • There’s a keen subtly to his torso/abs. Light touch. Well done, Lady.

  • Amelia

    Everything is gorgeous, realistic, stunning. Except those V-lines. They look like oddly-placed stretch marks. But it looks fab!

  • Thanks guys!
    I’m checking out a new version in game now. Will update soon.

  • Michael

    Great male skins. I’m patiently waiting for these future defaults of mine! XD
    Are you still creating the variety of skins you mentioned earlier – like hairy, toned, muscly?

  • Yep, Michael. Once I have this one done it will be the base for the hairy one. Then I will tone it down a lot for the ones that will work on fat sims. :)

  • Vallisa

    OMG I can’t wait for these <3 (also, I'm so confused @_@, where I am it just going on 12. How do you guys have June 1st already?)P.S. love the skins.

  • Lol Vallisa, I’m in australia, we are ahead of you guys. :)

  • Vallisa

    oooooo okay, no more confusion. ^_^

  • RezDelnava

    I like these skins. Will they include details mapped for DBCAB’s meshes?

  • Why the “v” lines? WHY? Well, the shoulder blades look much better. Oh, and his spine looks a little to intense and goes into his back too much. All in all though, these skins are the bees knees. I can’t belive I just said “the bees knees” Oh well. Good work! )

  • Hi Rez! :)
    I was planning on making them compatible with Bloom/Base1980′s mesh but I can also make one for dbcab’s. Once the skin is actually finished it’s not too difficult for me to edit those parts to suit. Hope you are well, I haven’t seen you around for a while. You working on anything interesting?

  • Hey Alan :D You referring to this one or the updated pics at mts? So confusing lol.
    You are the bees knees! ;)

  • RezDelnava

    I’m doing very well now. I was working on figuring out what to with my life after college, and I resolved all that about a week ago. So, I’ve been secretly working on some Sims3 stuff, but I didn’t want to make an announcement to the larger community about my return until I had something to show, or at least some update to the UI mod. But since Ambitions is out tomorrow/today (its 2AM on the first, but my sleep schedule is messed up so it still feels like the 31st), I was waiting until I could pick it up and then release updated compatibility info.

  • Glad to hear you’ve sorted out your life-after-college stuff and are doing well :)
    Secret sims work sounds exciting. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been doing.

  • Cori

    I agree with Amy!!!:D Awesome job, Lady

  • Gaga's Monster

    It is PERFECT!
    He’s sexy…
    Plz. try to make him some kind of penis… LOL
    I’m sad to see a man without penis!
    Just try… :D

  • Maya

    And LadyFrontbum stuns us again with another fabby skintone. I am drooling to download this now! Peggy’s skins are too muscular for me… well done!!!

  • Thanks everyone. :)
    Gaga, once the skin is done I will make it compatible with base1980′s and DBCAB’s penis mods. I also have to make my female one compatible with all of base’s bits.

  • Anon

    The only problems I have with the skin are mostly a matter of preference. Looks like you’ve finally got it nailed down.

    Just to say, though, it looks to me like his belly button is a little too high? Also, it’s awkward to have skins that muscular, considering skin is uniform among bodyshapes.

  • Adam

    it looks great, but maybe fix the shading on the neck, it looks kind of like he has a farmer’s tan.

  • Gaga's Monster

    Thank U :)
    I’m Waiting 4 It… ;)

  • Thanks for the comments guys. :)

    Anon I will be making a few male skins, one of which will work with fatter sims.

  • I can’t take this any longer LadyFB!! I’ve been checking on a regular basis…waiting on my male masculine sexy smexy skin to be ready and it’s still not here! I’m suffering here! I feel I’m on the verge of a serious nervous crisis and if I don’t get this fix soon I think it might be too late! *crawling on floor with right hand outstretched* Please…I beg… I implore…I plead… please get this beautiful skin out so that I may make use of it. LOl!!

    Anyhoo… Lovely, it’s looks sooo good! I’m still a tad concerned about the lips, otherwise beautiful. You are awesome!!!!!


  • Lol they are almost done. I’ll have some shots for you soon too. Just have to make dinner. Stupid dinner. BAH.

  • *clapping hands enthusiastically* Yippee!!! Call for pizza, fix some cereal, maybe a bologna sandwich or just promise dinner tomorrow!! Just kidding…I will be glued to my lappy checking constantly!!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work and for sharing!! I can’t wait to see my first Sim I make with this skin!!


  • Haha lol cece. Hopefully I can get the files sorted today. Just have to check mts and see what the comments are like on there first.

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