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Baby got back.

Or not.

I just whipped this up in photoshop. If I make the back look something like this, will it be ok? Ima having a lot of trouble with this frigging back.


The shoulder blades look a bit odd but you get the idea.


20 comments to Baby got back.

  • Amelia

    I love the ass. Just throwing that out there. ;)

    The shoulder blades are the only thing that bother me. They just don’t look like they belong. I’m not sure what’s wrong – hopefully another poster can help you out. :/

  • Jeanne

    I agree to Amelia, the shoulder blades bother me too. Unfortunately I haven’t enough knowledge to help…

  • TaiOfMine

    Hum… yeah… something about the shoulder blades… maybe shaped more like j’s and less like u’s. IDK if this will help… but here’s a photo of the back of the Statue of David…

  • I-I don’t know. Maybeez theyz better the other way? I hate saying that because I know its gonna pissed you off. They look too circular at the moment, as if you set the scale on a smudge brush big and clicked. Hmm. ;/

  • Maya

    Loving the ass! Only criticism- shoulder blades are a bit too prominent. That’s all, it looks fabby.

  • Eric

    Yeah. I think If you make them a little darker and make the shadowing softer, they’ll look better :)

  • Jenipunch

    ASS ASS ASS <3333

    Uhhh just ignore me there. I think the problem is the deltoids are horizontal and that's throwing the whole thing off. Hmmm.

  • Brooke

    Very nice!

  • M&H

    Maybe the shoulder blades are too low and there to round

    but other then that his backside looks good.

  • Sigourney

    Are you serious?
    *slowly runs her fingertips down the seemingly supple man flesh on the computer screen and squeaks with delight*
    It’s perfect.
    And would be a great change from what I have now!

    Even if the shoulder blades looks a little too far apart?

    ;D Gorjizz.(In my pants… *cough hack wheeze*)


  • Jasmine.

    Perfect, Perfect, Perfect! ! ! Love It!

  • Amelia

    I checked in again and think the blades just look like bottom halves of circles when they look more like sides of circles. If you know what I mean. :/ Just keep staring at men’s backside I suppose. ;)

  • Erin

    Honestly the shoulder blades look kinda like back fat folds. I think instead of the u shape you start with a shape that is vertical and pretty straight with a slight curvature in the middle that points towards the shoulders and at the bottom give it a slight curving tail that points towards the shoulders also. The tail portion doesn’t have to go across that portion of the back so much. Shoulder blades are quite so prominent unless you are starving to death. They are more subtle imo.

    Other wise they look great, I can’t wait till they are all done.

  • Thanks for the comments everyone. I won’t make the blades look like that. I just fucked with them using the liquify tool. Major fail lol.

    Not sure when I’ll be able to work on them though, I feel like shite at the moment so it will probably be a while.

  • I think they might even be a bit too visible. I can’t imagine how hard it is to make skins, human bodies vary in so many ways.

    Anyway, i think the shadowing on them is a bit strong, and the shape seems a little off. They look almost square, but shoulder blades are actually triangular, and a lot smaller and farther up the back. I think you’re having trouble with the actual muscle tone in that area.

    backbone picture:

    Here’s a good picture of some back muscles:

    I think it’s the tricep and trapezius muscles you’re after. The trapezius fits snugly over the blade and the triceps wrap around from the front of the chest and catch the bulge from the ribcage, if I remember correctly. Anyway, that’s were that nice back shadowing comes in.

    I hope that helps! I am so excited to have your skins in my game. =) Good luck!

  • DaveyDaVinci


    It’s so hot, definitely LFB.

    Hey, I haven’t been able to speak with you the past couple of days. Everything alright? You mad at me? =/

  • lol yeh i totally hate you davey!
    Nah i’m sick as a dog beyotch. ilu

  • Cheers epi! Hopefully I can get working on these soon.

  • Lindsay Marysia

    I think the shading of the shoulder blades should be more subtle, maybe that will solve the problem?

  • Just make the shoulder blades darker and it’ll look great.

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