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Some faeces… I mean faces.

Here are a few faces for you made with my skin so far.

I’ve officially given up trying to work out that grey smear. Maybe it’s my graphics card. Here’s hoping.

More faeces

I like that asian sim I whipped up. Just sayin’.

That bottom one looks like he belongs in an Elvis Presley movie. I want to eat his hair.

Ok so I think I might just check out the lines on either side of the nostrils then it’s done.

The back is being worked on as we speak. I don’t have any updates though because, so far, every change I’ve tried looks like shit in game.


18 comments to Some faeces… I mean faces.

  • Amelia

    *dances* I sort of like the smears. It looks like realistic eye bags. And they’re not as prominent as you think, I think.

    Can’t wait.

  • Sigourney

    Lmao you almost spelled ‘feces’ in the title. Good thing you didn’t!! The skin looks great! <3 I can't wait for the bodies! xD The backs IMO look perfect to me just saying!

  • Mahogany

    I really think they look good. Don’t worry about the gray area, the still look very good.

  • I dunno, the grey under the eyes doesn’t look too bad. It looks almost more realistic. Wouldn’t mind testing ‘em for you to see if it’s just your video card, hehehehehhe :P

  • Jenipunch

    Y’know if it wasn’t for the giant black arrows pointing to them I probably would never have noticed. But that’s just me, I lack attention to detail. I think they look fine, personally, they do add a realistic touch to the face (that and I’m greedy for your male skins, heh heh heh)

    Asian sim guy is looking good, do I sense good things for him in the future? :)

  • Lol Jeni. Goddamned black arrows. Who put those there anyway? *grumbles*

    I think I will publish asian sim guy cos I think he’s kinda hot… for a sim. ;D

  • Lol feces is also faeces where I come from, Sigourney. :D

  • Thanks everyone. I’m glad you don’t care about them cos I’m so over trying to figure out what the fuck they are. Lol

    Missa I may take you up on that offer soon just to check and see.

  • Why did I make three comments? Because that’s just the way I roll baby.

  • Ha! The faces are not as shit-tastic as you think (pun not intended lol) I think they look realistic! I mean, who dosn’t have a greyish smear on their face these days? Haha never mind what I just said. I think they’re done right now LFB. :) Oh, and where did you get the elvis guys hair? omnomnom I want it.

  • I think it’s in the rebel set I was gifted? Not sure. It looks rebel-ish. :D

  • Nymanix

    Hey LFB, Nygmanix from MTS here. The lips, especially the bottom ones, they have these thick lines on them which look like them boys have herpes.

    I also think the shine on the fist sim in the bottom row makes him look like… wax, horrible wax. Will all lighter-skinned sims look the same?

    So yeah, that’s what I think you should work on. Just being honest, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings.

    PS: I don’t care about the grey smears either.

  • Maya

    I didn’t even notice them. Your title made me laugh :D

  • Hi Nymanix. The bottom left guy is the palest of the default tone which, I think, is the palest of all of the tones. I’m not sure how the red/yellow tones look at their palest. I will check when I get back into working on this.

    Does anyone else not like the lip texture? I can probably work on bringing that mid lower highlight up a bit.

    lol maya :)

  • robokitty

    Hey, I haven’t been paying close attention to the sims community lately, but your name came up last time I met aikea. She mentioned that she loved your skins, so I came to check them out. They’re gorgeous!

    Btw, I purposefully made my blushes so that they wouldn’t cover the eyes. This is to that any skintone details around the eyes would not be erased while using it (because some skintones have really beautiful shading around the eyes). If you want to kill the gray smear, eye baggage might do the trick instead.

    PS: I like your asian sim too.

  • I just had a fangirl moment. *composes herself*
    Thanks for letting me know about your blushes, robokitty (which I love, I might add, softGLO is one of my favourite makeups in the game) I will try making some eye baggage. A lot of people are telling me they don’t even notice the grey smear until I point it out but it’s just killing me. I’m too anal maybe.

    Hehe thanks, I think I will publish that asian sim. :)

  • robokitty

    Hehe, awww thanks :)

    IMO, being anally retentive is what separates good artists from great artists. On the other hand, identifying the point of diminishing returns is pretty important too!

    I don’t know how much of this you want to do by hand, but if you’d like, feel free to extract any textures I used in this file.

    Layering them at different transparencies to cover up that smudge might work. Hopefully the pics give a good idea of what region each color channel corresponds to. (And hopefully, the gray smudge isn’t an artifact of the lighting.)

  • Thank you! I will have a play with your file when I get a chance and see if it covers up the grey. Hopefully I will get a free moment today, I’m sort of suffering sim-withdrawals :)

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