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Damn Elena.

UPDATE ~ 15th May

Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes?

yes? no?

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get Elena looking right.

darn it to heck

real elena


She is so hard to make. I needed a break from skins so I thought I would play with Elena Gilbert a bit now that I have my skins.

I am getting an annoying highlighting under her nose that is really pissing me off. I may actually have to play with a facemask or make her her own custom freakin skin. What a pile o’ flaming turds.

Elena so far. Bleh.

The lips are doing this weird scrunched up thing. I’m not sure if it’s the way I’ve shaded the faces or if I need to find out which slider is effing with it. Anyone else using my skins having this type of issue with the mouth/nose area?

28 comments to Damn Elena.

  • Just read “GIMME SOME SUGAR” Love the Zombie-do over. I have downloaded everything you have for Males. As I run a Rent Boy Ranch (thanks to Ani’s working Sims bed) My boys run around in your flashy clothes.

    So I would like to gift you with toys from the EA Store.

    1. What do you want??

    2. How do I get it to you?

    This is the least I can do to show how much appreciate your creative mind. So what shall it be Lady Frontbum? Dresses? That new Beach furniture?

    You have my e-mail and my website, so you know I’m not some freak job. Oh, wait, scratch that I am a freak — I’d have to be because I’m a playwright/actor. LOL.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Amelia

    I don’t think I’ve been having those problems at all. Everything’s been working perfectly – I must tell you how insane the sims look with the perfect lighting. I’ve been doing a modeling comp and you’re skins make everything look so much for 3-d.

    It could just be that I have a different sim-making style, but I’ve no clue what’s going on with Elena. :(

  • SweetJunkie

    I never had this problem

  • I haven’t noticed the issue with the lips, but the thing with the nose happens when the nose height is put up to a certain degree. You’re skins are so amazing that I just overlook it, though. Every skin seems to have its own quirk around that area, so don’t stress out too much! It’s not just you!

  • Thanks everyone!

    The nose thing is shitting me because I kinda need her nose to be at a particular height. Lol.
    Thanks for the kind words guys. :)

    Apollo, your rent boy ranch sounds intriguing to say the least ;D
    You can find my wishlist here: don’t feel obligated, though. I feel like a scab sometimes ROFL.

  • Hey! She looks great! But I

  • Hey! She looks great! But I think she needs a less wide chin, and it needs to be pointier. Don’t worry, each skin is funky around the nose, especially when you’re using awesomemod or something as theres sort of a “limit” or something. Whatevers.

    Overall very accurate! Sorry about my last post, must of hit enter or something. :)

  • Try softening the nose and the thing above the lip. (Yes, I don’t know what that “thing” is, but it is the middle where the nose and mouth meet. Make the lines softer and eyes a bit of a dark brown. Possibly make the skin a bit lighter because in the rl picture, Elena looks a bit paler. Hope this helps. :)

  • Oh yeah ignore the eyes. It’s one of the ways I differentiate between all the sims in my saved sims folder ;D

    Hmm I might end up having to make a mask to soften the nose doovy.

    Thanks guys. Lol alan, post fail :D

  • Jen (Jenipunch!)

    I don’t know what it is; the features are spot-on but I just don’t see her when I look between the pictures. Thank you for a comparison shot btw, I was looking yesterday and I only had a smiling picture of her from the cover of 17 Magazine as a comparison shot XD

    Which picture is your most recent version of her, the last one? The last one looks the most like her of the three.

  • God tell me about it Jen. When you say the last one do you mean the bottom one with the sorta scrunched up face? The most recent one is at the top with the fancy hair.

  • Lady FB

    Please check your EA account — you have a gift waiting, one that suits a Lady.


  • gemini

    I appreciate your toddler, child, and busty default skins so much and was checking to see if the male version was finished when I came upon this. My daughter is a big fan of the show so I showed her your newest version of Elena. She said the new version looks great and she recognizes it as being Elena. I believe most everyone has had a problem with making a sim look like a real person, it can be close but never as lifelike as they were with Sims 2. I think we all miss that a lot! As for features you have them as good as they can possibly get. My only suggestion would be to maybe try playing with makeup and highlighting until you are fully satisfied with how it looks.

    You do amazing work and I can always recognize your sims as the person they are created in the image of. Now if only you could make me a sim that looked just like Heath Ledger! ;) I have seen so many of them claiming to look like him but none that I could even find any likeness from. I even attempted to do it myself after successfully making sims that look like my children. It was a complete failure and I ended up with a few bald patches. I won’t be attempting another try until my hair grows back. ;)

  • Thanks so much Apollo! <3

  • You’re so welcome.

  • Hey gemini, tell your daughter I said thanks :)
    I’ll have to try making Heath one day when these male skins are done. I used to love him. Sigh.

  • gubstrina

    I think she looks great, honestly! The eyes are perfect, the nose is great, and the lips are great – what more can you ask for? ;-)

  • Aw thanks gubstrina <3

  • I think the likeness is fantastic!
    Male skin: A nipple!!!!!! That’s just all kinds of wrong Lady! Lol!! I LOVE it…Ok…look at your screen…last row of pics of the male skin…middle picture…now look away…no look back at the pic and tell me that it doesn’t look like ‘bit’s & pieces’! I stumbled over laughing at this!
    I’ve got a male sim that I’m ready to upload but I’m waiting on your skin. *claps in eager anticipation*

  • Lol Thanks cece. I guess I will move onto stefan and damon once my skins are done.
    I totally saw the peen once I double-checked the image. So funny.
    I just have to figure out how to make the back look nice then I should be able to make the files.

  • Elaboris

    I think she looks great! Your an insane perfectionist, but i suppose that makes you CC so good :)

  • Luna

    The Rosalie Hale model that sometimes graces your banner reminds me very much of Elena. Mostly the eyes, brows and nose. lol I hit refresh several times to make that banner come up so that I could compare the picture of Elena to the image of Rosalie…. I’m going to try something in Photoshop right quick.


    Okay. So… I tried placing both your Sim’s Rosalie face and Sim’s Elena face onto the RL Elena pic to compare. You are spot-on with all of Elena’s features, except for the nose and brows. The area between her nostrils is too wide and the brow is a bit too dark and thin. The Rosalie nose (and arguably the brows) is almost a perfect match, however. I’m not sure if you can use the Rosalie brow and nose or not, but maybe give it a try and then tweak as necessary?

    Only other thing that I can think of is lighting her skin tone. That alone will probably make a huge difference.

    You do some really amazing work, LadyFrontbum!

  • Thanks luna :D
    I’ll check out the rosalie sim when I get a chance. Have you checked out my latest wip shots for elena?

  • Luna

    Oops, I thought these were the latest. >.> lol So nope, I haven’t had the pleasure yet. I’ll browse around and try to find them. ^_^

  • Oh no wait I think they are. Sorry my brain isn’t working at all at the moment. Lol

  • Nikki

    Gah I absolutley love this version of her you did
    is there anyway you can send me this one. Id love you oh so much for it.

  • VD Obessed Jessica

    lovely Elena!!Love the show to death.Don’t worry to much it looks just like her.And if you want to kill yourself because it doesn’t to you :P making Elena is very hard to do,I tried to.Ended up making a messed up version of Katherine/Caroline..LOL :P

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