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Trouble with dark skin

Ok so my child skins are done but I am having issues with the dark skin. When I change the light skins to dark using the color blend mode in photoshop, it all looks good… but then in game the head is about a bajillion times darker than the body.

Is this normal? I never play with kids in the game so I have no idea.


4 comments to Trouble with dark skin

  • Amelia

    Oh wow, looks great and realistic as always. Did you make the nose smaller than it appears on the EA skins, cause that’d rock. I hope you can fix the problem. Children are probably going to be the main focus on the story I’m planning on creating.

  • Brooke

    I don’t think its normal, but then again I hadn’t noticed one way or the other…sorry.

  • SerenaBlondie

    Hi ment to check this yesterday for you but got distracted building a house lol sorry. Anyway checking the darker skin on a child the face is not darker than the body i’m afraid hope you are able to adjust it without to many problems

  • Thanks Serena. I’m gonna try fixing them again once my kitchen is clean :)

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