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Ladybug ~ Toddler Skins

Hey guys I finished my toddler skins today. I decided to call them Ladybug because of their rosy cheeks *exaggerated wink at Davey*.


Here’s what I did with the face:

  • Made the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead top rosy
  • Edited the eyes to give them a nice frame and inner eye corner
  • Lips were given texture
  • Nostrils were shaped and defined
  • Highlighted the forehead, upper cheekbones, nose, chin, ears.

I’m especially happy with what I did with the hands and feet:


  • Both hands and feet were given nails
  • Hands were given rosy knuckles and knuckle detailing
  • Hands were given dimples just behind the top knuckles
  • Both hands and feet were highlighted
  • Body was highlighted and made rosy
  • New nipples
  • New bellybutton
  • Bottom was highlighted and made rosy

I hope you like them, you can find more examples in the gallery up there. <3



mediafire /  4shared


mediafire /  4shared

Skin Installation Guide


Hair by Anubis
Multifoiled Replacement Eyes by aikea guinea
Long hair by ?

26 comments to Ladybug ~ Toddler Skins

  • Brooke

    You’re the bomb!

  • WOOOHOO!! They are up =D I hope you can finish the child 2! Downloaded (A)

  • Oh, can i request something? As you know, i love your make-up, but the toddlers&childs really have less make-up, and i would really like new stuff by you! For the childs especially. Thx!

  • Kopfwurst

    I love how the skin turned out, all the little details that make it look so realistic – but since I’m in love with your female skins I haven’t expected something less perfect!

    Thank you very much this!

    And I’m thrilled for the children and male skins…

  • Anon

    Excellent work, I was really sick of the cabbage patch kid EA mugs.
    I especially like the details on the hands, so cute.
    Keep up the good work miss! Thanks for sharing.

  • Eliza

    awww, cute. ^^ But I think I’ll wait for you to finish up the other skins and bundle them up in one package since my CC folder is crowded enough. xD

  • SerenaBlondie

    Aww so cute, I love the belly button.

  • These are seriously gorgeous! I love the detailing in the hands especially.

  • Beautiful! I can’t wait until you get the rest of your skins done, they are so pretty.

    My hand is messed up so I haven’t really been able to play the sims too much! Makes me sad!!! But as soon as all your skins are done, I’m gonna say screw it, lol.

  • Whoops, my comment wasn’t posted. What a great job LFB! Totally top-notch skins. Now, if only I didn’t try to kill every toddler I make…

  • B

    Absolutely fantabulous! I must change my defaults to these for toddlers now. Can’t wait to see how they look in my game. Your total fangurl, bows in thanks!

  • Estelle

    Thanks LFB! Great job as usual :D

  • Jen (Jenipunch!)

    Lady Frontbum, you and Aikea take the cake for my favorite creator, thank you so much for all the great stuff you do! :)

  • Oh thanks so much everyone! You guys rock. Srsly. I’m glad you all like them.

    Lol sunken, it reminds you of david bowie in labyrinth? Hmm all it needs is big hair and a massive cod-piece… ;)

  • *just doing this silly little crazy happy dance*!! I have no babies in game, but I’m getting ready to add one so perfect timing!!! I decided to just make this a ‘default’ for all the babies!! I guess this will just overwrite the ea skin…??? LFB you are amazing!!

  • Hehe thanks cece. Yep it will just overwrite the ea toddler skin. :)

  • some

    Thank you! No more creepy EA-Skin-Babys. Your skin looks so cute. I need to make my sims have a baby now. Then i will turn off aging until the child skins are ready :D Can’t wait for the next skins to be done. Sure they will be great.

  • CeriiSe

    Hoho I like iit!!!!!

  • Bleargh

    Thank you so much, they look great and I can’t wait to try them out. I love your skins!

  • Thanks Bleargh, ceriise and some!

  • Cori

    They are so precious!!!!:D You are sooo talent!!!!♥ Oh, could you put the toddler girl(the cutie pie on top)up, as well?

  • Cori, I should be able to… I think she’s in my saved sims thingy. I’ll just have to make sure.

  • Cori

    That’s cool!!!♥ Looking forward to having her in my game

  • Sigourney

    There is no harm in asking but could you possibly maybe separate the files more?
    Like, faces (default replacement) and bodies (Default replacement)
    or faces (non-default replacement) and bodies (Non-default replacement)
    I like the body but I don’t really want the face because I have another default replacement for toddler faces…

    If you can do this, could you do it for the child skins too?
    Thanks whether or not you CAN do it.
    :) You already spoil us enough as it is!


  • I’ll see if I get a spare moment, Sigourney :)

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