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Work in Progress: Toddler Skins

I know, I should be working on the male skins. Whatevs!! ;)

I did a little work on these instead cos they don’t need too much done to them.

Toddler Skins WIP

Basically what I’ve done is;

  • Added eye detail. Inner eye corners, highlighting. Pretty much the same as my female skins but smaller. I’ve added slight pockets under the eyes like babies sometimes have. The eyes are both different in the screenshot but I think I will stick with the one on our right. I will just tone down the purple shading a little.
  • Face has been given rosy cheeks, forehead and chin. It has also been highlighted.
  • Nostrils have been shaped.
  • Mouth has been given texture.
  • Added fingernails on the hands and little dimples above the top knuckles – they will be toned down slightly.
  • Body skin has been smoothed and highlighted
  • New nipples and bellybutton
  • Toenails (sorry they aren’t in the screenies)

I have to figure out why they get that double chin look. I think there might be highlighting on the neck and shading on the chin that causes it.

I need to rosy up the body a little more and get the nude bottoms so I can make the bum rosy then it will be done.

On another note entirely, any of my links to GoS (Garden of Shadows) won’t work at the moment because the site is currently down thanks to TSR’s antics. You can read all about it here and here. They will be back soon enough though so don’t despair.

8 comments to Work in Progress: Toddler Skins

  • ZOMG TSR are such dickfaces. I hate them so much. I mean, charging for CC? That violates the EULA. Mofo’s. Lol does anyone even like them? ;)

    In realation to the skins, maybe you should tone down or lighten the knuckles, they are way too dark. My knuckles are kind of reddish, FYI. :)

    And in the eyes, it looks like theres an extra fold of skin or something. I’m not feelin’ it yo.

  • Lol. Cheers Alan.

    Which part of the eye are you referring to? The knuckles are actually supposed to be dimples behind the knuckles. I am going to tone them down though cos they are a bit in yer face.

  • Ruth

    Lovely! I’ve been waiting for a good toddler skin.

    As for TSR and their idiotic antics, this doesn’t surprise me (however, poor GoS). They’ve been trying to take down various people for years now. It’s all about the ka-ching to Thoma$.

  • Yay! <3 Looking good Lady! Can't wait until I can have my whole family skinned with your beautiful skins & faces! Love love love that idea :)

  • nina

    love ur skins but i do agree with the eyes. i feel like the shadow under the eye is a bit too dark subtle would be good. I am so excited for the male skin! love u thought of toe nails because what i recall my toddlers had a wood foot lol

  • Haha nina, yeah the toddler feet are HORRIBLE. Even the nails don’t make them stop looking like a lump of wood hey. haha

  • I love it! I would defenetly use these as defaults :)

  • Awesome Kitteh, thanks :) This shouldn’t take too much longer, I don’t have much to fix on it.

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