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Work in Progress: Eyeshadow

I’m working on some eyeshadow. I know, I know I should be working on the male skins. Bad girl. Whatevs, I’ll do them later ;D

Just got a quick screenie for you, still need to fix some things but this is it so far.

Channels, Golds, Stuff to Change.

Let me know what you think.


6 comments to Work in Progress: Eyeshadow

  • some

    Great! There are not much eyeshadows out there that look god. i’m always using yours. so i’m very thankful that you’re working on new ones. This eyeshadow looks great.

  • Cheers! I wanna make some funky ones after this but I should work on my male skins first lol.

  • Missa

    Ooo pretty, I like. But bad! naughty! girl. You should be working on the other skins so my sims families are all purdy :P

    But I really like this eye shadow! Hehe.

  • Ooh, I like. It will be a nice edition since I feel like I’ve been over using Candy Crush and the Romance too much, but I can’t help it. You make very pretty makeup and they look good on all my Sims, LadyFrontbum. Will you make the smeary/smudgy (?) makeup for eyeliner as I want to use the custom freckles that you made too and I can’t do that since the game allows one costume makeup. Argh, I wish we can atleast put up to 3 for costume makeup on our Sims. :(

  • Lol Missa, I know, I’m naughty.

    BRR, I was thinking of redoing the freckles so they are in the blush slot as well as the costume makeup (and putting all the versions onto the one costume makeup line). Would that work? You mean the smudgey mascara makeup? I will keep it in mind so it’s one of the things I do when I need a break from the skins. :)

  • Cool and of course that would work. :] I don’t mind waiting and yup, the smudgy mascara makeup. I’m excited for the skins to come out. :)

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