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Busty St. Claire - Skins

Busty St. Claire

Well here they are. I have given them more cleavage, as requested, and also a rounder bottom. I also made the pubic hair lighter so that they can work well with dark haired and light haired sims.

I’ve made Non-Defaults in all the flesh tones. I will make them with Missy Harries skintones when I get a moment. I’ve also made Default Bodies. If you want to use these bodies then you can either grab my default faces (Naughty & Nice Skins) or use another default face that matches up well. It’s up to you.

I give you, Busty St. Claire:



Non-Default Nice

Non-Default Naughty

Default Nice Bodies

Default Naughty Bodies

If you are using the default bodies, grab the faces here

For uncensored photo check here

How to install skins

Thanks to CmarNYC for his skininator

Note: I stupidly forgot to rename the package files before uploading so just remember they are called “LadyFrontbum_Cleavage” for future reference. Or rename them if you want.

Transgender Busty St Claire
This was a request. These are just body textures that will work on male sims but I think you need certain neck fixes n stuff to use them.
I’ve removed the old files because they conflicted with my other skin files. The new ones are HERE. Let me know if they don’t work.

Busty with Larger Areola & Pubic Hair from Original Skin / Males with darker Snail Trail & Pubic Hair
These were a request. You can grab them here.

121 comments to Busty St. Claire – Skins

  • Dawn

    I checked my folders and I have onnly one set of defaults for male and female.
    Since Late Night, the muscle definition on the sliders doesn’t work with non-default skins as they are going over the EA default ad covering it up.
    Apparently, the UI isn’t needed anynore as you can hover oveer the usual 3×2 skins sectio ad scroll through your skins. I haven’t had a chance to check yet but I checked on Rez’s UI download comments and it was mentioned there a few times.
    Anyway, as I prefer your defaults and EA have made muscle definiton, I’ll stick to yours.
    I found that with Peggy’s my elders had really good abs and pecs. No man boobs in sight!!
    This isn’t normal.

  • Dawn

    I’ve checked and you can’t scroll through the skins at all.
    After a little while, I was able to get the definition working.
    It’s not affected by your skins as these are the ones that I’m using.
    Darn people who upload sims with crappy skins!!!
    It takes a lot of unneccessary time trying to get rid of them.

  • [...] – Lady Frontbum Naughty Busty St Clare Non Default (If you don’t download this she’ll turn charcoal in your game, just pick a new skin and [...]

  • Dominique

    Your skins are fantastic thank you!

  • LJPB

    Hey, I’ve followed your instructions for how to install these, but after deleting them then going on to load the game they’re not under the part of create a sim. Is that the right place to be looking? Do you- or anyone- have an idea on how to get this to work?

    Also when I went to delete them there was ‘simCompositerCache’ twice and also a ‘compositerCache’ in the folder, aswell as a bunch of other ‘Cache’ related stuff. I’ve tried deleting different ones but I still can’t get/ find the skins in-game.

    Please help! This site and all the stuff is brilliant, but I just can’t find the stuff in-game. HELP! Thanks :)

  • LJPB – You can find an install guide in my menu at the left. Not sure how up to date it is nowadays though, sorry.

  • Thorsten

    I take it the Busty with Larger Areola & Pubic Hair from Original Skin / Males with darker Snail Trail & Pubic Hair
    are Non-Defaults? I don’t see it mentioned and it is not clear from the file name.
    Fantastic work, ty.

  • Jackie

    I’m having a problem trying to download and figure how to do this.. help???

  • Astor

    Just grabbed your LadyFrontbum_Cleavage_Naughty_D.package and the LadyFrontbum_LgeAreola_DkHairs.package. Is the LgeAreola version a default replacer or do I still need the Cleavage_Naught_D package? Thanks very much for these splendid mods! :)

  • Bloo

    In order to download the non-default “larger areola and pubic hair…” mod I need Rex Delnava’s UI Skintone Mod. However, I cant access that page. For some reason I can’t see the content. One of the reasons that the message said was that the mod might have been removed by the person who uploaded it. Is his mod still up, and I just can’t see it for some reason? Or did he take it down? Thanks!

    And by the way, amazing skins! All of the skins I have downloaded, have come from you. ^^

  • Brian

    Hey, I’ve got the Naughty Face Default downloaded and working, but the naughty Cleavage/Body Default won’t show up in the game.

  • Ardra_Allen

    I have the default naughty skin.. but there is no pubic hair or any detail down below.. my girl is a barbie doll on the bottom in the default skin.

  • First of all, these skins look amazing. I downloaded a default one but in your instructions, you say that you have to place them in Sims 3 –> ”Mods”.

    But the thing is, I can’t find ”Mods?” I’ve looked everywhere.. sorry if this is a dumb question haha.

  • Reinette

    Thanks you very much!
    Your nude skins are amazing!

  • Jw9811

    Good skin, but what is the hair used in the pictures?

  • jjplay

    I know i’m a bit late but i’m using this now and it works great ty <3 :)

  • Butterfly

    Hello,you R Awsome :)
    Thanx for all these stuff i’d like to ask about how can i use these skins in world advinture :(
    iwas using the basic sims 3 and make some sims with these skins but they turns into black after i installed the world advinture!!
    any HELP !! :(

  • [...] like she does in the screenshots. Hair – Anubis Raon Male Hair 29 for Females Skin – Lady Frontbum Naughty Busty St Clare Non Default (If you don’t download this she’ll turn charcoal in your game, just pick a new skin and [...]

  • Jake

    Okay… Odd question. I have the skin but I don’t know how to make their..uhm.. “Naughty Parts” show. How do I do that?

  • kattey

    Okay I don’t understand why when I try it doesn’t work for me ??omg ~!!!

  • Matt

    Jake, you need a mod for that. The point of the skin isn’t so u can stare at a naked sim its to make the sims have a much better body shape than the one EA gave them, thus they still wear clothes. I suggest either decensor by nraas to get rid of the sensor or you could get the other mods which come with there own skins and then just use this skin instead. I haven’t tried these so I’m not site if they work :3.

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