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Busty St. Claire - Skins

Busty St. Claire

Well here they are. I have given them more cleavage, as requested, and also a rounder bottom. I also made the pubic hair lighter so that they can work well with dark haired and light haired sims.

I’ve made Non-Defaults in all the flesh tones. I will make them with Missy Harries skintones when I get a moment. I’ve also made Default Bodies. If you want to use these bodies then you can either grab my default faces (Naughty & Nice Skins) or use another default face that matches up well. It’s up to you.

I give you, Busty St. Claire:



Non-Default Nice

Non-Default Naughty

Default Nice Bodies

Default Naughty Bodies

If you are using the default bodies, grab the faces here

For uncensored photo check here

How to install skins

Thanks to CmarNYC for his skininator

Note: I stupidly forgot to rename the package files before uploading so just remember they are called “LadyFrontbum_Cleavage” for future reference. Or rename them if you want.

Transgender Busty St Claire
This was a request. These are just body textures that will work on male sims but I think you need certain neck fixes n stuff to use them.
I’ve removed the old files because they conflicted with my other skin files. The new ones are HERE. Let me know if they don’t work.

Busty with Larger Areola & Pubic Hair from Original Skin / Males with darker Snail Trail & Pubic Hair
These were a request. You can grab them here.

121 comments to Busty St. Claire – Skins

  • Teah.

    Ohhk thanks its working now <3
    Also whats the difference between
    Default and Non default skins?

  • Teah, default skins are the ones that ALL your sims will use by default. It just means they will replace the EA skins for all of your sims. You can only have ONE default set installed at a time for each age group.

    Non-Defaults are extra skins, you need Rez Delnava’s UI mod installed in order to use them but it just means you can use hundreds of skins as opposed to just the one set of defaults.

  • sunni

    What is the difference between naughty and nice? XD Sorry I am stupid!

    But lovely skins! I am def downloading!

  • Sunni, Naughty have nipples and pubic hair. Nice are barbie, so no nipples and no pubic hair. :)

  • lowprofile

    Just curious, but are the transgender skins Non-Default Replacements for males?

    BTW, Lady, your skins (Jack and Jill, Ladybug, Busty St Claire, and Muscular Male specifically) are hands down the most gorgeous I’ve seen. VERY nicely done. Please keep up the awesome work!!

  • lowprofile, yeah I’m pretty sure I made them non-default. *blink* I can’t remember, but I assume so lol. And yep they are for males but they are a female skin. :)

  • lili

    thnx you =***

  • bunnyskye

    It seems like the transgender link isn’t working…
    When i click the link, it goes to mediafire, but when I click the mediafire download link it either refreshes the page or does nothing.
    Is the download still there? Or is mediafire just being a complete fail?
    Oh by the way, I love the bust st.claire skins. They are like…they best ones I have seen, so much detail. You do a really good job on your skins! I’m glad you let us download them ^^

  • bunny the link is working for me, maybe try it again or on another browser? Mediafire may have been down for a bit.

    Thanks for the kind words, glad you like em! :)

  • Ren

    I cant seem to get any of these skins to work … when i put them in my mods folder and i delete the cache file i reload the game but i still have the EA skins … does this also cancel out the blur when u shower? Cause if it does i still have it.

  • Ren it doesn’t cancel out the blur, the blur is a censor blur, you need a hack to remove it such as awesomemod.
    You are putting them in your mods > packages folder yeah?

  • Ren

    ok thats good to know … and yes i am putting them in the mods > packages folder … i can tell its not workn cause i SS’ed the bodies and their the same …

  • [...] skin : ladyfontbum [...]

  • Which ones are you using Ren? Defaults or non-defaults?

  • Ren

    I tried both … i feel like a newb cause i really didnt zoom in the camera to see the differences … since i got rid of the censor i was actually able to see the fine work and time u have put into these skins i am quite amazed :) … those were the default now im going to try to get the NON-defaults to work …

  • Ren

    everything is working :) thank you once again.

  • Lol glad it’s working, Ren :)

  • Asa

    I am sad to say that I discovered what happens if a Non Default skin have a baby with a sim with EA skin. The poor baby turns black and you are not able to play the house because it chrashes. At least thats what happens to me, when the baby is inside and I try to play the perspectiv goes gaah and black spots turns up everywhere.
    I’m a little scared of using default skins but maybe I’ll try, By the way since you just can have ONE default skin can I use both male and female skins or do I have to chose between them?

  • Asa you can only have one default SET. I have all of my default skins in my game. It’s ok so long as none of the age or gender groups overlap. You could use my female defaults and someone elses male defaults, or you can use all of mine. :)
    I have heard there are issues with non-defaults having babies. Have you tried editing the baby in cas? I know you can fix charcoal sims by putting them on your default skin then resaving them. Perhaps any babies made by non-defaults can be fixed this way too.

  • Asa

    Actually I discovered that if the mum (your skin) took care of the baby the screen didn’t tremble so much with the blackness so for 3 simdays she did all the baby care. And when the baby turned to toddler voila all was well again :-. I’ll keep your skins as ND until I get the courage to make them default now when I know it’s just for the baby days. I like the skins very, very much. Thank you.

  • Jennifer

    And thank you for these too! ;)

  • DallasGirl

    Thank you so much for the great skins – I like the bum and the cleavage – great! I have a question tho –
    I want to use “Default Naughty Bodies” but i like that you have offered “Busty with Larger Areola & Pubic Hair from Original Skin” since I have a breast slider and it’ll look better if bigger boobs have bigger areolas – my question: Do I place BOTH of these files in the MODS folder or just one?

    Again – Thank you!

  • Hey Dallas :) The nipples actually get bigger as you enlarge the boobs anyway.
    But if you want the large areola skin, I believe I made it a non-default, so you can have busty st claire defaults installed AND the large areola ones. You will need to make sure you have Rez Delnava’s UI mod installed (you can find it at mts) in order for the non-default skin to work. You can have as many non-defaults installed as you like. :)

  • DallasGirl

    ok! Thanks – I just might do that. I like default skins – no fuss! Thank you for being so creative.

  • Red Echidna

    Wow! This skin is amazing. You’re extremely talented. My female Sims now look really sexy and realistic. Do you think you could make a similar skin for males, with an accentuated posterior and pecs?

    Thanks! :)

  • I already have a male skin Red Echidna :) Thx for the kind words.

  • Barbara

    All of your work looks amazing and I really would like to use it in my game but I can’t get anything to show up. I am on a MacBook Pro 3.06GHz
    Intel Core 2 Duo with NVIDIA GeForce 9400m and NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT cards. I have everything installed correctly and have tried everything I can think of to get my package files that get loaded into CAS to work. Hairs that are in Pack form show up but those in package files do not show, skins are in package files so they won’t show, I have no eyebrows, few acccessories, no default replacement beards, no breast sliders, no slider hacks, no awesomemod etc. Most of the clothes, shoes, etc. do show and all of my furniture and objects and build packages are fine. Weirdly, my no censor Amb package does not work, or any other mod. I just can’t work out what to try next. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section but any help you can give would be really appreciated. Thank you

  • Barbara, I’m not sure how to help you because I don’t know if macs are different to pc when it comes to CC. Have you checked the MTS boards for help?
    Have you got your CC in the right folder? The folder you use depends on the patch version you are using.

  • Barbara

    Thanks for getting back to me. I don’t think that Macs are any different when it comes to cc and I have not had any insurmountable problems over the years that I have been playing Sims. All had been well with my game up until the Ambitions EP and subsequent update. Macs have always had trouble with cc hair and I do still get the ‘bald sims’ issue from time to time, but I have never had any trouble with the ‘mods’ not working. I also play the game on a fairly new iMac and my mods work fine on that machine.
    I have all my package files in the new Mods/Packages folder for Ambitions, so I know that they are in the correct place. I have tried to find an answer on MTS OSX help forum but so far, nothing, there just seems to be a lot of arguing back and forth about where and how to post questions, which I find a bit childish and irritating. I had noticed that you sounded knowledgable and sensible on those boards, and thought that I would try to communicate with you on your own site.
    I appreciate your thoughts on this. I have just seen someone post somewhere that the Resource cfg should look different to the one I have installed so I am going to try this other one and see if that helps, who knows I might be able to play with your lovely skins etc. in my game, otherwise I may be back to pick your brains. thanks again X

  • Just awesome, I have downloaded the toddler skin, the Busty St. Claire and this one !! You make really good skin, nice work !!

  • [...] Busty St Claire Naughty Bodies and Naughty & Nice faces by me (both default) Multifoiled Eyes by aikea guinea Eyebrows by Subaxi (I think they are 14) Mocha Eyeshadow by me Cheeky v2 by me Lipstick N9 by Lemon [...]

  • Crayon

    Hi there,

    Is it possible for you to provide the [Busty with Larger Areola & Pubic Hair from Original Skin / Males with darker Snail Trail & Pubic Hair] in default version? And by the way when unzipped, it only contains one file so does it only work for females or both? thanks!

  • Crayon

    Btw would appreciate if you could include more pubes. :P Thanks a lot!

  • Claire

    Hey Ladyfrontbum, love your stuff.
    I love these bodies, but I prefer the silk faces. So could you please post this naughty skin as non default body only?

  • Claire, these are already posted as bodies only.

  • Claire

    Where are the non default bodies?

  • CLaire, isn’t the top two non-default bodies or are they packed with the faces? (I can’t remember)

  • RCC

    I love this skin but it downloads as a .rif file. When I download from TSR or the Exchange, they download as .sim3packs . Is it supposed to be a .rif file, and if it is, it doesn’t show up. I have a similar problem with other sites like Peggyzone, Loriandasims etc. Can you help me out? I hate how my sims look like a doll and not something realistic like yours :( Thanks for making this anyway I love it.

  • RCC

    Oh sorry I meant rar. files.

  • RCC, rar files are just a way of compressing the files to make them smaller (faster to download). You just need a program like winrar (free) to unpack them. Once you unpack the file it will be in package format. You will need to put the package files into your package directory to use them.
    You should go read the simswiki to find out all this stuff. :)

  • Dawn

    Hi. I used your non default with the ui slider hack and they still showed up with the little folders on and the ‘Frontbum’ Sliders.
    I think you only have to use the ui slider hack if you have more than the usual 6 skins.
    Also, I use Peggy’s default male skins but my females show up with wide spaced nipples when they have the standard EA skin. If I use your default female skin, they have 2 sets of nipples so I have to stick with non default!?
    Is there something wrong with Peggy’s male defaults? I only use them because of the very high male muscle detail.

  • Dawn you need the UI mod if you want to use Non Default skins. They won’t work otherwise.

    There is nothing wrong with Peggy’s skins (apart from being overly oily and muscular). It sounds like you are getting overlayed skins happening. Are you 100% sure you only have ONE set of defaults for the females installed? Go through your packages folder and make sure you don’t have any conflicting skins installed.

  • Marlene

    Hi, I used your transgender skin, very nice, but my male sim is still flat chested and none of the breast sliders will work. I assume I must need other files aswell, but I dont know what they are or where to get them ? Thanks.

  • You might have to ask on the other site Marlene. I just made the skin for Bloom’s Base so it could be used with his transgender mods :)

  • J1978t

    hi screen shots on site look wonderful however when i try to download Busty St. Claire – Skins Non-Default Naughty it takes me to MediaFire and when i click on the link that says Click here to start download.. the LadyFrontbum_Cleavage_Naughty.rar i try to download turns into a index.txt file 90kb in size did you remove the file?

  • Adrianne

    Hey Lady! Love your skins: they made the sims much more realistic (like, a drastic change!)

    Do you know if it would cause a conflict to download your Default Naughty Busty St. Claire Bodies and the Busty with Larger Areola & Darker Pubic Hair ?

    B/c I want the cleavage and rounder bottom but I want darker pubic hairs instead of the lighter ones… but maybe I should just download the one with the darker pubes…

    I guess a better question would be::
    -Does the Busty with Larger Areola & Darker Pubic Hair have the same, pretty skin texture/tones that the Default Naughty Busty St. Claire has?
    -Since I have a different set of nipples downloaded for my sims other than what came with the Busty St. Claire, will the Busty w/ Larger Areola & Darker Pubes override those nipples???

    I may have confused you… I confused myself…


  • It’s working for me… not sure why you are getting a text file.

  • Amy

    Hi LadyFrontBum, I would to know if all of your skins work with late night (i have the asian, this one, lady bug, jack and jill, and something for males)

  • Hey Amy, I wouldn’t have a clue tbh I haven’t touched my game in a while now.

    I think default skins work but non-default may not? Unless Rez has updated the UI mod?

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