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Busty St. Claire - Skins

Busty St. Claire

Well here they are. I have given them more cleavage, as requested, and also a rounder bottom. I also made the pubic hair lighter so that they can work well with dark haired and light haired sims.

I’ve made Non-Defaults in all the flesh tones. I will make them with Missy Harries skintones when I get a moment. I’ve also made Default Bodies. If you want to use these bodies then you can either grab my default faces (Naughty & Nice Skins) or use another default face that matches up well. It’s up to you.

I give you, Busty St. Claire:



Non-Default Nice

Non-Default Naughty

Default Nice Bodies

Default Naughty Bodies

If you are using the default bodies, grab the faces here

For uncensored photo check here

How to install skins

Thanks to CmarNYC for his skininator

Note: I stupidly forgot to rename the package files before uploading so just remember they are called “LadyFrontbum_Cleavage” for future reference. Or rename them if you want.

Transgender Busty St Claire
This was a request. These are just body textures that will work on male sims but I think you need certain neck fixes n stuff to use them.
I’ve removed the old files because they conflicted with my other skin files. The new ones are HERE. Let me know if they don’t work.

Busty with Larger Areola & Pubic Hair from Original Skin / Males with darker Snail Trail & Pubic Hair
These were a request. You can grab them here.

121 comments to Busty St. Claire – Skins

  • Simstatic

    Hi Lady, good to have you back although you should be resting so that you can get well. Hope you had a great time with your family.

    Thanks so much for these skins, as I said before they look absolutely stunning and like your first skins will definately be my favourite. They are all I use now.

  • Thank you simstatic! I had a great time with the fam, it’s always awesome to see them. Glad you like the skins <3

  • SerenaBlondie

    Thank you for this skin looks fab in game :D

  • B

    Hope I am getting this right. This is just bodies, and need the faces from your first set so they will match? If that is so then I got the understanding. I really like the body shape and bust, so happy to download this and try them.

  • rafflone

    Thank you very much for these! I love having a different body type skins, or skins that work with all body types.

    You are the best realistic sims 3 skin maker!

    I can’t wait to see what else you come up with, I use almost all your works.


  • Adam

    Love it when one skin is expanded to different possibilities. Will you ever be making a male default skin perhaps even using CrammyBoy peen….. Just a suggestion, but I assume you are swamped with other stuff. Thanks as always :)

  • zarmor

    This is the best Sims3 skintone ever. I think you did a great job on this one, again. Hats off !!
    BTW I hope you and your daughter will soon be better as fas as health is concerned.If you keep coughing, maybe you got some kind of an allergy ?

    Anyway keep up with the good job

  • Brooke

    Very nice girl! :)

  • Love love love this!! Thanks so very much!! I don’t understand the ‘just body’ thing, but I have the other non default so I’m assuming that shouldn’t be a problem…right?

    Hope you feel better soon! Same here…nasty cough, sore throat, and serious lack of energy! Could be ‘spring fever’? Lol!!

  • Missa

    Yay! *dances like a monkey* Thank you my FAVORITE creator <3

    Seeeee I knew if you did a bit sexier skin it would be a hit :D

    So pretty and sexy, effing perfect! Lovely, lovely, lovely thank you so much!

    Now get better so you can make MORE awesome stuff *poof you're better (and your daughter)* Yay!

    Oh I'm a dork ….

    P.S. How do I sign in to my blogger? I want my name to be a link! *bounces off to play the sims*

  • Yep everyone this is just bodies, so if you are using Defaults, grab these bodies then grab my naught & nice faces. I will put a link up in my post so it’s easier to get them but u can just find them by going to Genetics at the left menu, it will expand, then click on Naughty & Nice skins.

    Thanks everyone, I’m glad you like it.

    Adam I am working on the males at the moment, only the heads so far, the bodies will be difficult I imagine! I will probably end up making them compatible with all the bits & pieces you can get for the bodies.

    cece & zarmor, thanks for the kind words. I think my daughter is slowly getting better. My cough is annoying but perhaps we’ve had a chest infection for a while and the dr just missed it. Either that or the mould in my airconditioner is killing us. Lol. I need to get it cleaned.

    Missa I’m not sure how you sign in. I will have to check how I have the avatars set up. I might have linked them to Gravatars which means you just have to sign up with Gravatar and you can have your pic on here. I will check.

    Thanks alan, serena, rafflone, brooke and cece <3

  • Hi Ladyfrontbum,
    I’m in cas right now wanting to try out the new skin and I don’t see the _cleavage. Was I supposed to remove the previous skin before putting this one in game. I’ve searched high and low and just can’t locate it. Could you possibly aid me in this but only when you feel better. No rush.
    Thanks bunches!

  • Hey Cece, if you are using the defaults then yes you need to remove any other defaults you have installed. Just like Highlander, there can be only one. ;)
    Then you need to delete the simcompositorcache file from your mydocs > ea > sims3 folder before booting the game.

    If you are using the non-defaults then you just have to instal rez’s ui mod before installing the non default packages. Hope that helps!

  • some

    Thank you so much! this skin is perfect.

  • emma

    wohoho beautiful skin :D

    just one question.. what exactly is “simcompostitorcache” ? Noticed it was a rather huuuge file and i got scared to remove it haha :( :D

    once again, love it! :)

  • It’s just a file that stores info about your game settings to do with the sims themselves so that each time you load up the game it’s already cached in the file. Less thinking for the pc I guess.
    If you don’t delete it, your default skins won’t change in cas. You have to clear the cache so the game has to go find out what skins you are using. (basically)

    Don’t worry, the cache files all come back as soon as you load the game. It makes a new one with all the new info. It’s just something you have to do anytime you change your skins.

  • Cre

    Are the defaults for all females? (girl-elder?) or just adult females?

  • Thank you LFB! I kinda figured that maybe I had to remove the old one, but that’s for verifying this. NOW I can go in CAS and truly enjoy this new skin!! Darnit…just thought…I just made a new sim and I’m gonna have to take her back in CAS and re skin her! :-) lol!!
    Once again…thanks bunches!!

  • Check it out, I gots me a site :D

  • All females from teen to elder Cre. I forgot to take photos of the other versions because it was just minor changes to the skin. Thanks for reminding me that I should probably do that. Lol.

  • Lol :)

    Cece if you made your sim with default skins, then it will automatically have mine once you change the defaults. Defaults will automatically change all sims once you install it properly. :)

  • Hola LadyB,
    No, I haven’t used the ‘default’ I use the non default because I use Peggy also, but more for the males. I haven’t used Peggy since I downloaded the first skin of yours. Now…I’m no dumb dumb, at least I don’t think so, I guess that could be a ‘biased’ suggestion… :-) …but I followed the same routine that I always follow when downloading, and even went back in and redid the process after writing you.
    This is what I’m getting now. I have NO idea what in the heck I’m doing wrong so please tell me you do. This is affecting only the sims that I have used your skins on, my older sims are untouched.
    Creepy isn’t it?
    Thanks bunches!

    <img src=";

    <img src=";

  • Oh…feel free to delete this images once you get this! :-)

  • Hehe the grey skin thing. Yeah it sucks. It means you had a non-default installed on her then removed the file. To fix it I assume you need to reinstall the non-default you removed then open her, change her skintone to a default one. Then remove the non-default and put the non-defaults you want in. Does that make sense?

    Basically it’s cos you removed her non default skin from your game. For some reason it can’t revert to defaults when you do that. It’s a shame because apparently when you have babies with non default skins sometimes they end up grey. Not sure how you fix it.

  • omg! It was the first skin you made that I removed. So I have to go back and reinstall your first skin, open the game, change her skin to a non default, close game and then remove your first skin, install the cleavage one, go back into game and change her to the new cleavage skin? Yea it makes sense but good golly I wish I had left well enough alone! Lol! It wasn’t broke so why the heck did I feel the need to change it? Because I LOVE the new skin that’s why… *sobs*
    I will let you know how it works. I might just use the default since I probably wont be using Peggy anymore.

  • Just add the first skin in again, open her up she should come up right, then change her skin to the default slider (the one without my name on it). Then save her again, close down the game and remove those old non defaults. :)
    Lol don’t worry it’s not that much of an issue to fix when you realise what’s going on. I’ve messed around with non defaults so much half my premade sims are grey.

    So yeah just throw the old non defaults back in and change the skin on the sim then save her. You don’t even need to remove the new ones, you can have a bajillion non defaults at the one time.

  • Whew!! It’s 5am and I finally got it worked out! :-) I hate when I get like this, totally straight up determined to ‘fix’ something because I can’t rest until I do. After a couple of ‘game not responding’ and ‘a crash’ I got it!! I think I have part time OCD! Well got her back, put the old one in, and that’s so funny I just put the busty one in. I still can’t find it. Should it say ladyfrontbum_cleavage? Because I’m not getting that? Or will it just say Ladyfrontbum like the original? Anyhoo….so funny because the Sim I wanted to try the new skin on, after I made her I couldn’t think of a last name for her so I named her Tilani Frontbum!!! Lol!
    Looks like I will just have to settle with the original if it’s supposed to be listed with ‘cleavage’. And I do have the thing from mts installed, I’ve got the 5×5.
    Well here she is looking much healthier!!

    Thanks for all your help and letting me cry on your shoulder! LOL!!

    You must have the patience of, well you have more than I do let’s just leave it at that! :-)

  • Lol Cece :)

    It will say LadyFrontbum like the other one. If you can’t find it try shutting down the game and deleting the simcompositorcache file again. I hate having to search through the dots to find the skin you are looking for. It will be good when someone figures out a way to put an icon on the dot.
    Lmao at the name you gave her. Shes hawt!

    Ladyfrontbum_Cleavage is just the name of the package file (i forgot to rename it to Busty_St_Clair). The slider is the same as the other skin though. If I make many more skins I might start naming the sliders differently. Not sure though cos I mean you still have to search through the dots to even see the sliders anyway.

  • Rolfy

    YAY!! Thank you so much LadyFB, and welcome back! I am so happy right now, this skin is everything I imagined it would be. Perfect. I love you. Thanks so much again i Have downloaded it and I know I’m going to enjoy it.

    Rolfy. XXX
    PS: In case you don’t remember me, I PM’ed you on MTS about a week ago, about making this skin.

  • Lol hi Rolfy! Glad you like it :)

  • Katrina

    Wow these are great, thank you so much for these<3

    ps. Where can I find that hair you used on the model?

  • Tara

    I don’t leave comments very often, but I felt I needed to with these skins. They are amazing. Love them. Just enough oomph for the bosoms. I have stopped my search for default skins. Love your designs and I look forward to more of your simming creativity.

  • Thank You so much for adding the transgender skintone!!


  • K

    I don’t get this. :(
    What’s the difference between the Nice and Naughty-type? D:

  • Nice is barbie skins.
    Naughty has nipples and pubic hair.

  • Teah.

    I love this , i think its amazing.
    One problemo thoughh…
    I looked at your guide and everything on how to install it and for some strange reason in program files i dont have an Electronic Arts folder…
    and in Documents i do but it doesnt have a “Mods” folder.
    Please help…
    I’d love to download it..
    P.S I also installed help monkey so it could put it in the folder itself just incase im not looking properly and i get an error saying: “Access to the path ‘C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages\LadyFrontBum_Cleevage_Naughty_D.package’ is denied.”
    So yeaa…
    Thanks :)

  • Teah have you installed the framework you need in order to use package files?
    I think I linked to it in my installation guide. :)

  • Teah.

    Ohhh no i havent..
    But will it like automatically put an electronic arts folder in program files?
    because i dont have that folder thats the only prob like i have one in documents but it doesnt have a mods folder???

  • Teah.

    P.s I tried to download the framwork thing and i have world adventures and sims 3 tickeed (cuz thats what i have) and theres this notice that says:
    “*Big ‘X’ Sign* You do not have the framework installed in one or more of your Sims 3 locations!”

  • Teah.

    Hmm ok so i now have the electronic arts folder in my programs.
    BUT!! when i double click my packacge file with helper monkey so it can put it in the right directory it says that error again.. “Access to the path ‘C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages\LadyFrontBum_Cleevage_Naughty_D.package’ is denied.”
    and theres also that prob with the framwork thingy “*Big ‘X’ Sign* You do not have the framework installed in one or more of your Sims 3 locations!”

    Soo.. do i just move the package automatically into the “mods” folder?
    But i keep thinking its the wrong plac to put it cuz helper monkey wouldnt do it… which means its the wrong place??
    HELPPPP :(
    hahahahha soz for all the inconvenience…

  • Teah.

    IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRRYYYY for all the questions :( i dont want to be like “the one that always asks questions/the annoying on” haha :(
    But umm… if i just put the package in mods MANUALLY…. since helper monkey isnt helping at all :\ do i put it in Sims 3 mods file anddddd World adventures mods file or just sims 3..

  • It’s been ages since I installed my framework so I’m incredibly rusty. Aren’t there instructions on Delphy’s download? I think you need to actually install the framework, that’s why it’s telling you it’s not installed in one or more locations. Isn’t there an option to install it?

    Once you have set up the framework you will be able to use package files properly.

  • Teah.

    Yea its a .rar file when i downloaded it.. so i double clicked it cuz i have the .rar extractor and the little grey screen thinggy popped up and it has a “install” button in the corner.. when i clicked install that error popped up :S

  • My package file makes an error or Delphy’s framework installer does?

  • Teah.

    Delphys framework..
    I wish there was a way i could send you a screen shot :\

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