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Phlegm City, Occupation: Me.

I can’t seem to kick this blasted cold/flu/monstrosity that has its hold on me. I thought I was better, well the dr said nothing was wrong with me despite my everlasting cough of phlegm +5, but now my daughter and I are sick again. Boo. I’m beginning to think it might be the mould in our air conditioner that I have neglected to have cleaned for some time. I will get onto it now, though, because I am scared we are both dying from mouldy phlegm lung disease.

Anyway enough of the phlegm talk. I did a little simming today, mainly playing in photoshop. I did load up the game to take some screenies and check out what I was working on but my effing pc decided to crack the shits again so I couldn’t do much in there. I’ve been working on the cleavage / round arse skin. I made the cleavage creases slightly darker – not heaps cos I don’t want it to look like peggy’s boobs – and I lightened the pubic hairs as requested. What I might do is have a dark pube and light pube version. Unless the light pubes actually look decent on all skintones ingame, then I will just use the light version. Not looking forward to skininating all the files. Sigh. I always have to do every single package file from scratch, too, my skininator seems to hate it when I use the one project file then change a few dds files within it. The package files never work unless I start a new project for every single blasted skin. Oh well just a shitload of tedious clicking, could be worse.

I also worked on the vampire bites. Claeric requested them on the other side of the neck. I was going to just edit the alphas but the way I made the original vampbites was really dodgy (back in the day when I used to make them on transparent layers without alpha channels). It works well but if you ever want to edit the dds file you are in for a surprise.

So I’m just redoing them altogether. I am going to make them on transparent layers again BUT they will be an actual image that will work on all skintones. It just means they won’t be recolourable. I will just make sure the image is a decent blood colour that looks good on everything.

Still working on the male and child skins. You will probably see them in a millennium or so ;)  I was thinking when I make the child skins I will make some freckles and other stuff that can be used with them to make the kids look a bit cuter.

I will do the burn skins soon too if I can make them look decent on the dark tones. That shouldn’t take too long cos the body burns are pretty much done. I just have to do the facial ones. Should be good for stories what with all the household fires that occur in the sims ;)

I can’t think of anything else I’ve worked on. I really want to make a female sim using my skins (sheva doesn’t count since her facial sculpt was done before I made them). I also wanna get the effing male ones done so I can use them for Ian Somerhalder. *shakes a fist*

Oh well, I hope you guys are all well. Hopefully I will have some more updates for you soon <3

2 comments to Phlegm City, Occupation: Me.

  • Vig

    Mm, an annoying sickness for sure. Sadly, I don’t know any home remedies that I could recommend. All I can offer is a sincere, “get well soon,” but at least I truly mean that. Enough so that I am actually leaving this here comment. So, do that, and feel better soon, the both of you. We’re nothing without our health.

    I should comment on the skins, since that is what brings me here. My hard drive died a few months ago and I lost everything there. Only recently started reaquiring many mods, and I must say that this skin of yours is a definite gem. It was great already, and though mild, my only complaint would have been the cleavage that you are graciously enhancing for us simmers.

    People may not comment, but I hope everyone appreciates the work you put into this, and your other works. Because of wonderful people like you, you make this game we play so much more than it is. In truth, I believe the game does so well because we simmers have come to expect mods to be created, to carry the game beyond it’s base form. I do, and it’s early but I’m already expecting something amazing from a fourth game. Like, maybe zero rabbit holes?

    But you know, just, thanks for this. Thank you for making my little game something more polished, and know that what you do is appreciated.

  • Thank you Vig, that was very sweet of you.

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