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Work in Progress – Cleavage / Round Bottom

Hey guys, a few people requested I make a version of my skin with more cleavage so I have been working on that since it’s a relatively easy job to edit the skins and shouldn’t take too much time.

This is what I have so far, oh and I’ve also edited the bottom so it’s a bit rounder.


How do those boobs look for those of you who like more cleavage?


Ok that’s how it looks in my v-necks, which are VERY low cut. You can see the rounded bum on the left.

Let me know what you think so I can finalise them.

Also someone requested a shaved version but I’m not sure if I will make one, I can’t be buggered scouring the net for images of women’s pink bits to use as reference shots. Lol. Sorry about that.

19 comments to Work in Progress – Cleavage / Round Bottom

  • Yay, round bottom! Me likey round bottom. :) I’m actually pro-natural skins as I hate the peggy-esque plastic surgery skins, but whatever. Glad to see an update from you! ;)

  • zarmor

    Yes I like this skin a lot. The cleavage looks just fine as far as I’m concerned. The bottom is nice also. I hope you will include a a blonde pubic hair this time !!

    What I would also like would be a higher bottom if possible ( bigger legs ).

    Thanks for your continuous and wonderful work.

    I hope you ahd a good time with your relatives.

  • Missa

    Hey! I’m following you on twitter now, name is Hysiq. Anyway, looking good :) I think I likes. More cleavage the better, then I don’t have to use Peggy’s nasty ribcage skins anymore, lol.

    Alan_Gast – the more cleavage was my request. If you don’t like this one, there’s always the other skin!

  • Nice job Ladyfrontbum! :) Hey, I finally figured out how to make my own skins and I’ve been play testing and the lips look bloody and too red. How do I fix that? This is what it looks so far:


  • Hey Zarmor :) Thanks for the comments. I will see what I can do about the pubic hair. Lol I’m probably gonna end up with a million versions floating around. I’d love to make the bottom higher but I don’t think I can do it. If you look closely there are natural shadowing/curves under the bum (I assume it’s the bumpmap). If I raise the bum higher then there will be lines under it that will look rather unattractive. :D
    I had a great time with my relatives, thanks for asking!

    Hey missa! Haha my twitter updates are boring. I should start posting blog updates on there or something. What’s your verdict on the cleavage missa? Does it look ok? I figured if it looks alright in my vnecks then it should look alright in regular low cut tops.

  • Hey BRR, is that photo taken without makeup on the sim? Like is that your skin and NOTHING else? Maybe try pasting the EA lips over the top of your skin lips and then work from there? When I made my skin I just used the ea skins as a base and worked from that. Each part I worked on had it’s own layer so if I effed up I could easily delete it. The lips were a pain. You have to find a decent lip texture if you want to have texture on the lips. Or you can just play around the with the ea ones til you get a look you like.

  • Yea, it is without makeup. And thanks, I’ll try that. :]

  • Missa

    Yeah, maybe a little more shadow? Like a darker line to show the cleavage is a bit more prominent, but pretty much perfect! I sooo excited. Maybe you could just do a medium-lightish brown for the pubic hair? That would “match” a large spectrum of sims.

    Damn I feel like a stalker, lmao. My twitter updates aren’t great, but I like to tweet, so meh!

  • Simstatic

    Hey Lady, skin looks stunning in my opinion. Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Lol Missa. I went through a twitter phase for a while there, now I have nothing to talk about. Heh.
    I’ll try to make the shadow a bit better without taking it overboard and I’ll lighten the pubic hair.

    Thanks Simstatic :)

  • Missa

    I’m so excited about this skin and your skins for males & kiddies (does kiddies include toddlers? *crosses fingers*) Anyway, I just wanted to come bug you again, say that I hope you’re feeling better and can figure out what’s wrong. I know what it’s like to feel like shizzzznit all the time :( No fun.

    I LOVE YOU SKINS. Can’t wait for this one to be done so I can nix the peggy skin forever! Yay! No more high butt cracks and ribcages even on normal or thicker sims!

    Just wanted to bug you again cuz I don’t feel like I say thanx enough because you’re wonderful! So keep up the great work and beautiful skins and cc and thank you so much for taking my request, and working with me.

    Oh, when I’m sick I take tons of vitamin C. It helps lots! And I mean tons! 4 500mg pills every 4 hours (WITH FOOD! otherwise you’ll get sick!!) and it seems to kick the butt of whatever I have.


  • AtineaNoir

    This is lovely. I love the original one just the way it is, but this looks beautiful as well. Great job!

  • Aw thanks Missa :) I should take some vit c actually. I might check if I have some in the cupboard.
    I’m excited about my skins too, lol, I wish I could wiggle my nose and have them finished haha. Kiddies includes all kids. I’ll make a child one and toddler one.

    Thanks AtineaNoir. I’m hoping to finish this up today, not sure if it will be uploaded today though, the files take a while to organise cos I have to make defaults and non-defaults etc.

  • Jen

    Orange juice is your friend Lady Frontbum :) Boobs look great, I like how Liana’s site offers a skin with pushup boobs to show underneath the top, since my Sims never walk around naked I don’t care how odd it looks XD Peggy’s boobs just look weird and square. Yow. D:

    …wow, that’s the longest post about boobs I’ve ever written. Lmao.

    And ewww at naughty bits, I’m glad you’re sparing yourself searching for the reference shots!! XD Keep up the great work as always :)

  • Lol yeah it’s one thing to look for nude reference shots or boob shots but ladybits is taking it to a whole other level. I feel weird about it because my computer is next to the front window of the house. I keep thinking a neighbour will pop by and see me browsing flaps through my window. Haha.

  • SummerSong86

    Oh wow the new skins look fabulous, too. I like the new cleavage and the butt looks nice and rounded and I personally like that it’s not too high. It looks more natural that way for most of the body morphs. The tummy looks so beautiful and sexy, too, as in the other skintone you made. I’m glad to see that area remains the same.

    It must be tough trying to please such a diverse user base. I remember when I was making skins for Sims 2 and got requests to do anatomically correct skins. First off, I couldn’t even if I’d wanted to because I was in complete ignorance of how to mod the game to see Sims naked at all. Secondly, I just remember thinking how on earth would I explain to my husband why I’ve got pictures of naked people on my computer, let alone the kind of detailed photos I would need to make a high quality anatomically correct skin. It was hard enough explaining why I had photos of all these buff muscular men and busty women in my folders to use as texture references for my Barbie skins! So I had to politely decline all such requests. My husband does all the maintenance on my computer. He knows all the files I have. He’s also religious and a prude. I can get away with only so much, LOL! As it is, I’ve gotten quite an eyeful and an education just downloading or checking out other people’s work!

    I’m sorry to hear you and your daughter are so sick. My husband and my daughter and I have had similar issues since the past fall. We had gotten the swine flu vaccine and it had no effect on me but my husband kept getting colds and has had a bad cough since then. My daughter has had a case of the phlegm problems for almost a month now. Mine comes and goes. I do not know anyone who is free of respiratory complaints anymore. Some of my friends are conspiracy buffs who blame “chemtrails” from airplanes. Who knows. And now the Europeans have the great volcanic ash cloud to contend with. Oh joy! At any rate, I hope you and your family get well soon.

  • Thanks Summersong :)
    It can be a bit difficult to please everyone but it’s cool when ppl request stuff that I am thinking about making anyway, just gives me more motivation to actually get it done. Lol summersong, that would be an interesting one to have to explain. My husband just jokes about the photos and image files and calls me a perve. ;)

    Thanks for the kind words. I hope your husband and daughter are better soon too. We never got the swine flu vaccine or the regular flu one. I just don’t like the idea of it and I keep hearing of people getting them then having adverse reactions. We probably have the flu now, maybe it’s swine lol. Oh well, as long as we don’t die it’s all good. Rofl.

  • Maya

    You are seriously incredible… everything you create is the best I’ve seen by far! Kepp up the fantastic work- you have made my simming experience funner than ever. xxx

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