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Tutorial: Installing My Skins

Some people have been having trouble installing my skins so I thought I would make this quick guide on how to install them.

This assumes you have installed the framework needed in order to use .package files. You can find Delphy’s framework installer tool here.

Default Skins:

  • Download the default skins you want (either the naughty ones or the nice ones)
  • If they are .rar files you need to extract them using winrar or something similar. Once extracted you will have files that are .package files. Extract them somewhere you will be able to find them, such as the desktop. If the files are already in .package format then you don’t need to do anything to them as they are ready for use.
  • Put the skin .package files into your packages directory. For the basegame and older patches this is the Program Files > Electronic Arts > Sims 3 > Mods > Packages directory. If you have installed helper monkey you just have to double click on them and they will be put in the correct directory. For later patches (after 1.12) and ambitions the packages directory is now located in My Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 3 > Mods > Packages. Your resource file should also be put into the Mod directory if you are using this method.
  • Go to your My Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 3 folder and delete the simCompositorCache.package* file, don’t worry – once you run the game it will ‘respawn’ .
  • Run the game. Your new default skins should be working in CAS.

Non-Default Skins:

  • Install Rez Delnava’s UI Mod – this will allow you to use non-default skins.
  • Download my non-default skins.
  • Follow step 2 above in the default skin section.
  • Follow step 3 above in the default skin section.
  • Load up the game and your non-defaults should be working. If they aren’t, delete the cache file as I explained above in step 4.

I think that’s everything. If I’ve forgotten something let me know.

Just remember the highlander rule when dealing with default skins – there can be only one. So if you decide you want to use mine but have been using someone elses then you need to remove those ones before you use mine. To do that you just have to remove their package files from your mods>packages directory before running the game with mine in there.

You can use a combination of default skins. You can use my faces and someone else’s bodies. However keep in mind the skintones may not blend properly and you might end up with an obvious line at the neck.

You can have as many non-default skins installed as you want.


* If you are worried about deleting the cache file, don’t be. I’ve deleted mine about fifty gazillion times. It’s just a file that stores information to do with your sims, such as the default skin they are wearing etc. It saves the game having to gather all that info every single time you load it up. When you delete it you are just forcing the game to go have a look and see what skins you are using.

So you can understand now that if you don’t delete the cache file your game will just boot up thinking you are using your old default skins and load them up in cas instead of your new ones. Which will suck, because it means you will have to shut the game down and go delete the cache file ;)

Once the file is deleted and the game is booted, if you watch the file folder, you can see that the simcompositorcache file comes right back again.

70 comments to Tutorial: Installing My Skins

  • gubstrina

    Thank you so much! It’s really nice to have someone clearly spell out how to do this – you’re the best!

  • No worries gubstrina! Hopefully I didn’t forget any of the steps :D

  • kathyfato

    I followed your instructions to install the default skins. Now when I try to play most of the community buildings in my town are big blue squares and unplayable.

  • I have no idea what that’s all about, kathyfato, did you delete the right cache file?

  • Niellah


    Very nice, the body looks amazing, was getting tired of my sim’s flat breasts hehe xD

    I just download them all from this page, and i am about to try them as we speak.
    Saved you page in my favorites to make sure i won’t lose your amazing work and achievements.

    Keep up the good work

  • Thank you Niellah, hope you enjoy playing with them :)

  • Adele_SimMaker

    So that’s what I’ve not been doing!!!! LOL! I tried to install the Non-Default skin UI mod and it just wasn’t working no matter what I tried to do…..except deleting the cache file. *ahem* Maybe that’ll help? LOL!

  • Lol yeah probably Adele ;D

  • [...] Tutorial: Installing My Skins [...]

  • CoolKids

    Where do you pu the UI mod?

  • Hey coolkids, if you check rez’s download page for the UI mod he explains how to install it :)

  • vampitty4life

    my game for sume reason doesn’t have “mods”.i’m confused cause i’m sure all the games are supposed to have it.i’m confused and a little upset :(

  • Hey vamp. You need the framework installed in order to use package files. check the link I pasted in the blogpost :)

  • Goosen

    I have to try all but not work.Can you tell me all just begining.

  • Melissa

    If you install a default skintone are you able to use a non-default skintone (For example, install the default female and then install the non-default bustier female)? And if you install a default skintone will all of the sims already in my game recieve that particular skintone?

  • Melissa, everyone can have defaults and non-default.

    Default just means that it replaces the EA skin in the game. So instead of having the ea skin all of your sims will open up using the default you install. You just have to remember to only have ONE set of defaults for each age group.

    You can also install as many non-defaults as you want. You just need Rez Delnava’s ui mod in order to use non-default skins. ;) Non-default just means it’s not the main skin in your game… basically.

  • John

    Hi!! Love your skins! Do you know if they work for the sims 3 on mac? This guide seems to be focused for the sims on PC but i dont know how to install them on the mac version. Hope you can help and AWESOME job!!!

  • John

    Hi I was wondering if you knew where to put the .packges files for the default skins on the sims 3 mac version since there is no mod folder on this version.

  • I have no idea sorry John. Maybe check mts, they might have it in the wiki. :)

  • Tori

    the skin file showed up as a rar. file,
    but i dont think i have a winrar or something close,
    im not sure because i have no ide what it is lol.
    do you know where i could find one?

  • Tori, you will have to download it. I’m pretty sure it’s free or a free trial. Just google for winrar. Download it. Install it, then use it to unrar the rar file. When it has unrar’d the file you will end up with a package file that you can put into your package directory.

    To explain it very simply, winrar is a program that packs up file/s into a little archive and compresses them so they are smaller and you can download them faster. It’s sorta like when you go away on holidays and shove as much as you can into your suitcase… only your suitcase doesn’t make the stuff smaller so it’s kind of not the same at all. ROFL.

  • Patrick

    Hi there. It´s such an awesome job you made here. I´m quiet bored of my skintone i use since i have installed this game. But one question i have, cause i don´t know how to handle non-default skintones ingame. Well, let´s say i have an default skintone wich has overwritten the files from EA and everyone in the game itself looks like that. But now i´ll try to use a non-default skintone like yours for a new sim i want to create. The thing is, that i couldn´t find something to “choose” a non-default skintone in the game. I know that only one can be possible, so am i right if i say that new sims i´ll make will all have the “new non-default skin” and the older sims will stay like they are now? Would be glad to get an answer and thanks again for your awesome work her, probably the best skintone i´ve seen so far.

  • In order to use the non-default skintones you need rez delnava’s UI mod installed and a non-default skintone installed. Then when you are in cas you can select more skin dot options from the skintone menu. :)

  • Renee

    Hey! Sorry to bother you but I have a question. I(By the way love your work) I did everything like you said BUT I still have the sims 2 stored on my pc and with that I also have SimPE for my sims2 Items. When I do upload your files they come out with the SimPE icon instead of the monkey helper thingy. I have the money helper and the frameworks (which works) but the skins not showing up in my game. is it the SimsPE? do I have to delete that?

  • Renee, all the monkey helper does is automatically put the package file into the correct folder. You don’t NEED to use it.
    Just take the skin package file and put it in the appropriate mods/packages folder (the location depends on the patch you are running)

  • Vece

    Hi, thanks for these wonderful skins and brilliant website for them :) I have one small query though..

    I dont have the simCompositorCache.package anywhere to delete it? Is this bad? Im not sure if it matters as the skins seem to work and look great!

    Thanks again!

  • Vece

    Sorry to post again.. I realise now that only the non-default skins are working. I cant get the default naughty and nice ones to work. Im sure it must be that file I dont have :\ is there another way I can remove the EA defaults?

    Thanks a bunch

  • you dont have to remove the ea default skins, any default files you install will overwrite them.
    You need to locate your simcompositorcache file and delete it. Are you looking in the correct location?

  • Patch 1.17 messed up with the skintones. I found a way (by accident) to use the new sliders with non default skins, but when I click to accept or try to save, the muscles go away. Do you have any idea how to fix that ?

  • dano

    really dumb question. If I put your default skins in the game and they overwrite the EA defaults, can I take your default skin file out of my packages and will the EA default skins return or do I need a new file for those?

  • Aumi

    I downloaded naughty versions of default skins (m&f), placed them in My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages and deleted simcompositorcache file (which re-appeared after next launch) but nothing happened =( I’m using Late Night 6.0.81v.

    Or it (default skin) just don’t work with old sims and I have to create a new one?

    I tried to use non-default skins but if I try to use UI mod – I loose all sliders in CAS and ALL skintones (default EA like green too!).

    Am I doing something wrong? =(

  • Danielle

    Can you use someones default skin and then use a non default skin at the same time?

  • Danielle

    I was reading and I dont have the simcompositorcache file eather

  • Dano – Yes, just remove the files you installed from the packages folder and then your default ones will be back. They don’t actually overwrite anything. If they are in the folder they will show up, if you remove them from the folder the EA ones will be back.

  • Jose – I have no idea about the new patches etc, sorry hon.

  • Jessy

    i wanted to know if the skintones work with the new patches???

  • Dianca Rock

    First of all let me just say that your work is simply phenomenal, and I really love how authentic and realistic my sims look. But…. I added your naughty skins for the men, and for some reason,(clearing my throat) the penis isn’t showing up. Now I did read through the comments on the sexy sims site, and one poster put that I was supposed add the default penis from another creator. But I go by what the CREATOR says, no offense to anyone, but it’s their creation and they know what I need to do to use it. Plus I’m not really sure that info is accurate, because penis is a DEFAULT penis. I’m thinking the penis is a skintone default right? Two can’t be used at once, My question is….is it safe to use? or is my patch just not allowing for the male penis to show? Sims 3 1.19, Ambitions 4.7. Thanks!!!

  • Ivan

    I’m blown away by the beauty of your skins. I love the little “garden path” on the men. Delicious.

    The only problem is, that the skins don’t seem to be applying to the crammyboy penis mesh. It’s the same matte colour as your skintone, but it doesn’t have the detail that your shots have. It’s as if only the base colour was applied to it, and nothing else.

  • Dianca Rock

    Okay I just went ahead and added and it’s showing up in my game!! Yum!!

  • Sally

    I’ve deleted the cache file, put the packages into the packages file, but the skins aren’t showing up- do you know any reason why that might happen? :(

  • Faithy

    Hi! I love your skins, I have tried to enter the link to the IU mod in mod the sims and I am a member but it doesn’t allow me to get on there! D:
    Any ideas why and are there others?

  • Alexi

    I downloaded the male naughty skins along with the female skins and I’ve followed every step you have but I’m still not seeing the skins show up in my game. I was wondering if they are compatible with the latest patch that came out in February.

  • Icey

    Hey , I went to the link for the UI Mod, but it seems I can’t access it anymore. Now that I can’t find a way to download it, what am I supposed to do? D:

  • gabrielle

    I’ve been looking for non-default skins since I reinstalled my sims 3, and I remember before there was a mod to allowed non-default skins, but now when I go to download it, it says it was either erased from modthesims, or i can’t access it when im signed in. Has anybody had this problem? if it was erased, where else can I get the mod?

  • Jack

    Great.. I downloaded the muscle skin from modthesims ages ago by accident and it’s really annoying me now because I can’t change muscle definition and the muscles are too ugly. How can I get rid of it? I’ve removed the cache files (all of them) and the CASthumbnails file but the skins I downloaded are still there and there’s no way to get rid of them

  • Jack

    regarding my comment above.. Im managing to cover it up with a see through t-shirt and the LFB violet skin but I’d still like to know a way to remove it without losing my other custom content. sorry to comment twice

  • TTYl

    Hi I own a mac and ive always done what people tell me but the skins never show up on gameplay. i download this: ive downloaded all of these deleted the cahe files and nothing works. how exactly do you put it onto your sim. Is it in accesories or do you have to start a new game. I really want this for an esciting game. Please help me, maybe make a video tutorial even using some gameplay, ive tried this a million times and i really need help. I put it into the mods>packages file and nothing. What pops up is this: contents—all the way to the one with the mods folder, then i put the skin into the package folder. Whenever i download this i get a folder, inside it has a paper document that says hairy skin, or something. But whenever i play the game i just cant find it! HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!

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