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Work in Progress - Child & Male Skins and Burn Skins

These are gonna take a while methinks. I figured I would show you what I am doing though.


With the toddlers, I have only worked on the left hand side. They will have rosy cheeks (you know that rose kids have on their chubby little cheeks), pinkish noses and chins. The rest of the face will be pretty bright.


Here is the child face so far. Again it is pretty bright. It won’t have the rosy cheeks. I actually have another version of the childs face that is similar to the adult one. I think there is too much shading though:

another version of child skin

The eyes and nose need fixing too. Let me know if you prefer the bright or shaded version.

Lastly for the regular skins we have the male. He needs a bit of work. This is basically just the female skin moved over to the male template.

Male skin. Very much a wip.

Ok now we move onto the fantasy skin. This is just something I am playing around with. DaveyDavinci mentioned I should try making a plague skin for the medieval challenge at MTS. I am going to, however, he reminded me that I wanted to try making a burned skin. So, as usual, I got distracted.

works on light skins

Again this is a work in progress. I need to figure out how to get it to work on dark skins.  I’m going to extend the burn up her shoulder, neck and make burns for the face skin on the left hand side.

I know, I’m weird.


26 comments to Work in Progress – Child & Male Skins and Burn Skins

  • Jen

    Work your magic Lady Frontbum, I have faith in you! :)

  • Those are awesome, Lady Frontbum! :) Yea, I started to notice the theme over at Mod the Sims and it’s a bit confusing considering it is Old English, so now I have an old English textbook with me whenever I’m at Mod the Sims. Lol! I’m also working on my Skins too which I haven’t been able to get back to in a while. The biggest mistake I made was I forgot to download the plug-ins and I don’t know which one to download considering I’m using GIMP instead of Photoshop since I don’t have any other editing program except GIMP. Anyway, do you know what plug-ins are need for making the Skins in GIMP? I know they must be different from the Nvidia Plug-ins for editing the skins. Anyway, if anyone knows which to download, it would be appreciated. You are awesome Lady Frontbum! =D

  • AtineaNoir

    I’m so glad you’re making a male skintone! Also the burned one looks awesome. Very creepy :) .

  • Aurélie

    The burned skin is just amazing!!
    It’s a good idea…as always!!

  • DrOCHalsey

    Lady Frontbum,

    I’m not an artist (lest not to your accomplished level of skill and aethetics — Kudos) nor am I familiar (yet) with the different “masks” and “layers” &c., that one such as youself uses (in conjuction with your talent) in achieving your wonderously beautiful and realistic-looking skins. Albeit, I am a Programmer (amoung other things) and so it occurs to me that you may have a possible way to accomplish the burn-look on darker-skinned sims.

    Also, I have a few darker-skinned friends (much darker, some) that (unfortunately) have suffered real burns. Hence, I have noticed that the burned areas of their bodies in question are devoid of pigmentation — id est: those portions of skin look exactly like a light-skinned persons skin.

    Therefore, if the “burn” that you use is some type of mask with an alpha-(transparency-)layer, you might consider making the alpha-layer a half-and-half (or whatever ratio makes for the right look) mixture of alpha and light-skin tone.

    This possibly may work to, not reduce the aethetics/burn-illusion on light-skinned sims, and may also, give the dark-skinned sims a realistic burn look, as it is likely to easily show-up on the darker-skinned tones.

    Just a suggestion.

    As for me; I’m off to download (by your leave m’lady) some of your textures-of-unparalleled-pulchritudity.

    Thanks for all of your value-productive time, effort, and energy; to the end of making everyones’ sims (or at least those who are smart/lucky enough to happen upon your page,) a more creative and beautific expression.



    Post Scriptum: I too am looking forward to your male skintones. Also, do you know of anyone dealing with the “mesh” side of things (exempli gatia: non-neuter males — possibly adjustable, like Delphy’s “breast-sliders”) that would do such skintones justice?

  • The burn one is creeeeepy! I’m also glad you’re making male + child skins.

  • Lol thanks for that info, DrOCHalsey :) I will keep it in mind when I get back to the burn skin. I will have to play about with the dark dds files and see if I can achieve a realistic look.
    Bloom might have some male nudey bits I can use with the skins when they are made. I will ask him :)

    Thanks Alan, Aurelie, AtineaNoir, Jen and BRR :) I’m not sure what plugin you use for Gimp, BRR, have you tried searching mts? Though that may be a little difficult at the moment LOL. Maybe just google search for dds plugins for gimp and see what comes up?

    What do you guys think about the two different child skins? Does the bright one or shaded one look better?

  • DrOCHalsey

    As for me… …the shaded.

    Also, curious.

    I noticed the time difference betwixed (damn, been at MTS too long, DAMN!!) you and your peeps (THERE, NOW I’m back in da ‘hood) and me (Eastern, USA) as it is 7:37 ante meridian here (now.) Are you in Australia?

  • cheers dr. Yep I’m in australia. 7:48 PM here :)

  • DrOCHalsey

    Ah well; fair dinkum then. Thanks for indulging my curiousity; but, as it’s probably getting rather late for you; I’ll bid you, adieu.



    Post Scriptum: BTW, just testing ^^^^^^ if I still remember my HTML skillz. B-)

  • Hey Lady! The toddler skin looks fantastic, so does the child and male skin. And the burn skin is so creepy and interesting, Keep up the amazing work it’s awesome as always.

  • Thanks Jenna! You keep up the good work too <3

  • Thanks for the tip, Lady Frontbum! :) I found the DDS Plug-ins for GIMP here: So, after I’m finished creating the skins and package them, will it be safe to remove the plug-ins? It’s just that sometimes I keep something for a little bit on my computer then remove it after using it for a while. :D

  • It should be fine to remove them BRR. It just means you won’t be able to edit dds files when they are gone. :)

  • Jen

    I think I prefer the brighter skin, only because it gives the kid more of a youthful glow. The darker, more adult-looking skin on the kid makes her look awfully mature and takes away that goofy kid face.

    Of course, you could do both and make them both non-defaults :D

  • Cheers Jen, I will keep that in mind. I might go somewhere in the middle :D

  • Kopfwurst

    I absolutely love your female Naughty&Nice Skin and I came back because I wanted to say thank you and to ask you if you would consider to make also males and children – and, tadaa! you allready started…! I’m so looking forward to see them when they finished, sure they’ll be great.
    I prefer the second, shaded version of the child skin though – I love it.

    Thank you very much for your great work and for sharing it!

    (I’m very sorry for any spelling and/or grammar mistakes, English isn’t my native language…)

  • Britt

    Oohh, that burned skin looks so cool!! I love your previews for things and yet I don’t because the waiting hurts.

    You are so talented, I’m glad TS3 has such quality-consistent creators like you and Aikea. Not only do you two put out some of the best items for TS3, but you guys put stuff out fairly regularly. Thank you. Your hard work is much appreciated.

  • Aw thanks Britt & Kopwurst :) Hopefully I can get back to simming soon!

  • hey , i’m gald that you make the skin for male and child/toddler i can’t wait , do you live in Aus i am too lol :)

  • Hey there Lady! I really would love to see some default replacement eyes or contacts by you. I think that your skins are the best so far. And I know that you would make great eyes for the sims too!

  • Cheers Nhut!

    Thanks Jenna! It’s definitely on my list of things to do one day, my list is so very long though. Lol!! I’m suffering simming withdrawals at the moment. Can’t wait to get back into it and work on my male / child skins and some sims. Keep up the good work btw, I love your sims and it’s always nice to see people using my female skins. :)



  • nina

    very excited about the male skin. I would like to see a deeper shaded cheeck bones. I always like intense cheeck bone structure (maybe because i love johnny depp or my fiance is a native american lol) I dont like how in CAS we have to distort the face to extremes to get the right effect, thats why i was thinking maybe a shaded area on the face would work better you do awsome work keep it up!

  • I’ll definitely be shading the face a bit for the males. Thanks for the comments nina :)

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