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Naughty & Nice - Female Skin - Default & Non-Default Versions.

Naughty & Nice

Well it took forever but my female skin is finally done. I want to thank everyone on here and in the modthesims cff who critiqued it for me and made suggestions, you guys rock. <3

It is available for teen through elder in both default and non-default and there are naughty and nice versions. The non-default version comes with custom sliders (for a bustier version, go here)

I’m just putting censored photos up on here but will post a link under the gallery so you can check out the uncensored shots.


Click here for an uncensored shot of the light version

The main changes were:

  • I edited the nostrils rather heavily. I started by using aikea guinea’s nostril openings as a base (because the shape is lovely). They were a really good starting point for me to go crazy making the nostril shape I wanted. I made the holes a bit darker too and tried to define the actual skin of the nostrils a bit because I find the ea and other ones kind of flat
  • I shaded the nose bridge a little and added some texture which ended up being so subtle you can’t even see it, lol. Oh well. (texture was also added to the forehead)
  • I made a new inner eye corner and did some highlighting to give the illusion of lids. I shaded the sockets a little. I added some light lashes under the bottom lid.
  • I made some new lips and then added some texture to them using a photo supplied by fawkes over at mts. Cheers :)
  • The entire face had extra highlighting and shadowing.
  • The elder face had some blotchy brushes applied and a couple of extra wrinkles on the cheeks. There were some lip line wrinkles applied and crows feet to make her look a little older.
  • The entire body had heaps of shading and highlighting applied. I tried to make it as realistic as possible so that it would work on all ages but I also tried to keep it sensual.
  • The breasts were given a little more shape but I toned it back  and made them look full but real, as opposed to looking as though they have breast implants. Thanks kitty.
  • I ended up making the back look realistic, originally it had more harsh highlighting along the spine and shoulder blades. Thanks jonha in particular for your advice.
  • Added nicer shading to the bottom and a couple of subtle dimples on the lower back. Added a more defined belly button.
  • I added some nipples and pubic hair to the Naughty version


Files are in package format. I forgot to rar them so you won’t need to unpack them or anything

Default ~ Naughty ~ Full / or at 4shared

Default ~ Nice ~ Full / or at 4shared

Default ~ Faces / or at 4shared

Default ~ Naughty ~ Bodies / or at 4shared

Default ~ Nice ~ Bodies / or at 4shared

Non-Default ~ Naughty ~ Full / or at 4shared

Non-Default ~ Nice ~ Full / or at 4shared

Note: the non-defaults only come in red, yellow and default tones at the moment. I plan on making some of my own fantasy skin tones later.
(Naughty = anatomically correct  /  Nice = Barbie)


aikea guinea for her default skintone creation tutorial and also for her nostril holes which I used as a template for making mine.
Rez Delnava for the non-default skintone ui mod
missyharries for her non-default skintone tutorial
CmarNYC for Skininator

Everyone who commented here and over in my thread at MTS. Thank you again, your comments have proven invaluable.

Note: I will be making a version of this skin that can be used with Bloom’s Base’s Sexy Feet and various other anatomical content. They should be up soon.


P.S. Let me know if anything looks off with any of these, especially the dark skins. I think my graphics card may be on it’s way out as it’s not enjoying dark skins.



183 comments to Naughty & Nice – Female Skin – Default & Non-Default Versions.

  • BeginnerJoe

    Oh, I’ll try that first! Silly me. I’ll get back to you and tell you how it works out.

  • BeginnerJoe

    Well, I got allessia working! That’s a big first step hehe.

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  • Vee

    In the skintone slider is it supposed to say frontbum?
    Because mine does not have that and I can’t really see a difference in the skin:/

    I deleted the cache and everything, I dont know what I’m doing wrong.

  • Vee, yes it should if you are using the NON-DEFAULT skins. If you are using DEFAULTS it will be a regular skintone slider because it just overwrites ea’s default tones. Basically if you are using default make sure you remove any other default skins for that age group that you have installed. Then install mine and delete your simcompositorcache file. It should work then.
    If it’s non-defaults then you have to flick through your skintone dots and find mine.

  • Nechie

    First, I want to say thank you so much to create this skintone LFB. You made my sims look gorgeous and realistic!
    I’ve used the non-default one for quite some time now, and I’ve considered to use the default one.
    But I have a question…
    I want to use your toddler skin as well, as a default. Will both of them “clash” into each other or is it just fine to use both of them as defaults? Because we can’t have 2 defaults at the same time, right?
    Oh and does the default skintone comes with the green, pink and blue skins? Just wondering…
    Sorry to bother you, I know nothing about default skintones o_O

  • Nechie, it’s fine to use them all together because they are all for separate age groups. You just can’t use, say, two male default skins at the same time because they both want to overwrite the same files in the game. :)
    The default skins come with all of the base skintones, so default/red/yellow/blue/green/brightred.

    The non-defaults are only in flesh tones at the moment. I will pack them with missy harries skintones later. :)

    I’m using my toddler, child, female and male default skins at the moment. :)

  • Nechie

    Oh wow, I didn’t know that! Thanks so much!
    *Rushes to download defaults*

  • katie

    i love this skin tone! :)
    whats the difference between the naughty & nice skin tones? i know you have said ‘(Naughty = anatomically correct / Nice = Barbie)’ but could you tell me a bit more if you can, cos i really want to download one but im not sure which one to download yet

  • katie the naughty skintones have penis images on the texture so that you can use them with bloom/base1980′s and dbcab’s penis meshes if you so desire. They also have pubic hair.
    The nice ones have no pubic hair and no texture for the penis meshes. You can still use the penises with the nice skins but the penises will look smooth and bright and un-penislike. :)

  • Yaya

    Not to sound nasty, but why does the naughty version come with nipples and pubic hair? My question is when will you see them?

  • Yaya, a lot of people use hacks which remove the censor blur in game so when your sim showers etc you can see the full skin. Also I would assume there are people out there who play with nude sims. Different strokes for different folks :)

  • Lauren

    Hi its me again i still haven’t found out how to work all this out i really wish there was a tutorial that was dumbed down and some easy downloads for me actually understand… By the i added you on sims3 on monday i’m XxxTEAM_EDAWARDxxX and i know i spelt it wrong i typed it too quick… lol Thanks xx

  • Lol Lauren, still? Oh dears.
    1. Ok make sure you have no skins installed in your mods/packages folder (use this page to figure out where your packages should go because it depends on what patch u are running).

    2. Download Default Naughty Full (the first link)
    3. Move the package file to your mods/packages directory
    4. Go to mydocs/ea/sims directory and delete simcompositorcache.package file
    5. Boot the game and check your sims in cas

    If this doesn’t work it means you haven’t properly set up the framework for using packagefiles and you need to follow the appropriate link on the page I posted in the first sentence.

  • Lauren

    Ok I followed the tutorial fully and i’m trying to see if i can get it to work so i’ll let you know how it goes… Thank you sooo much!! xx

  • Lauren

    Ooh yeah how come when you delete the cache files at the bottom they come back straight away when you open the launcher?? x

  • Lauren

    Sorry again but i’ve done EVERYTHING in that tutorial my game version is 12.70 but it go on ….. I don’t know what to do…. x

  • Lauren

    I got peggyzone to work!! Just yours didn’t work…. I’ll keep at and i will tell you if i get it working…. THANKS XX

  • If you got peggyzone to work then you should be able to get anyone’s skins to work. Just remember to delete peggyzone’s ones when you try mine because you can only have one set of female/male/child/toddler default skins.

    Are you sure they aren’t working and you just haven’t realised it? You are downloading the default yeah? Try getting the default BODY and default FACE files instead of the full ones and see if those show up.

    The cache files automatically respawn each time you boot the game, but you have to delete them every time you switch skins before rebooting.

  • Lauren

    I got the non-defults to work but not quite sure about the defaults….

    Thank you soooo much xx

  • Yay! Glad you finally got some working! :)

  • Lauren

    Yeah after such a long time i can finally see what all the fuss was about!!! xx

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  • Jennifer Wylie

    When I download your non-rar package files, the downloaded file says it’s a package file, but it’s actually a document instead of the unix executable file I expected. I just clicked on the download files the way I’ve always done. I’m sure the document/package files won’t work even though they are large files. Will they? I’m afraid to try since I don’t know what effect, if any, it might have.

  • I’m not sure what you mean Jennifer.
    Just put the package file into your package directory, delete your simcompositorcache file and run your game. :)

  • Angie

    I love all your content! (BTW! XD) But, I’m a little confused about one thing…I feel so stupid but, My question is: What’s the difference between the Non-Default and Default skins? I questioned myself as I was going to download your Busty St. Claire skintone,like…which one should I download? Thank you!!


  • Monica

    I’ve installed the resource file, and im placing packages in the right place cus the other mods ive downloaded work. But when my sims shower, they shower in different outfits. Like, the default ‘skin’ is an outfit the game chose. I have no other default skins except your ‘muscular male’ one. Do you know what the problem could be?

  • I’m not sure what you mean Monica…

  • sandi45

    hi lady i put the package with monkey but when i enter i only see the frontbum i con not the skins where i will find them?

  • You see the frontbum slider? That means you’ve installed the non-defaults. If you are seeing the frontbum slider then the skins should be showing up on your sim.
    Which files did you download exactly?

  • sandi45

    this file LadyFrontbum_Skin_Naughty.package and i even erase the sim composite you said but at outfits i cant find the naked one you have create.

  • Reenvalkie

    Hi Lady, how are you doing?….thanks a million for this lovely skins…..I just found it and love it….please tell me, do I have to download both the male and female nice non-default or only one?….I’ve downloaded the nice non-default male one….thanks again and God Bless

  • Hey sandi, I haven’t created a naked clothing. This is just the skin of the sim, nothing else. If you want them to have nude clothing you will need to download some. You can get some from sexysims. Basically it will just allow you to ‘dress’ them naked. My skin will just change their skin so you will see it on their face and on their bodies when they shower (and if you have removed the censor blur you will see everything).

  • I’m ok thanks Reenvalkie, just a bit tired :)
    No worries, I’m glad you like them. These ones are separate from the males, so yep you will need to get the female one too.

  • sandi45

    thans lady for the tip but how can i find the sexy sims?

  • sandi45

    and how can i remove the censor blur?

  • sandi, sexy sims is at
    You can remove the blur by using a mod/hack. I use awesomemod which has it as one of the options. You should be able to find one at sexysims though.

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  • sandi45

    thanks again lady now i have naked sims :) and your skins are great

  • Sean88

    I’m having trouble installing your default skins into my game,
    I’ve installed them properly deleted the -SimsCompositorCashe- file and the skins still don’t show up.
    I’ve tried other skins to, same problem.

    I have the latest version of TS3 v2.9.10 with the WA expansion

    all my other mods work the only problem I am having are with all custom skin files otherwise every other mod and objects goes in.

  • Hmm. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t be working Sean. Are you 100% sure they aren’t? I’ve had a couple of people think they aren’t working but they actually are. Are you sure you have the default ones?

  • Sean88

    ya i’m pretty sure that they’re the sims own skin tones i’ve tried other skins from other people too and they never worked only thing that works are the mods and the custom content like cars, kitchen stuff, etc. but never got any skins to work i tried both your skins the naughty and the nice versions and never showed up

  • Sean88

    yay i finally got your skins to work!! for some reason when i added them into Mod/Packages/Skintones they wouldn’t work so i cut/paste them into the “Misc” folder and deleted the “SimCompositor Cache” file loaded up the game and the skins were there! guess I just put them into the wrong directory folder don’t know why the didn’t work in the “Skins” folder maybe non default works in them and not the default would that matter???

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  • Sandy

    I only want the sims I play to have the skins,so am I supposed to download default or non-default?I don’t know what the difference between them is.Any help you could give would be great.

  • If you want to be able to pick and choose then I’d download Non-Default, Sandy. If you look in my guide section there is a guide about defaults and non defaults.

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