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Naughty & Nice - Female Skin - Default & Non-Default Versions.

Naughty & Nice

Well it took forever but my female skin is finally done. I want to thank everyone on here and in the modthesims cff who critiqued it for me and made suggestions, you guys rock. <3

It is available for teen through elder in both default and non-default and there are naughty and nice versions. The non-default version comes with custom sliders (for a bustier version, go here)

I’m just putting censored photos up on here but will post a link under the gallery so you can check out the uncensored shots.


Click here for an uncensored shot of the light version

The main changes were:

  • I edited the nostrils rather heavily. I started by using aikea guinea’s nostril openings as a base (because the shape is lovely). They were a really good starting point for me to go crazy making the nostril shape I wanted. I made the holes a bit darker too and tried to define the actual skin of the nostrils a bit because I find the ea and other ones kind of flat
  • I shaded the nose bridge a little and added some texture which ended up being so subtle you can’t even see it, lol. Oh well. (texture was also added to the forehead)
  • I made a new inner eye corner and did some highlighting to give the illusion of lids. I shaded the sockets a little. I added some light lashes under the bottom lid.
  • I made some new lips and then added some texture to them using a photo supplied by fawkes over at mts. Cheers :)
  • The entire face had extra highlighting and shadowing.
  • The elder face had some blotchy brushes applied and a couple of extra wrinkles on the cheeks. There were some lip line wrinkles applied and crows feet to make her look a little older.
  • The entire body had heaps of shading and highlighting applied. I tried to make it as realistic as possible so that it would work on all ages but I also tried to keep it sensual.
  • The breasts were given a little more shape but I toned it back  and made them look full but real, as opposed to looking as though they have breast implants. Thanks kitty.
  • I ended up making the back look realistic, originally it had more harsh highlighting along the spine and shoulder blades. Thanks jonha in particular for your advice.
  • Added nicer shading to the bottom and a couple of subtle dimples on the lower back. Added a more defined belly button.
  • I added some nipples and pubic hair to the Naughty version


Files are in package format. I forgot to rar them so you won’t need to unpack them or anything

Default ~ Naughty ~ Full / or at 4shared

Default ~ Nice ~ Full / or at 4shared

Default ~ Faces / or at 4shared

Default ~ Naughty ~ Bodies / or at 4shared

Default ~ Nice ~ Bodies / or at 4shared

Non-Default ~ Naughty ~ Full / or at 4shared

Non-Default ~ Nice ~ Full / or at 4shared

Note: the non-defaults only come in red, yellow and default tones at the moment. I plan on making some of my own fantasy skin tones later.
(Naughty = anatomically correct  /  Nice = Barbie)


aikea guinea for her default skintone creation tutorial and also for her nostril holes which I used as a template for making mine.
Rez Delnava for the non-default skintone ui mod
missyharries for her non-default skintone tutorial
CmarNYC for Skininator

Everyone who commented here and over in my thread at MTS. Thank you again, your comments have proven invaluable.

Note: I will be making a version of this skin that can be used with Bloom’s Base’s Sexy Feet and various other anatomical content. They should be up soon.


P.S. Let me know if anything looks off with any of these, especially the dark skins. I think my graphics card may be on it’s way out as it’s not enjoying dark skins.



183 comments to Naughty & Nice – Female Skin – Default & Non-Default Versions.

  • some

    Thank you so much! This is awesome. Just starting the game to check out how my sims look now with your fantastic skin :)

  • Let me know if anything goes wrong. I haven’t tested the separate body/face files LOL.

  • some

    Me again :)
    Gotta say that the sims look amazing with your skin! I just gotta change all the noseshapes now xD
    There’s just one weired thing i noticed:
    My sim has (in game) a bright spot on the tip of the nose. i took a picture for you.

    other than that i love everything! Such a perfect skin, Thank you for your work.

  • Oh I’m glad you like them some!!

    Hmm not sure what that spot is. Try changing the tone a bit and see if it blends in some? It could be that outdoors the highlighting just looks a bit different? I know the noses do have highlighting but indoors they look blended. Maybe I shoulda checked them outdoors. Let me know how they look in different light.

  • Davey

    I love them. They turned out so well.

  • Yesh! I’m actually off to check it in-game and update the sims I’ve got up for dling.
    Thank you LFB :)

  • Oh thanks Davey my darling. <3

    Cheers Tattooed Lady! No worries. Hope you like them in game.

  • ADA Tanker

    Beautiful job!

  • Lynne

    Well mine are safely downloaded and I am going to go into game ASAP. Cannot wait to see how my sims look. You have done a fantastic job. Thank you so, so much. I think you deserve a well earned rest lol.

  • Hehe thanks Lynne. Let me know how they go :) Did you get naughty or nice? ;)

    Thank you ADA!

  • OMG! This is amazing. You are so my favor CC-artist!

  • Laura

    Excellent.Absolutely wonderful.The wait was worth it you should have put much effort into it. Sorry about your power outage, and I apologize for not having commented before,did not have much time to spend here and I just glanced over the skin.Well,the fact is that you have been totally cool.I love it, thanks for making it.

  • Yayz! There up! My new most favourest skin of all. :) a thousand times thanks! :P

  • I’ll download as soon as my Katy Perry sim is uploaded as I’m using Aikea_Guinea’s and am petrified a change of skin will mess something up :(

  • Thanks everyone, I appreciate the kind words and hope you all enjoy the skins in game. <3

    Yo Alan! Good luck with Katy hey. Maybe try installing the skins to see how they make the nose look then uninstall them :D

  • Estelle

    Love, love, love these! I’ve been waiting forever for them lol. Thank you :)

  • BlackRosesRaven

    These are incredible! I’ll download them once I get back from school considering I’m using a school computer. Lol! I hope the day goes by fast because I want to download them now. Oh well. I guess I can wait a few hours, but I may crack. Haha. This is amazing. :) But, since I don’t have either The Naughty/Nice skin, can you tell me the differences between the two skins? I may have to download both. ;)

  • nina

    Yes they’re done! Downloading faster than the speed of… fastness.

  • LaRiska

    Downloaded and appreciated. These are just gorgeous.

  • ShortyBoo

    These look great. I’ll definitely be using these in game. Just two quick questions. What happens if I have a male sim with the skin, like if a female sim has a baby boy that inherits the skintone? Will he just have my current default skintone? (I got the non-default version, btw) Also, what’s the difference between the Naughty and Nice version? Is it just Barbie or non-Barbie?

  • AtineaNoir

    These are my favorite skintones right now! So detailed and well done. Thank you so much for all the work you put in them and for sharing them with us. Are you planing on making male skintones as well?

  • looby

    hey how do u get it on to the game after download xoxo

  • Kukka

    Thank you! Really appreciate your work, now looking my sims is joy. This skin is the best I have ever seen for TS3.

  • zarmor

    Wow this is so cool ! I trully think this is the best skin so far for the Sims3. You are really talented !! Just back from work I’m DL immediatly !!

    BTW is the skin compatible with Bloom’s sexy feet ( and Bloom’s 3D nipples )?

    I luv it .

  • Miki

    Definitely going to download this! Do you plan on making a male version as well?

  • These are just wonderful. Fantastic work.

  • Jess

    Can’t wait to use!

  • Simzy

    The download won’t work. I open it, and it says my computr doesn’t have the programs to open it. But I do have winrar, and I know how todownload CC, so what’s wrong? I erally want this skin!

  • It won’t let me download the skin. :( I get an error saying that it is in either in unknown format or is damaged. Nooo… :(

  • zarmor

    I far as I’ve seen in my game, Bloom’s sexy feet are fully compatible with your skin. Bloom’s 3D nipples seem just a little bit unaligned though.

    Thanks again for this wonderful skin.

  • Never mind, I fixed it. Yay! Lol! These skins are truly beautiful. :] Can’t wait to see your next work.

  • Amazing Creations as always Lady. I love these so much! I was waiting for you to release them and my wait was worth it. So detailed and great I even love the little dimples on the lower back. Thank you so much!

  • B

    Oh, they are gorgeous, especially the face. I love what you did with the nose. I am gonna try the face skins and see if they work in my game. Love what you have done!!

  • katana

    Beautiful work. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  • TumTum Simiolino

    I love your creations!You are fantastic *——*

  • B

    Okay, just changed my mind, I am trying the whole body. Just checked out the feet and I am coveting them. Smokin!

  • Morning everyone! Thanks for all the comments, I’m glad you all like the skin!!

    zarmor, yep I checked this one with blooms sexy feet and it works fine, I think there could be too much shadowing underneath the foot though. Once all of his bits and pieces are made I will edit my skin to suit and upload an anatomically correct version people can use with all of them. :)

    Simzy, did you get the problem sorted? Winrar should open the files. All I can suggest is opening winrar first then use it to open the files as opposed to clicking on the rar.

    Miki, yep I will make a male version. I also want to make a nice kidlet one as well. I just need a break from skinning for a bit. I’m kinda dreading doing the male version, I think it’s gonna be difficult to make the chest look good on all ages/sizes.

    Shortyboo, yep just anatomical/barbie. Naughty has pubic hair and nipples. Nice is totally barbie. I’m not sure what will happen with genetics. I assume the boy will have the fathers skin?

    lol nina, that’s pretty fast ;)

    Thanks again everyone!! <3

  • Vkitty85

    Beautiful! You’ve done such an awesome job, I love it.

  • Thanks vkitty :)

    Lol I just realised I uploaded package files instead of rars so you don’t even need to unrar them just put them in the packages folder :D

  • Liz

    Thank you so much for your hard work, LadyFrontbum, these are awesome!

  • theRealDeal

    Wow, these look great! :D I can’t wait to try them out. (:

  • cecesaun1

    Thankyou Ladyfrontbum for responding on ms3b…and I’m glad that I checked this site out because I thought I was having the same problem as noted above. I couldn’t get the file to unzip. So fab! I stuck it in package folders and now I’m headed over to mts to check out this thing that allows more buttons!! I have the perfect sim that I’m going to try it on first!

    Thanks again for sharing!!

  • No worries cece :)
    I might make a note that they are in package format on my post. I can’t believe I forgot to rar them up haha.

    Thanks realdeal and liz!

  • Susan

    These look awesome, I can’t wait to try them out ^_^ Do you plan on making it available for toddlers and children?

  • Hey Susan, I would like to make a todder/child version at some stage. I will probably do the male one first though. Heck maybe I will work on both at once. :)

  • oh! it’s so simple and i like it!
    ur creation is so nice!


  • Hi Rusty!! Nice to see you on here! Thanks for the kind words. I love your clothes, your jeans are some of my favourites <3

  • B

    *Dancing around in underwear* I know, TMI, but I had to comment that *FINALLY* I can use default skins. Haven’t been able to since WA came out and the first rounds of patches. I had no crashes when clicking the pool/basement tools and I love how they look on my sims.

    I now know the feet are not sexy feet, but they were so detailed, it could rival them. I love the work you put in these skins! *YAY*

  • Lol B. Glad to hear you can finally use skins. :D xo

  • gemini

    I downloaded and went to try them in game right after I installed them. The skin is so beautiful & it just improves any sim that uses it. I love love love love the feet, they are quite nice to look at now.

    I have generally preferred skins that were anatomically correct with little or no pubic hair but you did this skin so well I got rid of my previous defaults! Even the shape of the legs near the pelvic area is done very well.

    You put more detail and thought into this than I ever expected to find in a sims 3 skin! There is so much to look at & I was shocked by all the little details that are on this skin. You have most definitely raised the bar by a mile for sims 3 female skins!

    I will be impatiently waiting for the male and children skins now I am afraid. Enjoy your time away from skinning, you more than deserve it. I know no matter how long it takes for the other skins to be completed they will be well worth the wait!

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