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Naughty & Nice - Female Skin - Default & Non-Default Versions.

Naughty & Nice

Well it took forever but my female skin is finally done. I want to thank everyone on here and in the modthesims cff who critiqued it for me and made suggestions, you guys rock. <3

It is available for teen through elder in both default and non-default and there are naughty and nice versions. The non-default version comes with custom sliders (for a bustier version, go here)

I’m just putting censored photos up on here but will post a link under the gallery so you can check out the uncensored shots.


Click here for an uncensored shot of the light version

The main changes were:

  • I edited the nostrils rather heavily. I started by using aikea guinea’s nostril openings as a base (because the shape is lovely). They were a really good starting point for me to go crazy making the nostril shape I wanted. I made the holes a bit darker too and tried to define the actual skin of the nostrils a bit because I find the ea and other ones kind of flat
  • I shaded the nose bridge a little and added some texture which ended up being so subtle you can’t even see it, lol. Oh well. (texture was also added to the forehead)
  • I made a new inner eye corner and did some highlighting to give the illusion of lids. I shaded the sockets a little. I added some light lashes under the bottom lid.
  • I made some new lips and then added some texture to them using a photo supplied by fawkes over at mts. Cheers :)
  • The entire face had extra highlighting and shadowing.
  • The elder face had some blotchy brushes applied and a couple of extra wrinkles on the cheeks. There were some lip line wrinkles applied and crows feet to make her look a little older.
  • The entire body had heaps of shading and highlighting applied. I tried to make it as realistic as possible so that it would work on all ages but I also tried to keep it sensual.
  • The breasts were given a little more shape but I toned it back  and made them look full but real, as opposed to looking as though they have breast implants. Thanks kitty.
  • I ended up making the back look realistic, originally it had more harsh highlighting along the spine and shoulder blades. Thanks jonha in particular for your advice.
  • Added nicer shading to the bottom and a couple of subtle dimples on the lower back. Added a more defined belly button.
  • I added some nipples and pubic hair to the Naughty version


Files are in package format. I forgot to rar them so you won’t need to unpack them or anything

Default ~ Naughty ~ Full / or at 4shared

Default ~ Nice ~ Full / or at 4shared

Default ~ Faces / or at 4shared

Default ~ Naughty ~ Bodies / or at 4shared

Default ~ Nice ~ Bodies / or at 4shared

Non-Default ~ Naughty ~ Full / or at 4shared

Non-Default ~ Nice ~ Full / or at 4shared

Note: the non-defaults only come in red, yellow and default tones at the moment. I plan on making some of my own fantasy skin tones later.
(Naughty = anatomically correct  /  Nice = Barbie)


aikea guinea for her default skintone creation tutorial and also for her nostril holes which I used as a template for making mine.
Rez Delnava for the non-default skintone ui mod
missyharries for her non-default skintone tutorial
CmarNYC for Skininator

Everyone who commented here and over in my thread at MTS. Thank you again, your comments have proven invaluable.

Note: I will be making a version of this skin that can be used with Bloom’s Base’s Sexy Feet and various other anatomical content. They should be up soon.


P.S. Let me know if anything looks off with any of these, especially the dark skins. I think my graphics card may be on it’s way out as it’s not enjoying dark skins.



183 comments to Naughty & Nice – Female Skin – Default & Non-Default Versions.

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  • Hayley

    If I download the to I get the EA ones back?
    And can you see my email? If you me there..(:

  • CeSSaS

    All are exposed to similar problems, such as Sean88…

    FYI: If the folder of contained your pacgage files isn’t referenced in the “resource.cfg” file, it won’t work!.. For example, such as Sean88′s “Skins” folder.

  • Nikie

    First of all, I luv ur work! Secondly, will the default skin work for TS3 Nightlife? Sorry if this is a stupid question

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  • Danielle

    nvm found the simCompositorCache file sorry

  • Hellena

    Awww… I’ve downloaded the default “naughty” full version, but I can’t see anything D: nipples and vagina are… disappeared… O.o”’ i mean, there’s a weird shape with slight outlines around the (non-visible) nipples and on the pubis… but nothing! What shall I do? D:

  • Hellena, you mean the censor blur? You need another hack to turn that off. :)

  • Hayley, yes you can, just remove the defaults from the folder you put them in and your ea ones will be back.

  • pansy

    hello~~dear ladyfrontbum : i want to know what is usage of “Full” version? is this include the “bodies” and “faces” version?

  • Quint

    Would you ever consider adding a mesh for realistic 3d nipples to your skins? You are obviously gifted with modeling as well as texturing, so I have faith it is within your abilities. I’ve never used Blender to make objects for the Sims, but I have extensive experience with Blender and the Gamebryo engine. If it is at all similar, it shouldn’t be too tough to do!

  • Tetz

    Hi, first of all i have to say i love your creations!!!!

    But.. i’m having some problems, that i hope you can help me.

    So… I had to format my PC, therefore my game. Today i was in CAS and i realized that my packages weren’t working.. i was able to put them to work, but your skins i couldn’t.

    right now, i have “LadyFrontbum_Cleavage_Naughty_D”, “LadyFrontbum_Naughty_M_D” and “LadyFrontbum_Skin_Naughty_Default”… should i use non-default?

    Can you help me please!!! My sims just look ugly without your skins! Thank you so very much!

  • Ashley

    Hi there Ms.Frontbum! I know you’re probably busy with your newest little one, but I thought someone ought to let you know that your skins aren’t working properly with Generations. My sims look a bit Barbie-ish if you catch my drift. :P Have a wonderful day!

  • Jessica

    I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting Raz’s UI mod – the link you have here says that I don’t have access. I’ve tried simply searching for it on MTS, but when it comes up, it still says that. I don’t suppose there is anywhere else I can find it? Any help you can offer would be deeply appreciated.

  • Nicole

    Help! I’ve donwloaded the skin over and over again and I’ve done everything that you put in the instillation instructions, but for some reason or another, it’s just not working! I’ve used it before, but due to an installation problem I had to unistall the game and everything in it and now for some reason, it’s not working.

    Please help T_T

  • brianna

    this might sound stupid but when i read the introductions my mind went blank @-@ so can u tell me in easy form…

  • dan

    nice work here, well done – keep it up :)

  • hasan

    hi i need multiply model produce your send me pics my email tank you

  • Sayan

    Hey wl ths work wth pets??

  • I LOVE you Ladyfrontbim :D <3
    thanks for you're great skins

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  • Autumn

    How the heck do I get rid of your skintone in my game? Some how it got in my game from a download and I don’t want it, It got rid of my green skin and I want that back.(not that your tones aren’t lovely they are, but I don’t want to be missing the default colors).It is not showing up on my launcher.

  • Autumn

    Also I didn’t move my defaults anywhere because I did not choose to download this, it came with a sim I downloaded(that I downloaded just for the clothing).

  • Selena

    Hello, if i download this Skin there are 3 tones. Is it possible to get only one of this three?

  • Rowena

    Hi LadyFrontBum. I have downloaded this skin & put it in the mods folder, but the skin won’t show up! Any help? My other skins show up, just not this one. ):

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  • Do these work with Supernatural?

  • Taylor

    I’ve installed this correctly according to the instructions, but it doesn’t seem to work in game. Could this be because it hasn’t been updated to work with pets/supernatural? Or is it an installation fault on my part?

  • hotsauce

    Waxed version available for all? does this work with nude clothing bottom/tops and 3d nipple/genital mods ?


  • MR.Someone

    i suggest you stop using 4share,as it is one of the worst filesharing site,and the reason is – they DEMAND you to register in order to download ANYTHING,i’d rather eat my left leg than do it.

  • marge

    Great skins. Is this skins works on pregnant sims?

  • Animaag

    Yay! This skin is so lovely! It instantly made Agnes Crumplebottom look like such a cutie! Thank you!

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