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Zomg I was without power for nineteen effing hours! NINETEEN. It’s just come back on so I will wait a while before I turn on the PC to edit my skin.

Thanks for all the comments regarding the skin, guys.


11 comments to Withdrawals!!

  • Eliza

    Ugh that really bites. Did the power die because it’s too hot? I grew up in an area that got to 120 in the summer at least once a year, and that day was always the day that the power would totally die. Though I know that Australia can get even hotter than that. x.X …

  • Nah that’s usually the case cos people use their aircons too much but this time it was caused by massive storms.

  • Ugh, that sucks! thats like, an entire day almost? I hate being without power for more than ten minutes…

  • Lynne

    That sucks. I know the feeling I was without power a week ago for the day. I saw on the news this morning about the bad storms in Australia. Hope all is well for you now.

  • Alan, yeah it SUCKED. It was from after 4pm til after 11am. Not sure of the exact times. The power came on then went off again, then came on about an hour later. It was as though the power people were going “Haha! PSYCHE!”. Bastages hehe. Thankfully the house didn’t flood or anything like that.

    Thanks Lynne. I had a couple of friends with damage to homes but ours seems ok.

  • Oh, that sucked. :( It’s terrible over here too. I had to walk all the way from my high school to my house which is a mile or two away from the school through a hailstorm. I thought I was going to get hit in the head by this one huge ball of hail. It was so scary.

  • Amelia

    You think that’s bad? I was without power for 3 days last week due to a horrible hurricane-like storm! I do feel your pain though, it was brutal!

  • Oh dear that’s horrible, BRR. I remember when I was little getting a hailstone in my leg. It just stabbed me, the effer! :D

    God amelia 3 days would SUCK. I’d go camp out at a friends house lol.

  • emmzx

    Haha, sounds like you live where I do (Perth?) Worst storm I’ve ever seen!

  • Tommerton

    Well, Lady, I live 600km away from the last big earthquake in Chile on the other side of the Andes in San Martin de los Andes, Argentina. Woke up at 3.30 am with everything shaking and trembling, the roof, the walls and the floors. And at 5 am another one. It was very scary. But didn´t harm my little town. And sometimes I feel lying in my bed, very small movements, like a low noise, because Chile is still moving and shaked by earthquakes.

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