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Work in Progress: Skin - Final Pics

Well I started packaging up the non-defaults today after doing some final adjustments.

I will redo them if there is anything you think desperately needs fixing. ;)

~removed old gallery~


Let me know so I can work on the defaults.

Edit: I’m gonna work on the spine & shoulder blade section tomorrow.

10 comments to Work in Progress: Skin – Final Pics

  • These are beautiful LFB. I like how you scrapped the lines above the elders mouth! Good choice. LOL @the elder skins, those grannys definetly had some work done… or maybe elixer of life?? Can’t wait to download these!! :D

  • Wait, I just noticed that on the dark elder faces theres a LOT of reddish shading around the bottom of the face….?

  • Rofl yeah the grandma’s have pretty damn hot bodies. :D

    I didn’t even think to put more lines on the forehead. Think they are ok without them? I mean I don’t wanna overdo the wrinkles cos people can add them in as custom content anyway and some people may not want over-wrinkled elders.

    Thanks heaps.

  • Yep, they’re ok! I mean, who won’t use makeup on their sims? I don’t even play the game; I just make house and sims…

    And would you rather have NO forehead wrinkles or this many?

  • Tommerton

    Your work is done, Lady, and as you said, everything else is overdoing the wrinkles of the elder. Can’t wait for DL.

  • Thanks Tommerton, and thanks for that link earlier. I couldn’t use the wrinkles from the zbrush guys art but it helped me draw my own! :D

  • Tommerton

    You’re welcome, Lady

  • theRealDeal

    “Wait, I just noticed that on the dark elder faces theres a LOT of reddish shading around the bottom of the face….?” – Alan Gast said this above, and I see it too.. maybe this can be one of the things fixed…?


  • some

    Really can’t wait any longer. I love this skin. Hope you’ll upload the next few days. Cause my motivation to create sims is on a low now. I’m waiting for your skin to go on xD

    the lips on the elderdark face are very purple. Could you fix this?

  • This skin is amazing. I can’t wait to download it.

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