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Work in Progress: Elder Skin

Ok guys I need your thoughts:


Does it look ok?

I will soften lines on the upper inner lip.

3 comments to Work in Progress: Elder Skin

  • zarmor

    Looking good to me. As far as I’m concerned I think the skin looks realistic. I wouldn’t soften lines on the upper inner lip if I were you. What I would do would be to make the lines on the forehead a little bit more visible. Unless we assume she’s under botox cure of course !!

    Keep on with the good work.

    Any tentative date for the release ?

    Thanks for your good work

  • Hey LFB! Yes, the lines above her mouth look like they were carved in by a penknife or something, so they DO need to be toned down.

    And as the above poster said, give her some more visible forehead contours… :)

    And btw, is the sim with the darker skin wearing eyeshadow? If not tone down the purple a bit. ;)

    This is looking great though! Can’t wait for it to be released.

  • Haha doh you guys. I was finalising it earlier and have packaged up the non-defaults. I’m about to post photos so tell me if the problems are that bad that I need to redo it. :)

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