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Work in Progress - Skin, another update.

Another Update: How’s this for the boobs VKitty?

Update: I added more pictures to the gallery. Hopefully the dark highlights look better now?

Oh and, hello, the elders remind me of that horrible creature at the end of [REC] *runs off screaming lest it attacks her with a hammer*


Ok I made some minor changes based on what you guys suggested and the peeps over at mts suggested.

~removed old gallery~

I’ll add an anatomical one in a moment.  I took these for mts so they are censored.

I’m gonna make another update in a moment so I will add more pics when I do.

The changes were basically:

Added a little blue-purple hue under the inner bottom eyelid

Softened the back highlighting

Edited the back dimples a little

Tried to add a little shadowing on the heels, not sure if it shows though

Lessened the shadowing under the boobs

Edited the bellybutton slightly

Tried to lower the chin highlighting a little

Made the lips a bit rosier and lessened the highlights, I think they still need editing though.

Cleaned up the shading under the cheeks a little

Angled the shoulder blades a little more


I still need to up the dark skin highlighting.

12 comments to Work in Progress – Skin, another update.

  • Eliza

    It’s looking very nice. ^^ Thanks for posting the paler version. I also like the lip color you’re using now.

    As for the elder, it’s her expression that I find creepy. XD .. if she wasn’t leering like she was about to hit on someone half her age at a drunken orgy… she’d be a great deal less creepy.

  • Vkitty85

    Almost done, yay. The only thing I can nitpick on is that the cleavage is shaded a bit to much, I’m talking about the part that curves around the breast makes them look surgically enhanced (maybe that’s just me):

    Otherwise the skin is perfect. The stomach is my favorite out of all the skins I’ve seen!

  • Lol Eliza. Thank you.
    Vkitty, ah thanks for the image, that helps. I will soften it a little. :)

  • Vkitty85

    Perfect, much more natural :) will you be making skins for other ages?

  • Great! :) I’d like to try the kids ones at some stage. If I can figure out how to make them look nice and find a good reference shot. :)

  • SerenaBlondie

    loving what you have done so far but just wondering if u will be doing one without hair as i’m not a fan of the bush look :D lol

  • Yeah sure serena, I’ll do a barbie version as well :)

  • zarmor

    Nice skin, I love it.

    BTW I think( not sure though ) Serena meant a kin wothout Hair, so probably shaved and not Barbie !! I’m in for this one also if you ever do it !!

    Congrat for your jog and skills !!!

  • Ohhh gotchya. Hmm I guess I could once this and the barbie one is done :)

  • Elena

    Awesome! It´s getting better and better! Absolutely love it! :D

  • Alan Gast

    Wow, improving so much. I’m still getting flashbacks of the elder though. -GUUUUGH!! NOT THE EYES!- I actually find it quite disturbing the the elder has a trimmed lady garden, and the fact that the carpet DOSN’T match the :S

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