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Work in Progress: Skin. We are getting close.

Ok so I think I am nearing the finishing line with this skin. I’ve made some minor tweaks and this is what we have so far:

If you want to view them at their full size, click on them then right click and open them in a new tab. Some are pretty big.

~removed old gallery~

I need to make the highlights lighter and the shadows darker on the dark version.

I might upload some of the pictures to MTS and see what people think since it’s almost finished.

Then, once it’s done,  I will make it default, non-default and start work on the male one!

What do you think?


18 comments to Work in Progress: Skin. We are getting close.

  • Tommerton

    Hi Lady, pretty good work!!! I suggest a little more shadows on the Achilles heel to improve the shape. Great, love it!!

  • Thanks tommerton, I’ll look into it in the morning. :)

  • some

    It gets better and better everytime. I’m impressed. I think it’s a good idea to post it on MTS to get some more feedback. I just love your skin. I need that face-default xD!
    I personally think that the second picture in the bottom row doesn’t look as good as the first one. Don’t know if that’s any help at all.

  • Oh yeah those are just example simmies. I actually hate that sim LOL. I’ll take better photos later :D

  • Eliza

    It’s looking nice. ^^ Will it have fingernails?

  • Elena

    Hi there!

    Aaaw I love it already. ^^ I´m searching a new default and I´m pretty sure it will be yours. :)

  • zarmor

    Looking good so far !!
    I can’t wait to use this skin in my game !!

    My only comment would be to soften a little the spinal part on the back of the skin.

    Very good job as always !!

  • Thanks everyone :)
    zarmor – will do, cheers.
    Eliza, I did brighten the nails a bit but I will have to check on them and see if they need more tweaking. They won’t be any longer than regular nails because I can’t do that with the skin but I can make them stand out more.
    Or do you mean the male one? I will definitely be trying to add nails to that one!

  • Vkitty85

    Gorgeous! I love it. I only have two suggestions, the shading under the breast looks a bit to dark and maybe move the nipples a little to the sides, they look a bit to ‘front and center’ if you know what I mean.
    Will you be making them for all ages?

  • Thanks Vkitty :)
    I agree about the nipples. I originally had them more to the sides but they were waaay too far to the sides so I moved them. I need to find a happy medium.
    I also agree about the underbreast shading. I’ve softened that about three times now and it’s still too dark. It’s SOOO dark on the ea skin it’s crazy.

  • Seems pretty cool. Will this be a default or non-default skin? I would also like that thank you for suggesting the SuperComputer Mod by Twallan. I’m enjoying it soo much. I even got the chance to overslide the CAS Sliders and it makes my creations look different from my previous work. Thank you so much. :)

  • No worries BlackRosesRaven :) This will be both default and non-default. I’ve never made a default skin so I will have to go read up on the skinning tutorial again. Heh.

  • Eliza

    I wasn’t meaning longer, just defined, so that it doesn’t look weird like the default skins do. xD .. I can’t really see the hands in the picture which is why I asked.

    How pale can this skin get btw?

  • Tommerton

    Hi Lady, the right position of nipples is , if you draw a right line between the joint of clavicle and scapula and the navel, on this line. You can find this point of joint at yourself. Or here: Cheers

  • Tommerton

    I think it’s on the right position in your skin

  • Tommerton

    Maybe it helps having a Beta-Test to improve your work or release it as a Beta. You´re awesome.

  • I took some more photos a moment ago Eliza, there’s a pale one.. I’ll post it in a sec.

    Thanks tommerton, I actually moved them a tiny bit outward so let me know what you think when I post the new pics. Aw thanks hon. <3

  • Tommerton

    Tomorrow, you know, the other side of the world. It’s late night now. Have a nice afternoon

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