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Work in Progress – Skin

Heya, I’m playing around with skins at the moment. I haven’t done much, but you can see how it’s coming along below:

With makeup:


Without makeup:


I’ve added some skin-like texture to the forehead and nose. Perhaps a little too much on the forehead. I need to highlight the nose, forehead, chin and cheekbones more. I need to fix the lips, I think they are a little messy. I haven’t done much to the eyes. I need to make them nicer.
For the nose I used the nostrils from aikea guinea’s skin (just the holes). I darkened them a little and am going to edit them slightly so that the nose tip goes in at more of an angle.  I might add a bit of shading on the cheeks.

So, yeah, a fair bit of work to go on them before I can consider using them.


6 comments to Work in Progress – Skin

  • Vampster

    So far I love !!!
    Cant wait to see the body, will it be barbie or anatomical ?

  • Thanks Vampster! I will probably do both since it’s easy enough to add/remove nipples and pube-age.

    I need to remove peggy’s default skins for a while so I can compare mine to the default ones and make sure I am changing enough to make it worth downloading lol

  • Eliza

    I agree with you on the lips.. they do look a bit odd. Could you show how it effects different facial sculpts? Also, it would be awesome if you stuck those screenshots next to the same sim with no custom skin so we could see the differences right away.

    On a side note… someone needs to make non-defaults of the EA defaults. Because I adore my defaults and am not removing them because they make everyone look nicer. And one could compare skins quickly without needing to remove crap.

    Anyway, good luck with this project. ^^ I like anything that can make sims look just a bit different from each other. And make sure when you make the body skins that the navels line up. There’s several skins that don’t, and it annoys me to no end because you can see the indent of the EA navel above the one on the skin, and it looks absurd.

  • I agree about the non-default Ea’s. I like peggy’s skins apart from the butt crack so I wanna keep em as default… unless I manage to make a decent skin of my own.

    I will remove peggy’s and get some non-custom screenies and other face sculpts for you in a mo, just editing another file first :)

    Lol @ the navel thing. I never noticed haha

  • Eliza

    The male moonlight skin, and the female cutthroat dolly skin have that issue terribly. I haven’t noticed it too much on any others, but I notice weird crap.

  • Haha really? I didn’t use moonlight for very long and I’ve actually never see the cutthroat dolly skin. I might have to go have a squizz now. :D

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