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Work in Progress: Elena Gilbert

I forgot to mention that I had a tiny moment yesterday to play with Elena/Nina.
I didn’t get much done but I did play around with other skins to see if they would help me capture her a bit better.

The picture below is her using aikea’s skins and peggy’s.


The nose is the main difference with the skins. Aikea’s has nice rounded nostrils. The sim still looks nothing like Nina, I had to rebuild the entire head from scratch because of the shadowing problem so it will be a while before she is done.

I think I will try making her with Aikea’s and see how we go. I’m not sure if I will upload her with the non-default aikea’s though. I might just whip peggy’s onto her before I save and then make a note that if people want her to look either way they can choose whether to use the non-default skins or not. I dunno.

I haven’t had much simming time lately, sorry about that, I’ve been really busy.

Hope you are all well.


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