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Tutorial: My Photo Studio

This is how I take my photos in-game.

I went into Edit Town and edited one of the smaller, cheap lots.


I made it a small rectangular house with a door and no windows.
I made the floors plain white and the walls plain white.
I covered the ceiling in the square fluoro lights.


I added a dresser and a large mirror for changing clothes and posing.


Then I just take my sim to the back wall in between the dresser and mirror, pause the game, get my camera positioning correct then tell them to walk halfway down the house (if they are female).  Then I unpause and repause when they are in a well lit position and a nice walking pose and I take my photos.

If they are male, I take them to the back wall. Pause. Tell them to walk a couple of inches ahead. Unpause then pause quickly for a neutral shot or wait until they stop walking and pause to take photos. You can probably download a mod to stop that incessant smiling whilst they walk, but I don’t have one.

Hope that helps!


UPDATE: Nowadays I also put a couple of the tall floorlamps with the lightshade shaped like this \/ in front of the sim once she’s in position. (front left and right)

Then I turn the lighting to bright and white.

16 comments to Tutorial: My Photo Studio

  • Aurélie

    Oh thank you!

    I’ve never thought to cover the ceiling with lights!

    It really help. <3

  • Tommerton


  • theRealDeal

    Thanks! :]

  • Eliza

    sorry, this is totally unrelated, but I couldn’t find another way to leave a message for you. You should check Heiret’s blog. There’s a helpful little surprise on the first page of downloads:

  • Eliza

    x.X .. why do my comments always get flagged as spam if I’m helpful and include a link?

    Check Heiret’s blog. They just added something very helpful that you’ll like.

  • Oh bugger. I wonder if I can set Akismet to allow links from certain people. I’ll look into it. *runs off to check Heiret’s blog*

    Ooh! I’ll have to try it out. I wonder if it does anything for the nostrils. It sorta looks like the nose part of Kitty Klan’s softglo. I’ll try to give it a go today, Thanks Eliza!

  • Tommerton

    Hi Lady, you’re back! I missed you. What are you creating now? Wish you’re fine.

  • Rebecca

    Do you know of anyone who makes male armpit hair? Would you be willing to make some?

  • Thanks Tommerton. Sorry I haven’t been around the past few days, I’ve been busy at home :) I’m in the middle of a billion things, though, so when I get a chance I will try and finish something.

    Rebecca, no I don’t sorry. I can add it to my list of things to try and make, though. It will probably take me a million years, my list is kinda long at the moment :/

  • Thanks for the comment that you left on my blog. :) And this helped me out alot. It’s very easy to make custom avatars now. Thank you. :D And what other Slider Hacks for the face do you use? I only got the Sliders from SIMply Celebrity Sims, but I need some more. Lol!

  • No worries, your sims are lovely :)

    I just use Ahmad’s sliders (bella3lek4). They are the only ones I can think of, they actually might be the only ones in existence. I also use boob sliders and body sliders and awesomemod for the oversliding :)

  • Don’t want to be a bother, but is there a Mod other than awesomemod for oversliding, but for the recent 3.1.7 patch? Thanks. :] It’s just that I never trusted those kind of core Mods. Never used them. O_O

  • Heya, there is one. Twallan’s Supercomputer overslides. He has a forum on his site for it too so if you have trouble you can ask on there. It’s not a core mod. :)

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