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Work in Progress: Vampire Diaries again

Well I tried to play with them again but god help me, I just can’t seem to get Ian right.




I don’t even know if you can tell the difference in their faces.
I really need a nose shaper like man-v’s but one that doesn’t blend the nostrils into the nose tip. I’d edit his but I don’t know how kosher that would be.
Maybe I need a new reference shot for him.

As for Paul/Stefan, I just narrowed his face a bit.


I played with Elena a bit but nothing worth screenshotting.



9 comments to Work in Progress: Vampire Diaries again

  • some

    i think the shape of the face, chin and mouth on ian is perfect. the main issue is his nose and the eyes. did a comparsion for you:
    his nose for example has a “triangle” shape. maybe less definition on the nose and upper the nostrils would help? but without a skintone that has better nostrils it’s almost impossible to make his nose look like the real one. damn you EA!
    The eyes are rounder and you shoul work on the corners of his eyes. they aren’t in place right now. and maybe you could use some contacts on him? i don’t really think that those eyes fit him very well. other than that, great work!

  • Yeah I might go on a contact search later. The nose shits me. I wish I could edit his nostrils.
    The problem I am having with his eyes is getting the lower apex to work properly. It’s almost as though, when EA added that slider, that they did a slapdash job. Moving the apex doesn’t work like the top one, the entire bottom lid kinda distorts. It only really works well for people who have the apex at the outer edge of the bottom lid. Stupid thing.

    I’ll keep trying though. I might email man-v again and ask if I can edit his nose shaper. Otherwise I will try to do it myself.

  • Jen

    I just happened to see Stefan on the homepage, and although I don’t watch Vampire Diaries my little sister does, and I recognized him right off the bat before I read who he was. Great job :)

  • Thanks Jen :)
    I might end up publishing them all separately if Damon & Elena take much longer.

  • Isa

    Hi, Lady!!! :D
    Ian is looking great! :)

  • Thanks Isa! God I’m taking forever to get him done, aren’t I?! :D

  • LeslieSS

    I think they look great! Paul/Stefan looks wonderful. I would imagine that both of these guys would be really difficult to do! You have a lot of talent for this, EA should hire you!

  • PoppiiPan

    Hi there ladyfrontbum,

    I really love these sims and I think they look awesome – alot like the real deal! I understand that you are busy, but maybe if possible you could email me the current versions? I know that these are not finished and its fine if you don’t, but i would really love to play with them. :)


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