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Work in Progress: Vampire Diaries

I did a little work on the main Vampire Diaries characters today. Let me know how they are coming along.

I think Paul Wesley’s character, Stefan is pretty much done I think I just have to narrow his head a little.



Split Screen of Stefan/Paul


Ian Somerhalder’s Damon is sorta looking like him but I can’t seem to capture that sultry look that Ian has. His jaw area needs work.



Nina Dobrev / Elena Gilberts character is really hard. I decided to take her back a notch and sorta start half-way again to try and fix the shadowing issue I’d been having. Before you say “that looks like Charlie Jensen”, it actually is my Charlie Jensen sim – since Charlie was actually my work in progress of Elena. ;)
Anyway as you can see there is still a lot of work to do on her, but I shall persevere!


I need to get that cutesy look into her face somehow.

Anyhoo, let me know what you think!!


15 comments to Work in Progress: Vampire Diaries

  • some

    I don’t watch this show, but your sims look amazing. only one i can comment on is ian. he’s the one on my wallpaper right now ^^
    He looks very good so far i just think the eyes aren’t right yet. the shape isn’ right and his eyes need to be very bright blue i guess.
    i think on this picture you can see his eyes pretty well

  • Jay

    Hi Ladyfrontbum:)
    i stopped by the other day and asked about how you take picture of the sims,i actually forgot where i commented :/ my bad:P could you please tell me!
    anyways great work once really inspired by your work,and im making scarlet johanson:D for my game,keep up the good work

  • 7hir7een

    Hello, LadyFrontbum!

    I think that the major issue that keeps your Ian sim from really looking like Ian is the shape of his eyes. They have more of a rounded shape with teardrop-style edges, as I can hopefully demonstrate here:

    Additionally, they could use a bit more of his insanely pretty blue! =)

    I think Stefan looks great, and Nina’s getting a lot closer. Her eyes could possibly use more roundness as well, as you can sort of see in this picture and many others:

    Great work, and I really, really, really look forward to the release of these sims (especially Ian!)

  • Thanks for the replies everyone!

    7hir7een & some, cheers! I will work on those eyes some more. I might make another splitscreen with the most recent screenie and go from there. Some, that’s actually the picture I was using in the end when I was making him. The eyes are a little difficult because I really need to jump into game to see what effect the changes have. . Oh god, my daughter has decided to sit on my computer desk in front of my monitor. Joy. I;m gonna type this blind so forgive any typos.
    Anyway yeah I will try to fiddle with his apexeses some more and get that shape he has. I will also check out that jaw of his some more.

    7hir7een, Elena is in the really early stages but thanks to the old 0wip it shouldn’t be toooo hard to get her looking right. Knock on wood. Heh. By the way I love the clothes you made! <3

  • im sry my friend but they look nothin like the real ones.

  • Jay, I will make a blog post explaining how I take my photos. Just gimme a moment.

  • Really, martha? Can you gimme some more details so I can edit them? :)

  • Jay

    You are awesome:D:D

  • zarmor

    They look very nice, especially stefan. Good job so far !!

    When do you plan to finish them ?

  • No plans yet, just whenever I am happy with them all. I might just publish Stefan if these two take too long though. :)

  • Hi I would like to download the sims elena gilbert the image you have and the stefan salvatore as I can: (

  • Hi estela. Once I have my male skins done I will be working on my vamp diaries characters. You will be able to download them then. :)

  • Jenny


    wann kann man sie denn downloaden =))

  • Chey

    WOW! Stefan looks amazing. Wish I could download him. awesome work

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