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Nosey McNose

Flajko over at MTS is working on a new skin, it’s looking really lovely. Anyway in his thread I asked him to see if he could edit the nostrils to make them more natural.

Like this:

Mock-up I did in Photoshop

Anyway, he tried and said he couldn’t change them to that extent but he did fix them a bit!

How awesome is that. Lol I’m such a dork, geeking out over freakin sims nostrils.

Anyway it gives me some hope and I am inspired to try making my own skins. Yay.

In other news, Liana got back to me and she is unable to fix those meshes for the open shirt/pants. Bummer. Totally cool of her to take a look though so, thanks Liana!

Hopefully there is someone out there reading this who knows how to edit those meshes for me. -_-


6 comments to Nosey McNose

  • Tommerton

    Hi Lady, do your own Skin, you can. Pay atention about the extension of the shoulderblades. Most of the the skins are failing on this detail. they are too short and with no muscle extension, in front a heavy musceled guy, but in the back too flat. And thats for your daughter:

  • SerenaBlondie

    oooh this would really help my problem with my Josh Hartnett nose.

  • Tommerton

    Hi Lady, saw your coment about Cazy’s Hair in MySims 3 Blog. Download it from 4shared, because the one on mediafire is a sims2 mesh. That’s why I had troubles.

  • Tommerton

    Hi Lady, can you send me the mesh through e-mail or 4shared, so I can take a look about your issue with 3dsMax?

  • Thanks for those links Tommerton, I’m getting them now and will have a look in the morning, I’m just about to go to bed cos it’s almost 1am. I fell asleep in my daughters bed. Lol.

    Oh the mesh is the one from the game. The open shirt with rolled up sleeves. The mesh is made for untucked shirts (the one underneath) but it needs to be tucked in. The pants mesh is the cotton sleep pants one.. I can’t remember what it’s called, but it needs to be lowered a bit so the pants are low-cut.

    I will re-download the 4shared version of cazy’s hair. Thanks Tommerton :) Night!

  • It would help with 98% of peoples noses, Serena :D Stupid ea nostrils. I’m gonna have a play with some faces tomorrow if I get a chance and see how much you can screw with the nostrils. Ni night! <3

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