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Min Joon Kwon

NOTE: Cazy seems to have removed the hair from her blog and I don’t have it anymore. If someone out there who has Min Joon could please save his .sim file without his hair and send it to me I would really appreciate it :)

Here is the model I used for my mankini. I’ve named him Min Joon Kwon, he’s Korean and is a bit of a douche.

I’m not going to be able to do any extensive creating in CAS because the temps here are soaring so I’ll just be uploading sims that are almost finished for a while til the weather cools down.

You will need some sliders in order for Min Joon to look the same as he appears in the photos.

AwesomeMod (I have my Cas Sliders set to 3x)
NOTE: AwesomeMod is needed mainly to increase the max amount of sliders allowed in the game. If you don’t plan on touching Min Joon’s sliders in cas then you can use another Max Slider Increase hack instead of awesomemod. Sz3 has a couple and I believe Jonha has one at MTS as well. You can find a link to the right with info on them.

CAS Basics–Enable Non-Default Skintones by Rez Delnava
This is to make the non-default skins by Subaxi work. Otherwise if you use subaxi’s skins as your default I guess you don’t need this.

Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders (Just get them all)

Jonha’s Sliders (Shoulders, Hips, Waist – these aren’t too important though)

Now that that is out of the way, here he is:


Download: 4shared mediafire

Inside the rar file you will find Min Joon’s .sim file. Put it into your SavedSims directory, which can be found in your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3
When you load up CAS you will find him in the Pre-made Sims menu under Young Adult.

(Content has been included/stripped depending on the creators terms of use – see below for more info)
Non-Default Skin by Subaxi (DHV)
Eyebrow by Yuyan Sims (m3-bs10)
Moisture Sheer Lipstick by Channy & Vivin (search the page for megaupload or rayfile)
Freckled v1 by Me

Hair by Cazy (make sure you install this before opening the sim)

Jeans by RUSTYNAil (not included)
Trenchcoat by EsmeraldaF
Men’s Briefs by Me

As usual I am using Replacement Multifoiled Eyes by aikea guinea


24 comments to Min Joon Kwon

  • nina

    Oh dude(ette), he looks really cool! Kinda like he does shady business for Samsung.

  • Hahaha maybe he does… maybe he does. *sneaky look*

  • Act

    I like this sim, but it’s crashing my game. Every time I bring him up in CAS the game loses it and closes. Just FYI.

  • Have you downloaded all the custom content? Sometimes sims will crash my game if I haven’t got the hair or something before I open them up.

  • zarmor

    Yep, he looks awesome…

    But my game is crashing as well when loading him !!

    I didn’t DL the custom hair though.

    I’ll try again later.

  • Aw poopers, let me know if it works with the hair installed zarmor. :) I need to figure out if it’s the hair or the skin that’s making it crash. Did you download Rez Delnava’s skin ui etc?

  • zarmor

    Hi LadyFrontbum,

    OK I DL the hair as instructed and now Min isn’t crashing anymore in CAS.

    Thanks a lot for the advice.

    Keep them coming !!

  • No problems zarmor! That’s why I used to strip all the content before uploading. But yeah as long as you have the hair usually you won’t have any issues :)

  • B

    Aww, I don’t want to have to download the hair to use the sim. I just wanted the face template, love the shape of the face and eyes. I will download if there is a .sim file. Don’t have to worry about the hair with that. Let me check the download out. Thanks anyway for sharing, LadyFrontbum.

  • B

    Ohh, it is a .sim file. I will give it a try anyway. Let you know what happens. :)

  • Yeah it’s a sim file. Not sure why they crash sometimes when you don’t have the hair. I assume it has to do with the hair itself. I’ve had other sims do it before. :)

  • B

    My game crashed also. I think it was the skin, but I don’t have the hair either. I could choose him and when he showed, his skin was black, like when you don’t have the skin originally used.

    I haven’t tried using non-default skins yet, but I know my game crashes with default skins since update 1.7 from EA. My game crashes when using the basement or pool tool. *shrug shoulders* Oh well, I tried.

  • Try him with the hair. Usually it’s the hair that causes the crashes in my experience.
    You could install the non-default skin ui, get subaxi’s skin and the hair, install him, change his skin to your default or the game default skin then save him and remove the non-default skin ui? Lol :D

  • Tommerton

    I strongly recomend to not use Rez’s Mod. Never got an answer about this issue. And now without the modder’s backup. @B: The black Sim is a corrupted Sim, has no cure, and once installed inside the library folder, the TS3′s Gamecore-engine spreads the issue to the new generated Sims, like a virus, in your hood. And there’s no way to save your hood, because you can’t find the Sims touched by Rez’s Mod inside the library. If you love your hood, only use default skintones. At least until we have an answer from Rez.

  • Hmm, have you tried asking Rez again Tommerton?

  • Tommerton

    Hi Lady, Rez is not responding and leaves his mod alone for a while, for now there is no feedback. You can check it on MTS on his thread. And my question are one of the latest in the thread, so its not posible that he didn’t see it. And if you want to read more, you can read my posts here: Have a nice day on the oposite side of the world, i’m going to sleep now. My english is gorgeous, lol.

  • Hahaha your english is great hon. Thanks for the link, I will have a read. Sleep well!!

  • Jen

    Min was crashing my game as well, I’m glad I checked back here and found out what the cause was (he’s cute, I want to use him! XD) Thanks!

  • konny7

    i love this sim.thank you english is not so good.i come from germany.Lg,konny

  • mia

    hey, where can I find this hair? the link isn’t working :(

  • It looks like she may have removed it from her blog. I will make a post asking if someone can upload him for me without the hair packaged. I removed all my cc a while back so I don’t have that hair anymore :/

  • mia

    well, that’s a shame…I really wanted that hair…looks very good on him :)

  • Okay, So i’ve seen people haven’t commented on this in about two years or so xD BUt i have a Question: About the skin tone, The link is broken or smoethign cause it tells me the page im looking for doesn’t exist….Is there any other way to possibley get the skin tone?

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