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Well here’s the costume makeup version! (body is under Socks – sorry I forgot to mention that!!)

This is for teen to elder and is unisex.
On males the stitches aren’t placed very well over the genital area. Instead of going through the joint of the groin they kinda go straight over the penis. Ouch.  The neck stitches are also a little low on males.  I was originally just making it for females but I figured eh, whatever. I’ll probably fix the male version when I get a chance later on.


Download: 4shared mediafire

Made using Obsidian Dawn’s photoshop brushes.

14 comments to Frankenstitched

  • maarco


    Could you make a skin but now like a zombie, like the corpse bride, with holes in her body and you can see inside and stuff like that xD

  • Michelle

    I love it. Fantastic job.

  • Nenan

    This looks brilliant!

    Thank you so much for your hard work, you’re really awesome~

  • Thank you Michelle & Nenan! Glad you like it. I will try and fix the man version when I get a chance. I should have just kept it for females for now.

  • maarco, haha I could definitely try that. I will try and figure out the skins a bit more. I would like to make my own skin so I’m not just using other peoples when I make stuff like zombies etc. But if all else fails I will just make Zombie Peggy I guess. :D

  • Catherine

    Those are so fantastic, dearest!!! Thank you!!! ^^

  • Vixy

    This is amazing.
    I have a thing with Stitched things and people.

  • Lol glad you like them vixy

  • Bloody Lemon

    This is my the first time on your site and I’m already loving your work, it’s very good quality work since I only go for quality ;) I love this skin :) Great work I’m your fan now!

  • im soo a fan i love all your work and i told myself that i WILL get that stiched no matter what and a after long hours i have it! yes i have to say that this is the best thing i downloaded

  • BeachyBride2012

    I love this! Is it up to date though?

  • ninja

    i downloaded the costume makeup version and i cant find it in the costume makeup tab or under socks :S , what does it look like?

  • Kittykittenmittens

    i fell inlove with your creations a while back, before i understood modding -.- so when it finally dawned on me how to mod i had forgotten your name…thus iwas sad, but alasa week ago i found you again and i have downloaded your defaults and your stitched up skin, now my dream of a zombie wife will be complete(:

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